Unfortunate love update Friday 11 August 2023

Unfortunate love 11 August 2023: The Episode starts with Rishi thinking that he can’t accept defeat and will search her anyhow. He says she is fasting and he will make her drink water to break her fast. Balwinder takes Lakshmi to her room. Lakshmi throws sindoor bottle from the window and it falls in the garden. She faints. Balwinder says it is good that she fainted. The lady tells that she is hungry. Her husband says they have to wait. Rano tells that if she stays hungry then suicide will happen. She says don’t know what happens in Oberoi family always. Neelam asks everyone to go and have food, it is served. Rano says ok. Simmy says we shall wait, the house bahu is missing, we can’t have food. Ayush sees the dancers sitting and thinks one dancer was missing. The dancers are having food and thinks to tell Oberois about the guy who joined them. Balwinder records the video and says today he got the chance to break his wife’s fast. He says he will do his husband’s duty. The dancers come to Virender and tell them that the guy who was with them told that he is hired by you. Virender is shocked.

Balwinder tries to make her drink water and asks her to make him her husband. Rishi comes there and beats Balwinder. Ayush comes to everyone and tells that Rishi called and said that he has found Lakshmi. He tells Dadi that the thing shall happen as she said. A fb is shown, Dadi asks Ayush to lie to everyone that Lakshmi is found, so that they all can break their fast and have food. Rishi is beating Balwinder. Lakshmi feels drowsy. Virender asks Ayush where are they? Ayush says they will come. Virender asks if that guy is caught who came there with the dancers. Ayush says he is very clever. Someone calls on Lakshmi’s phone. Balwinder says he thought to break her fast like a husband and you have come here. Rishi says I am her husband and our relation is strong. He beats him and says if he gets a chance of one murder then will kill him. Rishi asks Lakshmi if he is fine. Balwinder says he will kill him if permitted murder.

Rishi tells Balwinder that Lakshmi’s sindoor brought him here at the right time. Balwinder hits injection on Rishi’s shoulder. Lakshmi picks Ayush’s call and asks him to come to her room fast. Balwinder tells Lakshmi that Rishi will be unconscious fo 5-6 hours now, she will be hungry till then. He tells that Lakshmi is his and will stay as his wife and he will be her husband and tells that he will take Rishi’s life or can give his life. He says he will return and pushes Lakshmi on the bed and runs away. Rishi comes to Lakshmi and asks her to break her fast before he faints. Ayush and Virender come there. Ayush asks if they are fine. Rishi asks Ayush to bring food and tells Virender that he don’t have much time.

Virender asks what are you saying? Rishi says he will be unconscious for 5-6 hours. Lakshmi refuses to break her fast. Ayush goes to bring food. Virender gives water. Rishi makes Lakshmi drink water and breaks her fast. He says your fast is broken, my wife, if you are fine. Lakshmi hugs him and says she is fine and asks him to be fine . Ayush brings food plate. Rishi takes the food and asks Lakshmi to have it. He says you have said that it is wife’s good destiny if she keeps fast for her husband and it is husband’s good destiny to break her fast. Lakshmi cries while having food. Rishi asks her to eat. He makes her have the food and faints on her shoulder. Lakshimi cries.

They make Rishi rests on Lakshmi’s lap. Virender makes Lakshmi have food, though she refuses to have food. She says she is lucky to get husband and Bau ji like this. Neelam says and Rishi is unlucky to have such an inauspicious wife. She blames Lakshmi for Rishi’s condition and regrets to get her married to him. Virender tells Neelam that Lakshmi is not guilty. She asks why you want to save this girl, because of whom your son is in danger always. Virender says Lakshmi is Rishi’s life and has saved him always. Dadi comes there with karishma. Ayush says Rishi will gain consciousness. Dadi asks Lakshmi to have food and asks everyone to go out. She asks Lakshmi to eat else she will be beaten up by her. Ayush says lets go. They all go out. Lakshmi hugs Rishi. Dadi asks them what they were doing there. She asks Virender what he was doing. Ayush says Mama was making her have food. Dadi tells that Neelam must be scolding her. She asks Neelam to accept Lakshmi.

Virender asking Neelam if he can tell something. Neelam says she don’t want to hear about Lakshmi. He says the matter is about Rishi, your son and tells that Maa was right and asks her to accept Lakshmi as their daughter in law. Neelam says you want me to become like you and handover Rishi’s life in her hand. She says everyone will change their minds one day and till then Rishi shall be safe, if anything happens to him then she will not forget and not forgive the persons supporting Lakshmi. Lakshmi waits for Rishi to get up and says Doctor gave him antidote, he shall get up. She says he was worried about me, even when he was fainting. She thanks Rishi and thanks God for giving such a good lifepartner. She says I don’t like to see you like this and asks

him to get up.
Rano tells that it is good that Rishi found Lakshmi and tells that she had tasty food today. Bani says this happened because of Balwinder, and tells that if his alliance was not fixed with her then he wouldnt haev done this. Bani scolds her and thinks did I ask him to be behind her. She recalls asking Balwinder to take Lakshmi out.

