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Manisha says that her parents cannot come as they are abroad, Karina gets up and asks if she is in some kind of tension and she has not to worry about family as they are her own, they ask her for her leave, she says that she will not go. In the car Rakhi asks Karina what she ash done with Manisha that she trusts her so much, Karina says that she has not done anything till now and when she will do something then they will be left speechless, their car gets broken down, they all look for a solution, Rakhi gets down, Prithvi comes and sees them he asks if they would like to come with him, they all agree, he thinks as to why did he ask them as now they will treat him like a driver, but then Dadi says that it is Rakhi’s birthday and they wants him to come, Karina says that she thinks that he doesn’t wants to come but he says that eh really wants to and so if he does not go then Manisha will be left alone.

Sarla is very worried, Dadi asks why is she so stressed, Sarla says that she knows that Rishab and Karan are in a very bad position, she also knows that her daughter will do everything that they can to protect them both but she is afraid, Sarla says that she must come with her to the doctor as they have to take care pf Janki, Bi Jee asks Sarla about Rishab, she asks why is she talking of him, Bi jee says that she will tell her when she is sure herself and leaves. Manisha is constantly calling Prithvi, he is at her door and rings the bell, she goes to open the door and asks why was he not picking up her phone, he says that he has some important news to tell him, he says that she must go to the party and he will be with her all the time, she says that she is very tensed, Prithvi says that her boyfriend is coming tomorrow and so they will all plan what to do, Manisha says that they are no giving her a chance about what to do and that her engagement is in four days, Prithvi says that she must not worry and they will do all that they can.

Karna and Rakhi come back, Karan asks them why were they so late and what happened, Rakhi starts to tease him by asking as to why is so restless, they then tell them what happened and all plan to starts the preparations of the party, Karan asks Preeta if he can help but she denies him, Rishab tells him that Prithvi is also coming, Karana gets very angry and say that he must keep Prithvi away from him because he cannot tolerate him anymore, it seems that he is always drinking blood. Preeta is decorating, Karan is holding the basket, he asks her to not fall, she say that she will not as she has done this from her childhood, Karan starts to tease her, she says that she knows that he is not used to do this kind of work but this is all she has, Preeta is very overconfident and then falls, he catches her and asks if she is okay, Preeta says that is all his fault because of him she got distracted and slipped. Shrishti sees this and says that she knows that her sister slips constantly and that if she is a little heavy, Karan starts to joke saying that she is really heavy, Preeta gets angry, he asks her about what she will do now, she says that she will beat him very badly if he does not stop but both Kara and Shrishti give no heed to what she is saying and keep o joking. He asks her what she will do she say that she will ruin huis hairs, she stops but he forces her , they both start running in the hall, Shrishti is enjoying it and the he heads to his room, she enters when he is behind his door, she gets scared and he is laughing, when he sees that she is really afraid, he apologizes but she says that he is the reason she gets irritated and that she will ruin his hair, he calls her fat and she gets angry but then he says that she is not like anyone else and is ever different.

Preeta gets away from Karan and asks why he called her as fat? He asks if it matters. Preeta says it matters, for reasons unknown to her. Karan looks into her eyes deeply, walks closer and says he knows; she must question her heart for this. Sameer comes to take Karan as Rishab is calling him downstairs. Preeta turns to leave but Karan holds her back. She manages to leave anyway. Sameer playfully chases Karan to come downstairs. Karan comes to Preeta and asks if she got reply from her heart? In the room, Rakhi was ready and comes to Mahesh. He complements her dress color and asks if she remember the day they met and married later? Rakhi remembers how they met each other when Rakhi demanded a lift. She tried to make an impression that she had a goon boyfriend, but Mahesh proposed her in the car. Mahesh tells Rakhi that she always lied to their children about their love marriage. Karan, Sameer and Rishab come into the room. Rakhi asks the children not to tell this truth to Dadi, she was really strict and completely against love marriage. Karan teases he will tell her tomorrow about it. Rakhi says tonight, she must only focus on Manisha. They were all determined to defeat Manisha today.

The family welcomes the guests. Preeta and Shrishti stood for welcoming the guests. Shrishti decides to teach them good lesson. Manisha comes there and has an argument with Preeta and Shrishti. Preeta replies Manisha straightforwardly. Karan Luthra must be in love with Manisha, but they aren’t. She won’t bear all this misbehavior from her. Shrishti was happy that Preeta diverted Manisha’s mind by keeping mentioning Karan. Rakhi and Kareena come to welcome Manisha as she has arrived. They discuss may be Shrishti is deliberately misbehaving with Manisha so that she isn’t suspicious. Manisha goes to meet Rakhi and Kareena but Shrishti makes her fell off into lady’s feet. Dadi was happy that it was a good beginning.

Manisha blames Kareena, Rakhi was also worried that Kareena would now scold Shrishti but Kareena doesn’t. She advices Shrishti not to behave with their daughter in law like this. She takes Manisha along. Shrishti was shocked and asks Preeta to pinch her. Preeta pulls her ear. Sherlin passes by Shrishti who greets Sherlin. Sherlin clarifies she won’t be impressed by Shrishti’s buttery talk. Shrishti asks what about treating her the same was as Manisha? But negates the idea as Sherlin is pregnant. Sherlin insists she isn’t pregnant. Shrishti says then she must make Sherlin fell off, people will hold her straight to hospital and truth will be revealed.
Karan complements Manisha. They share kisses with everyone on cheek. Karan notices Preeta was jealous.

He tries to wipe the lipstick mark from his face using Preeta’s pallu, she was visibly irritated. Manisha meets the guests and goes aside. Preeta sends Shrishti to keep an eye over Manisha. Manisha comes to the room furious over Preeta’s attitude. Prithvi was flattered by Preeta’s photo. He gets a call from Manisha who curses Preeta. Prithvi notices Sherlin was also calling him repeatedly. He says Sherlin must have to speak to him about something important, she must cut the call. Sherlin was irked that Prithvi didn’t attend his call. There, Sherlin watch Preeta busy on phone and thinks Prithvi must surely be talking to her.

Sherlin calls Prithvi, he puts the call on hold, Manisha is yelling at him, he picks up her calls, she says that she thinks that she is not so important in his life anymore and who is he talking with, Manisha says that she is very worried because she cannot do anything and has been humiliated. Manisha and Sherlin are both yelling after that he gets confused and he says what he has to Sherlin with Manisha, they both yell at him and says what he is saying, he says that he said all of that by mistake but they both argue with him, they ask him to come and solve their problem’s he thinks that both of them are like cats always fighting and that they are not like Preeta who is always worrying about everyone. Shrishti is looking for Manisha, Preeta comes and asks her what the matter is she says that she is not able to find Manisha, and she spots her coming and then instructs her to get it work. Rakhi’s friend is admiring Preeta, Rakhi comes and introduces Rishab and Karan come and they both start to talk with them all, they ask them if Preeta is about to become their daughter in law but they decline and then make them meet with Manisha and Sherlin, Karina says a lot of bad things regarding Preeta which Karan and Rishab do not like at all. Sherlin is coming when she slips and a waiter save her, Karan starts to laugh.

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