Imlie update Thursday 25 August 2022

Imlie 25 August 2022: Nakli Naani yells at her daughter and asks if her husband returned that she prepared laddoos. Imlie warns her to stop her nonsense and shows her scholarship/wazifa certificate. Naani snatches it. Imlie snatches it back. Naklie Naani yells that her fate will never change and will live in this village and will die here, she is an illegitimate child and even if she goes to city, she will retun here back soon. She snatches certificate back while Imlie and her mother try their best to snatch it back. She pushes Imlie far away. Imlie falls half a kilometer away and runs towards grandmother for 5 minutes. Grandma tears certificate before she reaches and stands laughing. Imlie with her mother shatters seeing that and walks away crying while her mother tries to stop her.

Janendra stops Aditya from taking Satyakam’s photos and says he is a refugee and if villagers see Aditya clicking his pics, they will kill him. Aditya says he didn’t do anything wrong and will take both interview and pics. Janendra asks him to have some patience. Satyakam notices him and asks villagers who is he. Villagers says he is a tourist. Satyakam walks away saying they are dying for water and someone is busy as tourist. Aditya says he read a lot about Satyakam, but he seems to be a good man. He calls Malini who excitedly picks his call and asks if he is fine. He says yes. She asks if he met Satyakam. He says he clicked Satyakam’s pics and hope to meet him during mela tonight.

Imlie’s mother collects torn pieces of certificate and requests Nakli Naani to forgive Imlie. Nakli Nani snatches papers and tries to throw them in fire pit when Satyakam enters and holds her hand. He pleads her not to burn Imlie’s dream as she is the future of their village. Nakli Naani yells that Imlie and her mother are waste and can’t even make diwali lamps. Satyakam says sun doesn’t make lamps. Naani continues her arrogance. Satyakam says he has returned after many years to change village’s fate and will make villagers dream big. He requests her to not stop Imlie from dreaming. Naani walks away yelling. Satyakam asks Imlie’s mother if she is not happy seeing him aftger many years. She says these are tears of joy. He says he considers Imlie as his daughter and she need not worry for her. He walks away saying he knows where Imlie must be. Imlie continues crying standing on water tank’s top. Satyakam reaches there.

She emotionally hugs him calling dadda. He hands over her certificate and asks her not to stop dreaming. She says she is very small and doesn’t deserve to dream. He says he will give her shagun and gifts her 10 rs. She says its incomplete. He gives her 1 rs and says whether its 10, 100, or 1000 rs, shagun is incomplete without 1 rs coin; she is 1 rs coin and is very important. She hugs him emotionally again. He says she is like his daughter and his blessings are always with her.

Malini’s father Chaturvedi imagines Imlie’s mother and draws her painting. Anu walks in and asks what is he drawing. He says he was painting and drew a village girl’s pic, she knows he is famous for painting village life and visiting Pagdandiya. He says a painter returned from Pagdandiya and not her husband, how can he draw anyone’s pic without knowing her well. He says he really doesn’t know this girl. She asks if she can tear it. He says she can and walks away.

Imlie enjoys boat riding with her friends. Friends ask if she will forget them after going to city. She says no. Aditya notices them and clicks pics. Imlie with her friends reach shore and plays with them. Aditya clicks their pics. Friends get impressed and pose for pics. Imlie gets irritated and silently punctures Aditya’s scooty tires. Aditya asks her to join her friends. She pulls her friend’s hair and takes them along. Aditya notices pin in her hand and fumes seeing tires flat. Janendra calls him and asks where is he, he is late.

Imlie visits Mela and happily looks at folk dancers. She joins them and dances along. Aditya also reaches mela. Imlie’s mother Mithi sets up lamp and other mud utensil shop. Janendra meets Aditya and warns him to just concentrate on his work and not interfere with villagers. Imlie continues to dance asks Imlie to join. Nakli Naani Dulari scolds mother to concentrate on shop. Aditya clicks Imlie’s pics. Satyakam enters with his team. Mithi joins her, but seeing Dulari yelling at her walks away kissing Imlie’s forehead emotionally. Aditya clicks their pics. Dulari yells at Imlie’s mother. Satyakam interferes and warns her to speak sweet and then tells Mihi that this mela has village’s pleasant smell and asks not to get tensed. She goes to get him something to eat. Aditya sees him and walks to him. Satyakam notices him and he acts as looking at Mithi’s shop, but walks away when someone calls him.

Dulari holds Aditya’s hand and insists him to buy lamp. He says he doesn’t want to. She says in their village if someone touches something, it belongs to them, so he should pay money and take it. He asks price. She says 20 rs. Mithi says its 5 rs, but Dulari shuts her mouth and takes 20 rs. Imlie notices that and insists Naani to return remaining money. Dulari denies and shouts. Imlie warns to inform Satyakam if she doesn’t. Dulari leaves currency note.

At Aditya’s house, family makes arrangements to meet Malini’s family. Nidhi prepares dahi bhalle and tastes it to Badimaa and papa. Badimaa says dhaniya is needed. At Malini and her parents get ready to leave. She praises her pap ia good looking. Anu says she will use washroom first as she doesn’t want to use Aditya’s family’s common washroom. Malini requests her not to be rude with Aditya’s family as they are simple people.

Aditya follows Satyakam when Imlie stops him and says lamp was not of 20 rs. He says if it was of 50 rs then, villagers just try to loot city people. She says its of 5 rs and her nani took extra money by mistake, so she came to return it; villagers are kind people and not opportunistic like he thinks. He walks away crying while he tries to stop her and apologize. He then gets busy again following Satyakam and keeps lamp in lamp area. A lady says he shouldn’t keep it unlit and if he prays while light it, his wish will be fulfilled. He says his wish is fulfilling without praying. Imlie sees unlit lamp and lights it. Aditya continues following Satyakam. Janendra stops him and warns to go slow.

Back at Aditya’s house, Rupali prepares halwa. Badima and papa praise it. Nidhi tastes and says it has less sugar. Rupali tastes it and throwing tantrums throws halwa bowl on floor. Aparna, Pankaj, Nidhi, and Dhruv hurriedly cleaar it hearing door bell. Malini with parents walks in. Bade papa and Maa greet them in. Anu taunts if bahus do house cleaning also?

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