Mehek update Tuesday 7th May 2019


Mahek asks what? Shaurya says my first kiss, Mahek is stunned, Shaurya smirks and asks are you scared now? dont want to play red-green tick anymore? Mahek says what nonsense? Shaurya leans in closer to her, Shaurya says challenge accepted, and my flu will go away in 5days too, he smiles and moves closer to her, he looks at her lips, Mahek’s eyes bulge out of sockets, Shaurya wipes flour from her lips which she unintentionally smeared on face, Shaurya says i am coming in five days, he smirks and leaves, Mahek wipes her lips and glares at him.

Tuesday update on Mehek 7th May

Shaurya moves his luggage in to the room, Mohit asks should i help? Shaurya says no, i will do it, we will be in trouble if our warden Mahek sees it, Mohit says yes its about green tick. Mohit brings him in room and says this is my room, you will share it with me, i have two empty drawers for you in cupboard, sorry i didnt have much place, Shaurya says no problem, have you ever seen that when cat sticks her head anywhere then she is able to adjust her full body there, hope you understand, Mohit nods.

At night, Mohit and Shaurya are sleeping on bed but Mohit snores loudly, Shaurya is not able to sleep and goes out.

Shaurya comes in porch and says this was remaining, i left my 50crores house to live here. He lies on sofa in porch but is not able to sleep because of mosquitoes. Shaurya closes his eyes, Mahek comes there and sits beside him, she stares him and starts to leave but Shaurya holds her hand and asks what are you doing here? did you come to bring me to your room? she says no, i just came to light mosquito repellent coil near you, Shaurya says one side challenging me and otherside showing so much love?

Mahek says no, i just dont you to get dengue virus and get leniency in challenge because of it, i dont want you use excuses, thats all, Mahek starts to leave but Shaurya pulls her to him, she falls on his lap, Shaurya says there cant be any excuse in my way, by the way you have become more s*xy, Mahek says dont say rubbish, Shaurya says very s*xy, Mahek says what nonsense, she starts to leave but he pulls her again on his lap and says i didnt know that by coming to your house, i will be able to meet you at night without any trouble,

Tuesday update on Mehek 7th May

Shaurya says please say you love me once, Mahek says no, PD is sleeping porch, she might see, Shaurya says i dont care, say you love me, Mahek says i will wake family up and tell them that you are misbehaving, they will beat you and throw you out of house. Shaurya lovingly looks at her and says say you love me once, she says no, he says please say it, Pd says Mahek say it, i am not seeing or hearing anything. Mahek pulls away from Shaurya. PD says you should say i love you to him Mahek, Mahek blushes and leaves.

In morning, Shaurya is still sleeping in porch while all are having breakfast. Jeevan says to Kanta that Mohit didnt let him sleep in his room too, Kanta says he is your son after all. Shaurya murmurs in sleep that servant bring my coffee. Kanta wakes him up. Kanta says i have asked Mansi to make coffee for him. Kanta folds his blanket, Kanta says you can sleep in my and Jeevan’s room from today, Jeevan will adjust in Mohit’s room. Shaurya says no, i am comfortable in porch, dont leave your room, i will use washroom now, he leaves.

Ravi and Mohit are waiting outside the washroom to use, Shaurya comes there. Ravi asks Mohit to let Shaurya go in washroom first, Mohit moves away, Shaurya starts going to washroom but Mahek stops him and says this house will not work as per Shaurya’s preference, he should follow our preference, isnt this what adjust means Shaurya? Shaurya stares at her.

Mahek says to family that Shaurya has to live like this, this is what adjustment means, right Shaurya? she takes water bucket from Shaurya and says bring your own bucket of water from kitchen, he says what? Mahek says geyser, is not working so you can boil water in kitchen and if its irritating you that much then you can go home. Mahek holds his arms/biceps and says tough guy right? Shaurya smirks, Mahek gives him empty bucket and says all the best, she smirks and leaves. Shaurya helplessly looks at bucket.

