Twist of fate update Thursday 27 January 2022

Twist of fate 27 January 2022: Shahana ask Prachi what is she making? Prachi says she is making pooran puri, it is Mumbai’s favorite dish. Shahana asks her to make chole kulche/batura. Prachi says she is making this for Maa, as she had told that she used to like it when she was in Mumbai. She says it is a stress buster and feel good, Maa is stressed.

Shahana asks her to give it to her to eat. Prachi says everyone will have it together. Shahana teases her taking Ranbir’s name and tells that flour is on her face and if he was here, then would have hugged her. Prachi asks her not to butter her and tells that she will not give it to her first. Door bell rings. Prachi opens the door and finds Ranbir standing. Ranbir looks at her. Song Plays Jaanisar….They look at each other.

Prachi asks why you have come here, you was about to go to shopping with Rhea. Ranbir thinks she knows how to spoil his mood and asks where is her mother? Prachi asks what is the work? Ranbir asks if she is her secretary and gets inside, looking for Pragya. Prachi says I am her daughter and collides with him, as he turns. They have an eye lock. He cleans the floor from her face. She gets emotional. Jaanisar song continues to play…..Shahana comes to her. Prachi asks her not to say anything. Ranbir comes to Pragya and says I want to talk to you about something important. He says he couldn’t sleep all night and was thinking if we have any proofs against Tanu.

He tells that he wants to prove to the society that if a girl is accusing a guy for something then that doesn’t mean that she is saying truth. He tells that he will do everything to prove that Tanu has accused Chief wrongly and shows the Doctor’s certificate, that Chief’s mental state was that of a child and he could either feel friendship or hatred at the time when Tanu was claimed that she was raped.

Pragya says she has something else too and that Tanu’s confession that she was not raped. Tanu gets her make up done by the make up artiste and tells that she wants to look helpless infront of judge. She tells that she will look so helpless that will shock the judge. Pragya tells that she didn’t know how the recording happened when she had gone to Singhania’s office. She tells that confession was recorded accidentally.

Prachi says when did you know? Pragya says when Inspector called her to tell about Ranbir and Prachi’s arrest, she found some recordings and when checked, she found this recording. She makes everyone hear it. She tells that she has a witness, who will tell that the voice in the recording was of Tanu, who is a voice specialist. He will give a statement in court. Shahana says it is a big proof. Pragya says this is a good reply to Tanu and she will go to jail from court. Prachi appreciates her and tells that she will go to jail and Papa will come home, we will win. Ranbir asks why did you stay silent when she told you that? Pragya says I know Tanu if she had known about the proof which we have, that she would have done something, tells that she wants her to be overconfident and wants to prove that she is wrong.

Shahana asks where is she going? Pragya tells that she will meet Raghuvir, so that he will prepare for the case. They come somewhere and see Tanu opening the car door. Ranbir stops the car. She says sorry. Ranbir asks why are you telling her sorry? Tanu says Pragya knows that she will lose. Pragya stays silent. Tanu goes. Pragya tells Ranbir that our victory will be a slap on tanu’s face. They come to Raghuvir’s house and tell him about the voice proofs of Tanu and also Doctor’s certificate. Raghuvir says this is good. Ranbir asks him to file a defamation case on Tanu. Pragya says so that Tanu doesn’t do this with anyone.

Mitali, Aaliya and Dadi are in the court. Mitali asks Dadi not to worry and says she is confident about case, as Pragya might be trying to get him out of jail. Aaliya says I just wish Bhai gets freed. Dadi praises Pragya. Pragya comes there in the car and takes Dadi’s blessings. Dadi says she was worried about Abhi and says she was thinking what did she do? Pragya assures her that she will return home with Abhi, and says Raghuvir ji has many proofs against Tanu. Mitali hears her and tells Aaliya that she trusts Pragya and asks if she trusts her?

