My heart knows update Friday 26 August 2022

My heart knows 26 August 2022: The Episode starts with Sarthak making Kalyani eat curd and sugar and blesses her for happiness and victory. Kalyani thanks Sarthak and says she will come victorious. Sarthak calls Anupriya that Kalyani will win. Moksh is playing with the car given by Kalyani. Gungun comes there and asks if he has grown big than he is playing alone with her. Moksh asks her to return his car. Gungun asks him to win in the race and get back his car. Moksh says ok, we will run to that tree. They begin running. Gungun makes Moksh falls down and reaches the tree first. Moksh gets up and gets upset. Gungun says I have won and tells that her words and speeds are like bullets of the gun. Moksh says you are a cheater and won by cheat.

Gungun gets angry and breaks Moksh’s car. She says she is not a cheater. Moksh cries and shouts calling Kalyani. Anupriya comes there. Gungun hides. Anupriya asks Moksh to say what happened? Moksh shows his car and cries. Anupriya takes him inside and asks why is he so stressed and asks if someone is troubling him in hostel. Moksh says someone is troubling him at home. She asks whom? Moksh says Gungun and tells that he will handle her. Asawari comes to Sarthak’s room and searches for her file. She finds it in Sarthak’s hand. She is about to take it. Anupriya comes there and asks what is she doing? Asawari says she came to talk to Sarthak, but he was sleeping. She says she thought to keep file on the table. Anupriya says she will do it. She takes the file and also finds the pic.

She thinks two kids troubled her today, one is Moksh and other girl is this one. She hopes Kalyani finds this girl soon. Asawari thinks Kalyani went to search this girl.Kalyani comes to the Dolly’s house and talks to Malhar on call, who is standing outside. She says she will call him if needed. Kalyani tells that she is Twinkle Mishra from SKJ news. She says you have told the secret of your friend to RJ Shekhar and says I came to take interview of the winners. Dolly says even I have won. She asks where is your camera? Kalyani says it is digital era and takes out mobile and starts video. She asks did you meet that girl, do you know her face etc. Dolly says she has her pic too and says she will bring it. She asks Kalyani do you think you are the only clever person. She recalls Asawari calling her and informing her about Kalyani coming there.

She tells you have not won any contest and scolds her. fb ends. Dolly puts rope in Kalyani’s neck and tries to strangulate her, tells her that smartness proved costly on her. anupriya wakes up shocked calling Kalyani. Sarthak gets worried.Malhar is standing outside and gets worried. He thinks something is wrong. He goes there. Dolly takes Kalyani to the balcony. Malhar thinks where did they go? Kalyani tries to save herself and throws a bangle on his feet. Dolly leaves Kalyani and runs away. Malhar comes to Kalyani and takes out the rope from her neck. Kalyani says Dolly escaped. Malhar brings water for her and makes her drink. Kalyani tells that Dolly escaped. Malhar asks her to go home. Kalyani says if I go home then SB will know that my plan failed and asks her to do this for her Aai.

Anupriya comes to the room and finds him sleeping. A girl tries to take biscuit canister and it falls down and breaks. Anupriya thinks who has broken it, Moksh is in the room. She gets shocked seeing Moksh wearing frock and having pony tail hidden in the cabinet of the kitchen. Anupriya changes Moksh’s clothes. Moksh tells Anupriya that Gungun made him wear frock and tells that he is saying truth. Anupriya says she will handle everything. She tells Sarthak that Moksh was talking about some girl Gungun and tells that she shall be seen to us also. Sarthak says Moksh’s childhood is not like other kids, and he saw bad things while staying with Aparna. He says may be he has psychological issues. Anupriya says it was not there before. Sarthak says he is a child. Sarthak says he has issues in his mind and we shall make him meet psychiatrist once. Moksh is going home and calls Kalyani. Kalyani tells that she is hiding outside Dolly’s house.

Kalyani tells that they have to talk to Dolly face to face. Malhar asks her to call him. She says ok. Dolly comes home. She finds someone coming there and is about to attack them. Asawari asks her to kill her and says you couldn’t kill Kalyani. Dolly says Kalyani got saved as Malhar was with her. Kalyani silently records their conversation. Asawari asks Dolly if she has done her work or not. Dolly says she found something and tells that she is hiding in someone’s house in Ashok Vihar. Asawari says I will search her surely. Kalyani says I will search my sister before you reach there. Suddenly Anupriya’s call comes on her mobile. Asawari and Dolly see Kalyani hiding and hearing them.