Lakshmi asks Rishi to get up and says see my condition, I am worried. She says you knows well when you are far away, and can’t see me tensed. She asks shall I land in trouble to make you understand. She says you are not listening to me and that’s why I will not tell my heart talk to you, but will tell Moon. She counts till three, but he doesn’t get up. She turns to talk to Moon, and feels her Pallu is hold by him. She turns and sees it stuck. She takes her pallu. Rishi gets up and says I was playing with you. He asks her to tell about her heart talk. Lakshmi says you didn’t get up, when I count till three. Rishi says now I got up. She says she will talk to Moon as it listens silently. He says he will listen silently. He tells about the advantages of talking to him. Lakshmi asks him to apologize to her else she will talk to Moon. Rishi says I am ready. He holds his ears and does sit ups. Lakshmi stops him and says she don’t want him to do sit ups, as …He smiles looking at her. She says she will talk to Moon. He says I will do sit ups and does sits up on the bed. He asks her to stop him. She says she will stop him when Moon goes. He falls on the bed tired. The moon goes.

Rishi says God is great and he is with me. He asks her to tell her feelings. Lakshmi says it shall be felt. He says you want to say that you are Bhagyalakshmi to get me. She says she will get him in every birth. He says he wants discount and wants different wives in different births. She pushes him and he falls down. He holds her hand and tells that he didn’t hold her hand to leave her hand. Lakshmi says dont say hero lines. He says atleast he is her hero. Aap hamari jaan bangaye plays….She says you are talking like Minto. Rishi pulls her and they falls on the bed together. They have an eye lock. She says you have become very stubborn and tells that she will bring food for him. Rishi says he don’t like to have food. Lakshmi says I will bring milk and badam halwa. Rishi asks her to bring other things also and tells many dishes to bring. Lakshmi asks what to make first so that until you eat it, I will make others.

Rishi says my sweet angel, I don’t want to eat food, I am not hungry. Lakshmi says ok, I will go and change. He says first you change and then I will change. She comes out after changing her clothes. Rishi is about to go to change and she also tries to go to the other side. He says why you are stopping my way, want to get closer to me. She thinks to bring food until Rishi gets fine. Neelam comes there and asks Rishi how is he? Rishi says he is perfectly fine. She says you are my jaan and asks him to take care for her. Rishi says don’t worry, Balwinder like people can’t harm me. Neelam says because of someone’s bad affects, you can be harmed. Rishi says Lakshmi is with me and she will not let anything happen to me. Neelam asks him to have food. He says Lakshmi said, but he don’t want to have food. Neelam asks him to have food. She asks Rishi not to risk his life without any reasons. Rishi says I know I am your life and promises that nothing will happen to him. He tells that Lakshmi’s life is more valuable than his life. She goes. Lakshmi says I should have told Mummy ji that you refused. He sits to eat. Lakshmi thinks I will never let anything happen to you.

Rishi finishing the food. Lakshmi says you finished all the food, as Mummy ji gave the food. Rishi says if I had not eaten then Mom would have get hurt. Lakshmi says how can you do this and praises him for taking care of everyone. Rishi says he is learning from her. Lakshmi asks if she shall bring sweet dish. Rishi says just now I had it, you have praised me. He asks her to praise more. She asks him to go and change and praises him. Rishi goes to change.

Bani calls Lakshmi and asks how is jiju? Lakshmi says he is fine. She says she is having headache. bani asks shall I come there and massage your head. Lakshmi asks when she wakes up to study. bani says 5 am, 6 am and tells that she wakes up at 8 am. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he heard her and asks her to sit.

He massages her head. Tu thodi der plays……Lakshmi says Bauji used to massage Maa’s head, and she used to say that she is very lucky. She says she is very lucky. Rishi says Bhagya lakshmi. Later Lakshmi steps on Rishi’s hand and he falls down from the couch and gets up. He says anyone can fall down. Lakshmi says I never fall down. Rishi says even you can fall. Lakshmi says I will go downstairs and tell everyone. Rishi asks her not to tell anyone. He asks how did he fall down? Lakshmi says he was touching her feet, might have done something in dream. She then tells him truth. Rishi says husband and wife have same rights. Rishi praises him to unique and good. Karishma comes to Ayush and asks him to drop aunty home. Ayush says he is very tired. Karishma says no excuses, go and drop him. Lakshmi comes there and keeps water there. She asks Ayush to drop the guests. Ayush says ok. Karishma gets upset as he listened to Lakshmi. She asks him to sleep. Ayush tries to make Karishma understand. Karishma blames Lakshmi. Ayush says he trusts Lakshmi and goes. Karishma tells Lakshmi that she was right about her, and asks her not to interfere between her and her son. She says Rishi will not be your husband for long, this was your last fast as Rishi’s wife. Lakshmi cries and goes. Simmy and her husband are waiting for Ayush so that he can drop them. Ayush comes there. Simmy asks Ayush to take the boxes, and come.

Rishi imagines Lakshmi and says you are here. Lakshmi says whenever you call me, I will come. Karishma comes there and asks why is he standing like this. Rishi says he was searching Lakshmi. Karishma thinks Lakshmi made ayush as her Servant and Rishi as mad. Kiran comes there and says we are leaving. Rishi says bye. Kiran says you used to come and drop us. Lakshmi comes there and says Rishi will not go. Ayush drops Simmy and her husband and sees Shalu going on the road. He thinks where is she going? Lakshmi says situation has changed now, he was not married to me then. She says Rishi used to drop Malishka due to the relation, now he is married to me. She says I have kept fast for him and he has broken my fast. She says we shall respect the limitations of respect. Kiran says you came much letter. Lakshmi says Rishi is married to me, and I am his wife. Karishma asks her to behave and asks if water was mixed in it. Dadi supports Lakshmi. Lakshmi thanks Dadi. She apologizes to Kiran and tells that if anyone tries to snatch her husband from her, then she will not bear. She says if Malishka tries to snatch Rishi from, then it won’t be good for her. Karishma asks Rishi what is this? Rishi says I will ask her why she said this.

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