Aaliya sees Tanu and goes. Dadi tells Pragya that nobody got the lawyer, not even Aaliya, but she got the lawyer. Pragya says the truth will win. Dadi says Abhi came. Aaliya comes to Tanu. Tanu asks if she came to say sorry. Aaliya says she came to tell her old sayings of Dadi. She says Dadi had told that the snake remains a snake, even if it is fed with much milk, as it has venom in it, and says you are that snake Tanu. Tanu says Dadi must have taught you to limit your tongue, else you would have known with whom to mess you or not. Aaliya says if I was clever then wouldn’t be your friend. She says you are a snake if you are feeling bad. Tanu says you are a snake to have bitten your own husband’s happiness. She says there is no difference between you and me, you had brought me to get me married to Abhi for your selfish reasons and your family is in trouble due to you. Mitali says there is a difference between Aaliya and you, says Aaliya can never think bad about Abhi, and you…who claims to love Abhi wants to ruin him and says I didn’t see a selfish woman like you. Tanu laughs and says you are pendulum, brinjal in plate in your language. She smiles and tells Aaliya that this enmity will prove to be costly for her.

Police bringing Abhi to the court. Constable tries to stop Dadi from meeting Abhi, but Inspector lets him meet. Dadi gets emotional. Abhi tells that he will be back home after attendance in court. Pragya hugs Abhi and asks him not to worry, says she has recording of Tanu’s confession, she said that she lied to take revenge from you. Ranbir comes and hugs Abhi. Abhi asks him how is he? Ranbir says fine. Abhi says you are grown up now and have to take care of two families. Prachi hugs him. Abhi asks her to take care of her mother. Prachi says she will not let you be alone, and I will not let her be alone.

He is taken inside by the Police. Prachi looks at Ranbir. Pragya asks her about Sarita ji. Prachi says she went to temple, will come. Ranbir holds Dadi’s hand to take her inside the court room. He looks at Prachi while walking. Prachi also looks at him. Jaanisar song plays….

Aaliya is about to slap Tanu. Mitali stops Aaliya and says leave her, we are in court, she is provoking you. Tanu says Aaliya and her brother can’t show face to anyone. Aaliya gets angry and says I can’t believe that I was your friend. Tanu says this enmity will prove costly for you. Pragya comes there and tells Aaliya that Tanu wants to provoke her, so that she can prove in court that they torture her, and tells that they are in court, Police and media are here. Mitali takes Aaliya from there. Tanu takes Pragya’s pic and tells that she will send her pic to Abhi in jail and asks if photo is allowed, as she didn’t go to jail so don’t know. Pragya asks her to think and say, as Saraswati Maa is on tongue once in a day. She says when you go to jail, then I will send my pic with him and family to you. She asks her to tell her through letter if the photo is allowed or not in jail. Tanu asks seriously, do you think that you will take him out from here. Pragya says I will smile when I prove him innocent and will take him home. Tanu asks have you gone mad? First husband got mad and now wife. She says you have saved Aaliya, I would have got her arrested, you have spoiled my plan. Pragya says I will spoil all your plan. Sarita behen tells Pragya that she has brought the prasad and gives to Abhi. Inspector says you can’t give him anything.

Sarita behen says it is God’s prasad, you can’t refuse. Abhi asks what is the problem? He takes it. Sarita behen asks Inspector to take it. Inspector takes it.

Aaliya tells that she has enquired about the judge, if everything is fine then he will pass the verdict in the first hearing itself. She says Bhai can get free today. Mitali says if this is the case, then I will feed sweets to Judge with my hand. Tanu walks inside and smiles. Sarita behen goes to sit along with others. Judge comes there and signs everyone to sit. Pragya thinks why did Raghuvir ji haven’t come? Aaliya says where is our lawyer? Tanu’s lawyer Singhania briefs the judge about the case and tells that Abhi’s judge haven’t come. Pragya gets up and says Raghuvir Mishra haven’t come. Judge says Raghuvir Mishra, this is too much. Mr. Singhania tells that his client Tanu Mehta was raped by her friend Abhishek Mehra. He says Abhishek Mehra called Tanu home through his sister Aaliya and then raped her. Pragya says it is a lie, Tanu lied and that the raped haven’t happened.

Mr. Singhania tells that it was a planned rape. Pragya says he is lying. Mr. Singhania says it was rape though. He says it is an open and shut case, defence had understood and that’s why haven’t come here. She says Pragya Mehra approached all lawyers of the city, but nobody agreed to help her, as everyone is with truth. He appeals to the Judge that the victim’s lost respect can’t be brought back, and appeals to Judge to give verdict against Abhi. Pragya says he is lying and tells that her husband is not guilty. The judge says you are saying truth and the lawyer is lying? He says you have just 5 mins, nobody is there from your side to defend him. He dismisses the court for 5 mins. Mitali tells that Judge’s decision might go against Abhi..