Tuesday update on Mehek 7th May

Shaurya comes in kitchen and tries to boil water. Mahek is smirking at him. Shaurya glares at her, he puts hot water in bucket he boiled and brings it to washroom. Mohit is in bathroom. Mohit comes out but Ravi says i have to hurry, he goes in bathroom, Shaurya is irritated, all are smirking at him. Jeevan asks Ravi to come out fast, Shaurya is under pressure. Ravi comes out, Shaurya goes in.

Ravi says Mohit you should have given me newspaper, Mohit says there is no photo of yours in it. Family listens some noise coming from bathroom. Jeevan says seems like he is breaking things inside in anger. Kanta asks Jeevan to go and check. Jeevan knocks and asks if everything is fine? they knock door. Shaurya comes out of bathroom in towel only, Mahek looks away. Jeevan asks are you fine? Shaurya looks at Mahek and smiles. Balwant asks what happened? Shaurya says there is dirt in bathroom, Jeevan says its fungus, i asked Mohit to call cleaner to clean it. Shaurya says i slipped on it and broke faucet, water is flowing down now, Jeevan says water is freely flowing? PD says dont worry hero, love makes people slip and break things around them, all smile at this, Shaurya sweetly smiles at Mahek but Mahek huffs and leaves.

Khanna slaps Vicky and says you did fraud in business, Vicky says you and your son have taken our business, Sameer says Khanna why you are slapping everyone these days? Vaitlana comes and says how are you? he is Sanjay’s right hand man and can take money, Khanna says Vicky is something because of Shaurya only, Vaitlana says are you drunk that you are praising Shaurya? and that loverboy has made fun of his whole family, you and your son is trending for drama, Khanna angrily leaves. Vaitlana says if Shaurya didnt start loving Mahek then i would have broken this father-son duo, i have to do something.

Shaurya says sorry to family for breaking faucet, Jeevan says its no issue. Shaurya says i will call plumber. Mahek comes there and says Mohit call plumber, Shaurya says i am sorry that you guys are facing problem because of me, Mahek says why you dont you go back home then? Mansi says he will eventually leave after 5days without you or with you, Mahek glares him while Shaurya smiles at her. Mahek ask everyone to leave. Ravi asks Mansi to stitch his button, she starts stitching button, Ravi jokes that romance in old age is something else, i break my button so you can come closer. Shaurya smiles at couple and looks at Mahek suggestively, Mahek huffs and leaves.

Tuesday update on Mehek 7th May

Rajiv calls Shaurya and says where are you? we have hotel work, Shaurya says i am busy, i cant come. Rajiv says i dont have decision making ability, how will i do meeting? Shaurya says sorry bro, you have to handle next five days, i am busy.

Shaurya comes to Mahek and says my shirt’s button is broken, she says which button? Shaurya breaks button and says this one, Mahek says do this drama in your next show. Shaurya says when Ravi’s shirt button broke then Mansi tuck it, i dont have to say more, Mahek says Mansi tucked it because she is his wife and i am your nothing.

Mahek starts to leave but Shaurya pulls her closer and says you might not be my wife rightnow, but you will be mine, if you agree then we can marry today only, Mahek says i wont marry you, i am not your wife, Shaurya says you might not be my wife but you are wearing my ring so you are my fiance, are you tucking button or should i take matter to elders? Mahek glares at him and brings thread and needle. She comes closer to Shaurya and starts stitching his button, hum tum song plays,

Shaurya tucks Mahek’s hair behind her ear, she looks at him and gets lost, Shaurya puts hand on her waist and pulls her closer, Mahek mistakenly pricks him with needle, Shaurya winces, Mahek gets worried and asks if it hurt? Shaurya says so much care? Mahek says i am not able to bear this kind of cheesy Shaurya, she huffs and leaves, Shaurya smiles.

Mansi asks Ravi to eat food for her sake, she says you work so hard. Ravi says if you make me eat with so much love then i can eat all. Kanta asks them to behave, you both are old now. Jeevan tries to get butter but Kanta scolds him for intaking so much butter.