Asawari and Dolly seeing Kalyani. Asawari pushes Dolly on Kalyani and runs out. Kalyani catches Dolly and asks her to come with her to tell the truth. Malhar is going in his car, when a big stone rolls over and hits his car. Malhar checks the car and thinks it is not working now. Anupriya calls Malhar and asks him to come home fast, as Moksh is unwell. He calls Pawar, but his number is unreachable. He thinks to take the lift and stops a car. He asks for the lift. She asks him to show his ID. Malhar shows his ID. She says sorry and tells that she asked for her own safety. Malhar says he understands. She asks him to sit. Malhar sits in her car. She drops him home. Malhar tells her the way to go to highway. He hears Moksh shouting and runs inside. The lady also hears him shouting.

Malhar goes inside and sees Moksh breaking the glasses. He asks him not to move and tells that he is coming to take him. Moksh asks them to agree that Gungun is here, else he will step on the glass. Malhar asks who? Sarthak asks where is Gungun. Gungun teases Moksh standing in the window. Moksh tells them that Gungun is teasing him standing on the window. The lady comes inside and says I saw her. Anupriya signs Malhar who is she? Moksh asks the lady to tell them. The lady says I will tell you and believes the good boy. Moksh is about to step on the glass piece, but the lady lifts him. She makes him lie down on the couch. Anupriya thanks her. The lady tells that she is Utara Dixit, and is a trial psychiatrist.

She asks shall I take Moksh to his room, actually wants to talk to her and make him understand. Malhar says ofcourse. Utara takes him to his room and closes the door. She asks Moksh if nobody is agreeing to your sayings. Moksh says yes. The lady asks him to agree to her sayings and hypnotizes him. She says whenever I make ghungroo sound, you have to listen to me. Kalyani makes Dolly give the description of Anupriya’s daughter. She thinks everyone must be worried at home and thinks her phone broke. She asks Pawar to give his phone. Kalyani calls Malhar. Malhar asks where is she? Kalyani says my phone broke while trying to catch Dolly and tells that she is getting the sketch ready of her sister. She insists to talk to Moksh.

Malhar says he slept. Pawar says sketch is ready. Kalyani sees the sketch and smiles.Malhar and Anupriya thank Utara. Utara tells that she has many kids patients who make imaginary friends and live in their own world, but…Malhar asks what? Utara says Moksh symptoms are like other kids, but they don’t get violent. She asks him to show Moksh to some trial psychiatrist and says she will share the doctors’ numbers. Malhar asks her to treat him being a psychiatrist herself. She says ok and asks them to keep an eye on Moksh. She says I will leave. She is going out and sees Abhimanyu’s pic. She looks revengeful and sees Moksh’s photoframe. She says Kalyani’s destruction will start with her son and says she will kill everyone one by one, just like she killed her Abhimanyu.

Anupriya calls her. Utara says she is about to go, but stopped seeing Moksh’s pic. She talks sweetly with Anupriya, but looks angrily at her. She is about to give her injection to kill her, when Kalyani comes there and says surprise. She drops the injection. Kalyani comes inside and says she got busy in work. Anupriya introduces Utara to Kalyani. Utara says I heard so much about you. Kalyani looks at the injection and picks it. She asks from where you heard about me? Utara says newspaper. Kalyani asks if Kaka is fine? Anupriya says yes. Kalyani hears Moksh shouting and runs to room. Moksh throws the things and asks them to leave. Kalyani asks what happened? Utara smiles. Moksh throws vase on Kalyani.

Malhar asks if she is fine. Moksh hears ghungroo sound and gets hypnotizes. Utara wears the ghungroo bracelet. Kalyani is shocked to see Moksh hugging her. Utara asks him to calm down and asks if he is fine? She signs Malhar. Malhar gives her purse. Utara gives injection to Moksh and asks him to sleep. Moksh doesn’t react and does as instructed by her. Kalyani tells Malhar that if Pillu said that Gungun is here, then she is here. Malhar says if there is some girl here, then wouldn’t we have seen. Kalyani says I trust my son fully, my son never lies. She asks Malhar to trust his son rather than calling the doctor. Malhar says your problem is that Moksh got silent hearing the doctor and didn’t listen to you. Kalyani says do you think that my ego is more important than my son’s health. She says she has no problem that Moksh is listening to a doctor, but she has problem that he is not understanding his son and her. She goes from there.

Utara thinks this is the start, I will separate you from all your family members, looks revengeful.

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