Aaliya asks where is your lawyer? Pragya says I am trying to call him. Aaliya says Mr. Singhania told that Raghuvir is not trustable. Pragya says Singhania is Tanu’s lawyer and his work is to make our case weak. She says she trusts Raghuvir ji. Aaliya says I trust you and asks where is he? Pragya says there might be some reason if he is not here. She says Tanu has gained sympathy already and tells that she will bring Raghuvir ji to the court. Aaliya asks her to bring, else they will lose the case due to Raghuvir ji. Pragya goes.

Dadi tells Sarita behen that they have proofs against Tanu and whispers in her ears. Mitali says that lawyer will come. Rhea tells Ranbir that she is feeling claustrophobic. Ranbir takes newspaper from someone and moves it up and down to give her some air, asks her to breath. Abhi thinks I am glad that Ranbir is with Rhea, and he will take care of my princess like me.

Prachi comes to Abhi and says I thought to be with you. She says Maa has promised to free you from Tanu’s trap and says until she succeeds she will not stop. Abhi says Pragya’s record is more stronger than the Judge. Prachi looks at Ranbir. Ranbir thinks family members think that we will get Chief freed, but if lawyer don’t come. He sees Tanu going out of court room.

Tanu asking Pragya whom is she searching? She says your lawyer didn’t reach the court, how will he make you win? She says you shall not hope for victory trusting someone and tells that her smile seems to be missing, and says what you was saying…that you will smile when you take your husband home, when you feel proud of court verdict, when people supporting me will regret. She says I don’t think that lawyer will come. Pragya says he will come and win the case. Tanu says you are saying this, as Saraswati Maa is on tongue…Pragya says she don’t have time to talk to her. Tanu says do you know why he didn’t come and tells that she might know the reason. Pragya asks what is she hiding? Tanu says I want to see fear of loss in your eyes. Pragya asks do you know something. Tanu

says I will show you live action and says she wanted complete attention. She makes her see on her mobile, how her goon come to Raghuvir as he is comes out of his house to reach the court. The goon then asks him about the address. Raghuvir says he is busy and has to go. Just then other goons/contract killer men come there and put cloth on his head. Pragya gets shocked and asks Tanu to stop them. Tanu says she wants to see fear in her eyes. The goons beat up Raghuvir until he faints.
Tanu tells that film will be finished. Pragya gets shocked. Tanu gets the call and says contract killer’s call. She picks the call. The contract killer says work is done and asks what to do? Pragya warns him not to do anything with him else she will not leave him. The contract killer takes the file and leaves from there.

Tanu tells that she just lied once that the video was live and says my contract killer killed your lawyer and this has happened 20 mins before, but you saw it now. She says she has done this, as he had her confession audio which he was about to play in court. She says you had told me about the confession audio. Pragya says when did I tell you? Tanu says when my car got scratched with Ranbir’s car, he was about to fight with me, but you was silent. She says she got doubtful and heard them secretly. Tanu thinks why Pragya was silent and thinks if she is acting to accept defeat. She says I followed you both and came to Raghuvir Mishra’s house. She says I then see you talking to them and heard everything. She says she got shocked. Fb ends. Tanu says she came to know about the Doctor’s certificate too and then thought why to get scared, she says I can’t accept defeat from you and that’s why I called Krish and gave him contract to kill your lawyer. She tells that you have lost the case. Pragya says she has actual recording in her phone. Tanu says I had forgotten this, and asks if she will fight the case as lawyer. She says when I was fighting with Aaliya and you came and asked her not to talk to me. She says when you was going through the corridor. A fb is shown, a lady collides with Pragya and her stuff falls down. Pragya keeps her mobile on the table to pick the lady’s stuff, when the lady’s husband comes there and deletes the video from Pragya’s mobile. Tanu gives them money. Fb ends. Tanu says now there is just my victory and your defeat. Pragya stands shocked as Tanu walks away. Tanu comes back to court and thinks she can’t defeat her. She then comes to Abhi and tells him that Pragya had her confession audio, but she got it deleted. She says I have killed your lawyer and proved that she is smarter than Pragya. She asks him not to give her angry look and says he looks hot in anger. Judge returns back and asks if defense lawyer reached the court. Mr. Singhania says not yet

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