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Pragya tries to help Dasi. Dasi says she will do it. Abhi comes and asks when did she come? Pragya says sometime back. She gets busy in house work. Dadi asks Abhi to help her and asks Dasi to leave them alone for sometime and let them romance. Abhi tells Pragya that he can’t do ladies work seeing Pragya plucking the flower petals from rose. Pragya asks who asked you to do and asks him to go. Abhi asks her to give him some good work. Pragya asks him to go and lift dumb bell. He asks for work. Pragya asks him to fill water in the big pot. Abhi says ok. He thinks how can anyone be so beautiful and thinks he will not tell her else she will fly high. He fills water in the big pot. Pragya says he is egoistic. Abhi asks her to say on his face clearly. Pragya says don’t you think that you shall help everyone in house work and says yesterday also you made the stuff fall. Abhi says it is because of you. He says I fell yesterday and today, because of you. Pragya says water fell because of you.. She gets upset with him.

Disha gets happy seeing them arguing lovingly. Abhi says it is your problem that you don’t accept mistakes and says you dropped supari yesterday and made me fall. He says now also I was about to slip. He asks what was the need to look beautiful, wear earring, necklace, lehenga and gajra. He asks her to go and analyze herself in the mirror. Pragya asks if he is praising her or taunting her. Abhi asks her not to fly high. Disha thinks they look cute while fighting and thinks don’t know how much love she would get to see when they love each other. Tanu is in her room and feels hungry. She keeps pillow on her stomach and thinks to drink water. She thinks of Aaliya’s words and keeps the glass back. She thinks she is right and says this is fast result that I will be getting gift this karwachauth. She thinks to do some work so that her mind gets diverted. Pragya asks Abhi to take his words back and says I saved you from falling. Abhi says I got saved because of gravity. Pragya says it is your attitude. Abhi says I don’t raise hand on girls and asks her to either fight or apologize to him. He says Dangal will happen now. Pragya argues with him. Abhi holds her hand and asks her to say what he wants to hear. Tanu also comes and hears them. She thinks if he wants her to say I love you. Abhi asks her to say. Pragya says I am sorry…Tanu says what is the use of fast. Abhi says what will you do if you are beautiful. Pragya says I will do surely. Abhi says you are gone and throws flowers on her. Pragya says she will not get hurt with one flower. Abhi throws flower on her, but she bends, and it falls on King. Abhi says he has just started playing. King says I can’t understand you. Disha calls Pragya to do arrangements. King comes to Dadi and tells that Pragya is beautiful. Dadi asks her not to say that.

Dasi says she will get the bad sight. King says no as she is mine. Dadi gets angry. Tanu thinks Abhi forgets that I am his wife while he is infront of pragya. She thinks to remind him. Abhi looks at Pragya and smiles. Pragya also looks at him and smiles. Song plays……Khud se zyada tumhe chahte hai sanam.

Tanu seeing Abhi coming and pretends to faint. Abhi says I told you many times not to wear heels in the house. Tanu says she is feeling dizzy due to her karwachauth fast and asks him to make her lie down on the bed. Abhi asks her to hold his hand and takes her to bedroom. He makes her sit. Tanu is still holding his hand. Abhi asks her not to hold his hand. Tanu says why can’t I hold your hand when I keep fast for you. If you can hold Pragya’s hand then why can’t I hold your hand. Abhi asks did I ask you to keep the fast. Tanu says it is every wife’s right, I kept fast to get you, for your long life. She says I am doing this from heart. Abhi says I don’t want you from my heart and asks her to eat something. Tanu asks him not to be egoistic and says you don’t want me to keep fast for you, and wants someone else to keep the fast for you, but she is keeping fast for someone else She says whatever you are doing with me, Pragya is doing same with you. She says Pragya has kept fast for Mr. King and is hungry and thirsty for him, and came here to do puja for him. Abhi walks out angrily. King asks if he is upset and tensed. Abhi says yes and then says sorry. He says I am taking out someone’s anger on you. King says I understand, but what is your problem. Abhi says you and then says you will not understand. King says you are moody. Abhi says yes and laughs. He says I became okay seeing you. King thinks why is he looking tensed. Tai ji tells that her friend send a panditayan who will make them do the puja and whatever she says come true. Mitali comes to Dadi. Dadi says Pummy told that you are upset. Mitali says she is upset with Neha, but not with her husband, she kept fast for him. Aaliya comes down and thinks of Tanu asking her why she didn’t keep fast for Purab. She looks at Disha. Dadi asks Abhi to help Pragya lift chowki. Abhi lifts it thinking about Tanu’s words. Tanu comes downstairs. Pragya looks at Abhi. Dadi asks Panditayan to bless the good couple of the house. Panditayan blesses them to stay together for 7 births and their love will never fade away. Abhi gets upset and leaves. Pragya says he don’t want to do anything. Aaliya asks Tanu if she said anything to Abhi. Tanu says she showed mirror to Abhi that Pragya is not his. Aaliya says they were happy before. Pragya thinks why is he upset? Did someone say anything to him? He recalls Tanu telling that Pragya don’t want your long life or your support for 7 births, she just wants King.

