Mismatched update Tuesday 25 January 2022

Mismatched 25 January 2022: The Episode starts with Anokhi saying thanks for taking my side. Shaurya says its okay, don’t be formal. She says I don’t want to upset Tej and Devi now, they accepted me as bahu, I try hard but argument happens on some topic, I will try to win their love and respect. Shaurya says its good, come, sit. She says whatever Tej, Devi and I talk, you won’t come in between, I don’t want any problem between you all. He asks what’s the problem if I support my wife.

She says maybe it was a wrong way to explain them. He says right, what happened when you tried to explain them. She says they are elders, they will understand if you explained with love. Shaurya says okay, I don’t know explaining with love, you do it your way, I won’t interfere. Devi looks on and smiles.Anokhi asks Devi to have the gravy, Kanchan said she is allergic to mushrooms. Devi says you had made mushrooms in first rasoi, I had eaten it, I have allergy but just in winter, you are always in hurry, you want to show that you are the best, you know everything, you should have asked me. Anokhi says yes. Alok thinks Devi is in mood to fight.

Devi asks Kanchan did she serve the food to her without asking her wish. She says no, Kanchan always took care of me, Anokhi things are going as you like, I want to expect to get food of my choice, be careful. Anokhi looks at Shaurya. Devi thinks Shaurya won’t say anything.Anokhi prepares to sleep. Shaurya says keep the hair loose, it suits you more, what happened. She asks whatever happened, was it my mistake. He says I don’t think so. She asks why didn’t you say anything. He says you asked me not to get between Devi and you. She says I asked you to not take my side, you should have said something. They argue.

She asks where are you going. He says I don’t want to talk to you, its always about you, where am I, Devi is right, just Anokhi will be left and Shaurya will be behind, enough is enough, I want my personal space. He leaves the room. He goes out and sleeps. Anokhi cries in the room. Alok and Devi see Shaurya. Alok says I knew it, you can do this. Devi says Shaurya is out of the room today, but very soon, Anokhi will be out of his life, ego burns the relations, the difference in their thinking will make them distant, their relation will break. Alok laughs.

Its morning, Shaurya wakes up and says I m sure she is awake, she won’t get sleep without me. He goes to room. He sees Anokhi sleeping. He gets angry and makes noise. She wakes up and asks what happened. He says sorry to disturb your sleep, I was finding my clothes. She says clothes aren’t in drawer. He says I know it well. She says I just slept an hour ago, he woke me up, he slept well all night. She goes to help. He asks why will you find, I will get my clothes myself. She says fine, I will go and freshen up. He says I will go first. She asks why. He says because I m a college director, I can’t go late.

She says I have to make breakfast for everyone, I will get late. He says don’t argue always. She says I will get late. He says look your mobile is going to fall. She turns. He goes to bathroom. She says this is cheating. He comes from bath. He says you got ready without taking a bath. Anokhi says I m not unhygienic, I m smart, there are many bathrooms in the college, I have work in kitchen. He says I m in hurt, orientation is there. She says oh yes, Mallika. He says yes, I will go and meet her. She asks will you go like this. He asks what’s the problem with me, I want to go like this. She says but… He says I don’t want to hear anything, not a word.

He goes out. He says I have become a problem for her. Kanchan laughs. Shaurya asks what’s your problem. Kanchan says no, I have no problem, if you go to college like this, then students will have problem. He sees himself in towel. He runs back to room. Anokhi hands over the trousers. He asks couldn’t you say. She says I was listening to someone who asked me not to say a word. He says okay thanks. She smiles.Kanchan says Shaurya went to college alone, he looked upset, what happened, is it about surname matter, did you guys fight.

Anokhi says we couldn’t talk well. Kanchan says don’t make him away, I m not asking you to sacrifice your principles, but don’t make him away because of family members, don’t feel low, there should be some fire in every relationship, else it becomes boring. Anokhi laughs.Anokhi comes to college. She goes to meet Shaurya. He says I m busy. She says its lunch break, have lunch, I have made your fav dish. He says no. She says I don’t want to fight, lets sort out please. He says you think I like to fight, is it my fav pastime, I don’t like this drama. She says I have issue with wrong things, I m such, you know it well, I want your support, I don’t want you to fight your family for my sake, moral support is enough for me.

