Mismatched update Wednesday 26 January 2022

Mismatched 26 January 2022: Anokhi says Gayatri that it’s none other than Alok. Tej and Shaurya shouts at her for what she just said. Shaan too says that it’s such a big accusation. Anokhi says that she’s not lying and says Priyanka came to ask for fee confession to Alok and he tried molesting her. Tej blames Anokhi for trying to malign the image of the house like every time. Anokhi asks why will she do that and asks Alok if he really don’t know the girl. Alok accuses her for blaming him just because he always stood against her and acts innocent.

Anokhi pleads Shaurya to believe her as she’s not lying. Shaurya says she might not be lying but also says that the girl also might not be lying but just misunderstood. Anokhi says the girl claims she has proof. Kitty supports her father. Anokhi says that she will not speak anything in between but this a question about the safety of other girls in the college. She says she will not keep quite if Priyanka doesn’t get justice.Babli finds that milkman did not give milk to their house and asks about it. She asks him about to it but he says them to ask to society people. Society people says that they will not get milky, newspaper and ration to their house and it’s a joint decision by association.

Ahir asks what they are saying for which they say that a married girl staying with another man is not acceptable there and asks them to find another place for it.Shaurya asks Anokhi that why can’t they be like normal husband and wife. He asks why would she get involved in the issue for which Anokhi says she need to do it as she’s students Council head. Shaurya says it’s a very big allegation and asks her to not to trust blindly. Anokhi says that she’s not asking him to trust blindly but conduct a proper investigation. Shaurya says that he still couldn’t believe that Alok could do something like this. He says that they will conduct investigation internally but Anokhi doesn’t trust Tej.

Shaurya asks how can they involve 10 people and asks her to think about family too. Tej comes there and says the student has filed complaint officially against Alok. Devi blames Anokhi for giving her ideas but Anokhi denies it but is still happy that she took stand for herself and leaves.
Ahir is frustrated with the society’s behaviour. Babli says that it’s definitely Vineet’s job as she can sense that it’s his words. She asks him to forget the rumours. Ahir says he doesn’t care but its her who’s hurt because of it. He apologizes to her but Babli asks him to let it go and starts getting ready for work.

Anokhi consoles Priyanka saying that she took the right stand. Kitty and Bebo accuse Anokhi for standing against family. Anokhi says that she can understand that it’s weird for her to hear something like that about their father but once truth is out they will understand at women’s point of view. Kitty and Bebo leaves irritated. Ahir and Babli leave to work and Babli is uncomfortable meeting their accusing gazes. She gets call from her client who cancels the contract due to her character accusation. People say that it’s bound to happen. Ahir and Babli leaves inside.

Shaan shares with Aastha about the news and Aastha is equally shocked. She is scared about misunderstandings happening between family and Anokhi. Shaurya asks Alok if he’s sure that the girl didn’t visit him as peon saw the girl visiting his cabin. Alok says a girl visited him but he doesn’t remember it. Shaan says first he said none visited him now saying otherwise. Alok says he forgot. Tej scolds Alok for not installing CCTV inside the cabin. Alok acts in front of Shaurya and blames Priyanka for taking advantage of the situation.Shaurya says that he trusts him and also believes that its some miscommunication. He also says that they need to keep a proper investigation as it’s a very big accusation.

They all come out and Anokhi asks what they decided in meeting. Tej says why would she ask that and Anokhi answers that she’s head of the student Council and is answerable to them. Students come protesting for Priyanka and Shaurya asks Anokhi to control them. Reema calls Anokhi to their side.Anokhi saying I can’t stop them. Reema asks Anokhi are you coming, decide, you are Saberwals bahu now. Shaurya stops Anokhi. He asks how can you support them, think about the family, if this matter goes ahead, then we will lose our family reputation.

Anokhi says I know I m your wife, but I m also a student of this college, being a girl and a human, its my duty to be with them. She joins the girls and protests. Shaan says if the protest goes ahead, then media will be involved, maybe Alok has to apologize. Tej says we will talk later, come. They leave. Ahir and Babli see the landlord. The man says we have given you this house because you are a policeman, but neighbors are complaining about you both, you leave this house soon. Babli says I will leave this house, Ahir is just helping me. The man says leave this house soon. He goes. Ahir says strange, he has threatened a policeman.

Anokhi comes home. She sees Gayatri disturbed. She says I know you are disturbed, you can share your feelings, vent your anger, I won’t feel bad. Devi shouts hearing this. She scolds Anokhi. Anokhi says we should support the woman, being women. Devi says you don’t forget your responsibilities. Anokhi says I will keep my responsibilities, but I can’t forget the difference between right and wrong, I will never support the wrong. Gayatri cries and goes. Anokhi says you can punish me, but I won’t leave this battle midway. Babli packs his bags. Ahir asks where will you go. Babli says Vineet won’t let me stay in peace, I will go to Kapurthala and stay here until I arrange a PG.

He asks will Vineet decide for us. Babli says I don’t want people to comment on your character. He says people has a work to talk, don’t worry for my reputation, I will explain the society secretary. He keeps her clothes back in the cupboard.Anokhi says I heard what you have told to Alok in the meeting, he told him that you trust Alok, I also trust Priyanka. Shaurya asks when did I say that you shouldn’t trust her, or she is lying, but Alok can’t do this. She says anyways, you stay with your trust, I will have the truth, only then we can stay here. He asks if your truth is wrong. She says then I will glad to say sorry, what if your belief is wrong. He says don’t know, I m feeling sleepy now. Its morning, the girls protest. Shaurya and Shaan say we have to prove Alok’s innocence.

Alok says Anokhi should stop the girls, but she is doing wrong. Tej says you have no control on your wife, go and explain her. Shaan says we know that she won’t move back. Shaurya says I will talk to her. He goes out and stops the girls. He asks Anokhi to come and talk to him.Anokhi says no Sir, you have to talk here itself. He asks can I talk to my wife. She says we can talk at home, I won’t go from here. Kitty, Bebo and friends come to protest against Anokhi. Anokhi says I m just supporting the truth. Reema says she is supporting Priyanka. Anokhi says I m fighting this for you all. Society Secretary says we can’t take the eviction letter, either Babli has to go, or you both leave. Ahir says you are believing others.

The man says its the truth, you are living with someone’s wife, just married couples or bachelors are allowed in our society. Ahir says actually, its a top secret, I m marrying Babli next week. The man says if that’s the case, then I will take the letter back, send the marriage invitation card. Ahir says you can get many guests along. He thinks what to tell Babli now.The media comes there and asks Anokhi about the culprit. Anokhi says its not imp to know the name, we are talking to the management. Tej and everyone look on. Shaurya scolds the reporters. He asks them to leave. The media leaves. Shaurya shouts on the girls.

Anokhi says we didn’t invite the media, protest will go on. Shaurya says what’s all this, enough, prove Alok guilty, do you have any evidence, he has his side of story. Alok says yes, what’s the proof, I didn’t do anything. Anokhi says we have a proof. She asks Priyanka to give the phone. She plays the audio recording. Everyone gets shocked. Tej, Shaan, Shaurya and everyone look at Alok.

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  1. How disgusting and cheap can he be such a shameless man the only person I am worried for is gayatri .and ahnoki did the right thing by supporting priyanka 😕😕😕


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