Aaliya asks Tanu what did you tell her? She says bhai is looking upset with Pragya. Tanu tells everything. She says I told him that Pragya kept fast for Mr. Singh and asked him to see the reality. She says I asked him to looked after me as I have kept fast for him. Aaliya smiles. Tanu says now they can’t stay for even 7 mins, due to the fire which I lighted today. Dadi hears them and her condition worsens. She asks Pragya to come with her. Tanu and Aaliya get tensed. Tanu asks Aaliya what Dadi wants to talk to her? Aaliya says don’t know. Tanu says I feel Dadi’s soul is in her and that’s why she loves Pragya. She says lets go and check on them. Pragya asks dadi why she don’t take care of herself. Dadi tells her that Daljeet Dadi used to love you more than she used to love Abhi, and asks did your love ended with divorce. She asks why did she separate from Abhi even though she promised to be with him for seven births, but got separated for 7 years and now returned as someone’s wife and kept fast for someone else. She asks her to listen to her and tells that she has kept fast for your grand son. Dadi hears her and gets happy. Pragya asks her to listen to her carefully and tells that their relation is from hearts. She says my relation with Abhi and you all can’t break with a piece of paper, says it is a relation of heart and soul which can’t break. Aaliya and Tanu come there and listen to her. Dadi says I want to listen this and says you have increased my life. Tanu says I can’t listen. Aaliya says lets go more near and try to hear. Disha sees them eavesdropping on Dadi’s room and says Dadi wants to talk to Pragya alone. Tanu says who told that we are listening to them and says we are searching my earrings. Disha says it is in your ears. Aaliya goes. Tanu says even you shall not be hear. Dadi asks Pragya to go and handle Abhi as Tanu told nonsense to Abhi. She says Abhi is thinking you have kept fast for King and went to terrace upset. She asks her to go there. Neha asks Panditayan about the fast. Panditayan tells that nowadays, even the husbands are keeping fast for their wives. Neha thinks if Tarun kept fast for me. Mitali thinks if Tarun kept the fast then Neha will get more mad for him.

Aaliya and Tanu come and sit. King comes to the ladies and says your husbands are funny, but I am not that funny. Aaliya laughs hearing him and says I found it funny. King asks Dasi to do something about her and asks if some accident happen. Aaliya asks him to talk to her directly. King says I came to talk to most gorgeous lady Dasi and asks about Pragya. Dasi says she is in Dadi’s room and asks did you keep fast for Pragya? King says I didn’t know that I have to keep fast. He asks if Pragya kept fast. Dadi says I am sure that Pragya will keep the fast. King says I know that she has kept the fast. He thinks we are husband and wife infront of them and that’s why we have to do the rituals to show the world. He thinks if it is the start for the new beginning or signing at something. Abhi is upset and thinks about Pragya…jo mere mann ko plays…. Pragya coming to terrace thinking her conversation with Dadi. She sees Abhi there and thinks I will not tell him that I have kept fast for him, as I can’t answer him, but I will break fast with his hand and drink water. She thinks I can’t tell you straight so have to apply other way. She comes to him and asks if he came to have fresh air. She says you might have eaten food by now and says Tanu is asking her moon, as she has kept fast for you. Abhi asks her to be quiet. Pragya says I didn’t think that Tanu will keep fast for you and says I have kept fast for my husband as I love him. Abhi asks her to keep quiet. Pragya says it is good that she has kept fast for you. Abhi says she is not my wife. Pragya says she must be feeling hungry. Abhi asks for whom you have kept fast. Pragya says I have kept fast for my husband.