He says I don’t know what you want, you have lunch, I have to go for imp work. He leaves. She calls Babli. She says I have to meet you, where are you….Anokhi meeting Ahir and Babli. Ahir says I m on Shaurya’s side, girls are like mysteries. Babli asks him to marry and understand. Ahir says you think I m Shaurya, look at his state, he is a great man to marry Anokhi. Anokhi says you guys did good to come on lunch. Babli says Ahir got me here. Ahir says she got free from a toxic relation, I thought to give her a party. Vineet and his friend come. His friend shows Babli and asks who is this guy with her, is she giving divorce because of him. Vineet says I m divorcing her.

He sees Ahir and Babli happy. He says I will cut her wings, she wants to fly. He leaves in anger.A girl asks Alok to waive out her fees. She says my dad is unwell, our financial condition isn’t so good. Alok says we can’t do this. He stares at her. He asks what happened to your dad. She says he has a heart problem. He says I can’t waive the fees. She says I will pay it after getting placement. He holds her and says fine, if I understand your problem, then you will have to understand my problem, what will you do for me if I waive out the fees. She records his talks. She says I will work hard in studies and cultural events. He asks what will you do for me. She asks what do you mean.

He asks her to close the cabin door. He says I have a solution for your problem. She says I m not such type of a girl. He says I don’t do anything for free, do you want to get the fees waived or not. She hits him and runs out of the cabin. He says this girl can go out and tell anyone. Anokhi stumbles. Shaurya saves her. They argue. She goes. Shagun stops Shaurya and asks what’s the problem, I m your friend, tell me. He says I m busy. She says we will got to have coffee, come. Alok stops the girl Priyanka.

He scolds her. He says don’t tell anyone about this, if you say, then I will also say, your career will end, your dad’s heart will fail, understood. Priyanka runs to Anokhi and asks her to help. Anokhi asks what happened, tell me. Priyanka says I went to Alok for fee concession, he spoke bad things with me. Anokhi says think again, whatever you said is a big thing. Priyanka tells everything. Anokhi pacifies her. Shagun asks did Anokhi fight with you. He says don’t know what’s her problem, her points is valid, she gets into arguments with the family, she misunderstands me. She says give her some time, she is immature. Anokhi comes and sees them. She asks why are you discussing about us with Shagun.

Shagun says he is my friend, friends can share personal things. Anokhi says I don’t agree completely, husband and wife’s matter can’t be shared with friends, can you give us some privacy. Shagun goes.He says you have a problem with my friends also. Anokhi says no, if I share things with Reema, how will you feel. He says you discuss about me with her. Anokhi says I used to discuss before marriage, not now. He gets angry. She stops him. He says leave my hand. A guy spills tea on him. Anokhi cares for his hand. He goes in anger. Vineet hears the ladies talking about Babli and Ahir.

Anokhi asks Reema to be with Priyanka. Shaan asks her to share any matter with him. Devi asks is the dinner ready. He says you are worried for the household duties, don’t worry. Anokhi thinks of Priyanka. Alok asks Kitty to focus on studies, the new semester will be tough, top once and show him. Kitty says I have to watch a five star movie. Anokhi looks on. Alok asks Anokhi to tell Kitty that movies have everything fake. She says some people are fake in real life also. She taunts him and goes. Aastha gives tea to Shaurya. He thanks her. She asks what happened, why did you fight. Anokhi calls him. He rejects the call.

Aastha says you should have not come here by work excuse, you should have talked to Anokhi. He says yes, you are right, I will talk to her. She says that’s like my laddoo, smile, have tea. He smiles. Anokhi sees Alok. She adds chilli in the salad. Kanchan asks is everything fine. Gayatri asks what happened. Anokhi says nothing. Kanchan says you don’t look good with a sad face, share the problem with us. Anokhi says one of my classmate got molested by the someone from the college management. They ask what, who can do this. Kanchan says leave it. Gayatri asks who is he, tell us. Kanchan asks Anokhi to raise a voice. Anokhi says Alok has done this. They get shocked.

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