Shaurya comes there, Jeevan asks him to have paratha, Shaurya looks at oily food and gets worried. Jeevan says we are a weird family, our PD is old and chill, Balwant is strong and Ravi-Mansi are clear and transparent, Nehal is delicate yet tough, Mohit is stubborn and lazy and Kanta is simple and desi and Mahek.. she is polite, humble but really strong, Shaurya smiles and is mesmerized seeing Mahek in red dress and smiling at her family. Kanta says you called me dull? Jeevan says not at all. Jeevan asks Shaurya to sit and start eating. Mansi says to Mahek that how he will eat this oily food? make something continental for him, Mahek says sorry, this is what our family eats and he has to eat it otherwise he can go back to his home and eat what he wants there, we are punjabi and we dont start day without parathas, Shaurya smiles at her.

Tuesday update on Mehek 7th May

Mahek says to Shaurya that if you cant eat parathas then you can go back to your home, we are punjabis and our days dont start without parathas. Shaurya says i will eat for sure as i am punjabi too. Mahek huffs at him. Family gives him butter on paratha too, Shaurya sadly looks at Mahek and puts butter on paratha and starts eating it, Mahek is surprised, Shaurya offers her but she glares at him, After breakfast, Shaurya has stomach ache. Pd says to Mahek that you know he doesnt eat oily food but you couldnt cook for him when he is doing so much for you. Shaurya is in pain, Jeevan says it must be gastric, he makes Shaurya do yoga positions, Ravi asks him to drink this syrup. Kanta asks Mohit to take Shaurya to room, Shaurya leaves. Mahek is worried, Kanta looks at her disapprovingly.

Shaurya comes in room, Mohit says call me if you need anything, he leaves. Shaurya says those parathas destroyed my stomach. Shaurya turns on heater but gets his hand burnt. Mahek comes to him and blows air on his hand, she gets worried and says cant you see? she puts ointment on his burnt hand, Shaurya winces. Mahek cries and says why you are doing this? go away, i cant see you in pain, go away. Shaurya says then come with me to my world, Mahek weeps and says why so stubborn? we are not made for each other, you ate my home’s food today and this happened with you, Shaurya says i will become habituated, Mahek says you are pretending to not understand? you are not able to walk without even getting injured, you dont understand what i feel thinking that i would have to live my life without you, every moment, my breathing stops when i think about it, Shaurya says why you have tied yourself? why suffocating yourself? Mahek angrily looks at him and leaves.

Mahek marks red tick on Shaurya’s performance board, she says sorry you lost. Shaurya says there is no guarantee of winning and losing, tomorrow you will putt my victory marks and after 5days, i will win you, i dont loose and i heard that love has power but i can feel it now, he turns Mahek towards him and says i love you Mahek, he intensely looks at her, Mahek gets lost in his eyes.

At night, Mahek is lying in bed and recalls Shaurya’s deeds and staying at her home. In porch, Shaurya is thinking about Mahek too, how she gets worried for him. Mahek recalls how Shaurya claimed that he will win her, she wipes her tears. Shaurya is playing with puppy, agar tum saath ho song plays. Shaurya lies to sleep. Mahek goes to sleep too but is unable to sleep. She looks at Shaurya from window and sees that he is not sleeping too, she recalls their happy moments together and is restless while Shaurya is smiling to himself.

Mahek helplessly gazes at him and weeps. Shaurya sleeps, Mahek comes in porch, she sits near door and keep looking at Shaurya sleeping, recalling their proposal, their intimate moments, she smiles at him, Shaurya feels cold, Mahek comes to him, tries to touch him but stops herself, she covers him with blanket, Shaurya wakes up and sees her, Mahek gets tensed. Shaurya stares at her, Mahek tries to run from there but her dupatta gets stuck, she says leave it Shaurya, Shaurya says turn and see. its puppy pulling on her dupatta not Shaurya.

Tuesday update on Mehek 7th May

Mahek smiles at puppy and takes him in her arms. Shaurya says be careful with him, he is only witness of our engagement, why you came here? were you missing me? Mahek says i dont get sleep at night, Shaurya says even i dont get sleep at night, we are match made in heaven, Mahek says we dont match at all, Shaurya says i know, we have different life styles, different family values and all, what you want? want me to make posters of all this? Mahek says i will bring turmeric milk for you, Shaurya says recalls how his internet friend said same ingredient to put in milk to get sleep, he asks Mahek if she has some other sister too? she says no why? he says nothing, Mahek leaves.

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