Abhi gets closer to her and holds her closer. Pragya closes her hand. Abhi says your husband is me, and says you are hungry since morning and kept fast for me, for my well being and I will break your fast. He says it is husband’s duty to break wife’s fast and I am your husband. He says you used to say that your kumkum is related to your destiny and likewise nobody can snatch my right from me. He looks at the hidden kumkum in her forehead and says this kumkum is mine, and karwachauth fast, prayers etc is all mine. He says you will see my face after karwachauth. Pragya says I have kept fast for my husband and will see his face. Abhi says your husband is talking to you, and says your kumkum, fast and you are mine. Pragya looks at him and gets emotional. He asks her to wait. Jo meri manzilon ko jaati hai.. song plays…..He goes. Pragya says you have become of someone else, but I am still yours. She gets upset.

A girl comes calling her mum. Everyone thinks Chanda Mama came. Girl says it didn’t come. Tai ji says we all shall wait. King says all ladies are fasting and then this fake alarm and asks why do you fast? Aaliya says you shall ask pragya? Dadi says she is nakchadi. King says correct Dadi. Aaliya looks on upset. King smiles. Abhi takes karwa/pot from kitchen. Disha thinks where is Di and where is he going? Abhi comes to terrace holding the pot. Pragya is still waiting for him there. Allah Wariyan plays….Pragya sees the moon and Abhi coming to her. He says I told you that you will see my face after seeing the moon, you will pray for my long life so that I will be with you till death and says I will break fast today. Pragya says what do you think that my fast will break if you make me drink water. Abhi says I will make you drink water. Pragya says I have kept fast for my husband. Abhi says I am your husband and makes her drink water with his hand. Pragya looks at him. Abhi keeps the pot and says now you can get angry, argue etc. Pragya gets tears in her ears and thinks she is feeling love for him. She thinks just as moon is one, my husband is one too. Dadi asks everyone to get ready for puja. Tanu says I will die now and tells that don’t know how Pragya keeps fast, and tells that she has glow from her face. She says where is Abhi? Aaliya says he must be in the room. Tanu asks if they are celebrating karwachauth. Aaliya gets a call and goes. Mitali comes and collides with Tanu. She tells that Abhi and Pragya must be together. She says I asked you not to get Neha and Tarun engaged. Tanu says she is not feeling insecure as she is wearing mangalsutra of Abhi’s name. Girl comes and tells her mum that moon came. Everyone get ready to go to terrace. Girl’s mum collides with Aaliya. Aaliya gets upset. Dasi asks Neha to give tissue paper to her.

Tanu thinks where is Abhi and Pragya? She comes to room and calls him, but he is not there. She thinks they must be on terrace and comes out of room. She collides with King and scolds him. She says you must know that your wife has kept fast for you and asks her to keep eye on his wife. She says you shall make her fly like a butterfly. King says excuse me. Tanu says you would have keep eye on her if she was yours, and is about to go. King holds her hand and says I was listening when you was scolding me even though it was not my mistake. He asks what do you mean that Pragya is not mine and I shall keep eye on her. Tanu says she is your responsibility, why shall I tell you. She asks him to find out what she did and asks if he is not married to her ? King says I know that you don’t like Pragya and asks what is the matter? Tanu says I can’t help you and says I can advice you one thing. She says you will get shattered and fall down. She says you don’t want to know where is your wife, but I want to know if my husband is with someone else. He thinks if her talks was hinting at something. He thinks if Abhi is having an extra marital affair with someone, but why she was asking me to keep eye on Pragya. Pragya is about to go. Abhi holds her hand and makes her wear ring. Pragya is surprised and looks at the ring. She then looks at Abhi. Tanu is on the way to terrace and thinks if Abhi and Pragya are romancing then they are gone, I will not leave Pragya. He thinks she will not accept if he tell directly and says he made her wear ring as her finger was without ring. He asks her not to be happy as the ring is not costly, but cheap. Pragya gets happy, but doesn’t express her happiness. Allah wariyan plays….She thinks she has completed her fast with him after seven years and this ring is a memory of his love, thinks it seems like they never got separated. She looks at Abhi while going and then smiles. Abhi looks on.

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