My desire update Friday 26 August 2022

My desire 26 August 2022: Preesha asks Rudra how will she enter forensic lab without PPE kit. He gives her kit. She wears it and asks him to go in while she stands out. He insists her to come along as he is not medical expert and may get nervous if someone asks questions. She accompanies him into forensic lab and searches sulfuric acid to mix it in DNA sample and spoil it. Harish reaches hospital to get results. Inspector stops him and says he will get it as media may create issue. Preesha mixes sulfuric acid in Sharda’s DNA sample. Inspector walks into forensic lab and informs technician that he came to collect Khurana family’s DNA sample results.

Technician says what is special in Khurana family’s DNA samples that another man came earlier and ran away with Sharda’s reports. Inspector asks him to give other family member’s reports. Rudra and Preesha silently walk out of lab. Preesha says by now with sulfuric acid DNA sample would have spoilt.They both reach home and inform Sharda that police will not catch her. She emotionally hugs them and asks Rudra to thank Preesha for her support. Preesha says Sharda didn’t eat well since Kirti’s murder incident, so what will she have. Sharda says she will prepare food, what would they like to have. Rudra says something special like kheer. Sharda goes to prepare kheer. Rudra thanks Preesha. Preesha informs that Rahul had called her to thank her for saving Neerja and he must be ready to share original video and prove her innocent, but she will not ask him as she is tired of Rudra doubting her repeating her and she trying to prove her innocence repeatedly, so she will wait until Rudra himself trusts her again.

Rudra says when facts are hidden, it is difficult to trust someone. Preesha walks away. Rudra reminisces reading DNA sample report and find out that Preesha is not Saransh’s biological mother and thinks why is she hiding this fact and who must be Saransh’s real parents.Inspector with Harish Jain returns to Balraj’s house and says he came to arrest Sharda for murdering Kirti as her tissue samples were found in Kirti’s nails. Balraj says what nonsense, report must be fake. Inspector informs that someone tried to destroy DNA samples and stole reports, but didn’t know that they make sample copies; he knows its Preesha and Rudra, but cannot catch them as they were wearing PPE kits. Balraaj asks why will Sharda kill Kirti as she doesn’t know her well.

Harish informs that Sharda is his wife’s friend and knows Kirti since long, in fact she was present when his wife died. Balraj is shocked to hear that and says even then he doesn’t believe that Sharda can murder anyone, report is fake. Inspector says they have hotel’s CCTV footage where Sharda went to terrace to meet Kirti Jain and walked out at 4:05 a.m. while Kirti died at 4:00 a.m. Ahana thinks she sent CCTV footage to police, but nobody will doubt her.Rudra asks inspector how can anyone send him CCTV footage just like that. Inspector says he doesn’t have to know that. Balraj says he will call his lawyers and inspector cannot arrest Sharda.

Preesha says Sharda didn’t kill Kirti and she committed suicide instead; her father is responsible for her suicide. Harish shouts what nonsense. She reveals that they know Kirti’s father is responsible for her mother’s death and Kirti became mentally unstable after her mother’s death, she thought Sharda killed her mother and in lieu of taking revenge committed suicide to blame Sharda; Sharda tried to pull her back and save her, but her skin tissue and earring got in Kirti’s hand, etc. Inspector asks if she has any proof. Preesha stands mum. Inspector says all the evidences are against Sharda, so he has to arrest her in Kirti’s murder and takes Sharda away while Rudra and Preesha plead not to.

At night, Rudra insists Balraj to come along and bring maa back home from police station as maa is innocent. Balraj says he is waiting for his lawyer who is on the way with bail papers. Preesha tells Rudra let us go and meet maa. Ahana yells at her to stop her fake concern for maa. Rudra says Preesha is really concerned and is the one who had informed about Kirti, in fact she tried to change maa’s DNA sample risking her own life and he also went along to support her. Ahana blames that because of Preesha’s childish act, their reputation would have been in more trouble. Lawyer enters and says she is right. Balraj yells at Preesha. Ahana gets happy thinking now she is in Balraj’s good books and Preesha in bad. They all with lawyer reach police station to bail out Sharda, but inspector says murder is a nonbailable offence, so he cannot free Sharda.

Rudra and Preesha then meet Sharda and share emotional bonding with her. Preesha returns home and starts praying god saying she will not move until she gives a clue to save maa.Rahul emotionally tells comatosed Neerja that he loves her and will confess her sins to Preesha and Rudra. Neerja shakes finger in approval. He gets happy and calls doctor who says he must have just imagined. Life support monitor shows improvement and Neerja shakes finger again. Doctor says its a miracle and Neerja doesn’t need oxygen now. He removes oxygen to get her out of coma. Neerja opens eyes. On the other side, Rudra pampers Saransh and plays video game with him. Mobile data gets full, and Rudra trying to free some data finds a 14-hour long footage and gets shocked seeing that.

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