Mismatched starlife update Thursday 28 October 2021

Mismatched 28 October 2021: Anokhi is dreaming. She wakes up and sees a speeding train from her window. Her mum comes to check a dress’ measurements. They have a talk. Anokhi says I have to go for the inter youth festival debate competition. Her mum says your dad won’t like it. She gets afraid.

Anokhi says my teacher trusts that I will win this competition, it will help me in getting admission in a big college. Her mum asks what about your dad’s anger. Anokhi’s dad is seen. He is a TT, working at the train station. He slaps the guy and drags the girl out of the train. He scolds the girl as well. The girl’s dad comes. Anokhi’s dad Bhalla asks him to think whose mistake is it, its Pinky’s mistake. He asks him to get Pinky married to a nice guy and end the matter. Bhalla calls out and says Laali, come and meet me soon, I have to find a nice guy for Anokhi.

Shaurya Saberwal is seen. He comes for his engagement. He takes blessings of his elders. Shaurya meets his dad. They get together for the family pic. Devi asks Gayatri to notice her bahu, who should manage her dignity. She says you are a Bahu, don’t look at our daughter. She thanks Shaan for saluting her hardwork. She says I got all the happiness in raising Shaurya. Anokhi is on the way. She collides with someone and falls down the cycle. Bhalla comes home. His wife says you didn’t say you are coming so soon. He asks her to get water. Biji asks did you come. He says yes. Laali comes. Bhalla asks his wife to cover her head and come. Laali shows the alliances for Anokhi.

Anokhi is with the college group. She studies on the way. Her teacher asks her to give some rest to her mind. Anokhi claps while the girls sing. The girls joke on her. Bhalla says get some urgent alliance for Anokhi. He asks his wife to get Anokhi’s pic. She says we had taken her pic in childhood, shall I get it. Laali says its fine, I will get a photographer for her, can you give the dowry. Bhalla says we will manage, when a person gets punished for births, then he becomes a girl’s dad. His wife gets sad.

Shaurya’s would be fiancee Shagun is awaited. Anokhi comes to the college. Teacher asks her to bring the change and not be shy. Shagun’s parents come. Devi welcomes them and asks where is Shagun. Shaurya gets Shagun’s message. He goes out to meet her. Anokhi is in the debate competition. Shaurya compliments Shagun. He asks what’s the matter, you have called me here, did you change your mind, you are breaking the engagement with me. Shagun says no Shaurya. He says its sense of humour, tell me. She says you scared me, you know everyone is happy with our relations.

He asks what’s so imp, guests are coming. She says I got admission in Cambridge for my Ph.D. He asks London? That’s fantastic, I m so proud of you, but why didn’t you tell me about it. She says I didn’t tell anyone, I was surprised on getting an email, thank God you are happy, I can accept the scholarship now. He says it means you will go there for studies. She says yes.

Anokhi goes for the debate. She tells about the women rights. The guys try to bully her. Anokhi shouts, I m still speaking and shuts them up. She continues. She tells that daughters aren’t saved or taught, the parents take loan for sons’ education and daughters’ marriage, men take all the decisions even today. Shaurya says I want a housewife, I had told you about it, we took the decision together. Shagun says I m not refusing, I decided to spend my life with you, I didn’t know Cambridge will accept me. He says you didn’t even ask me about it, how much do you trust me.

She says I didn’t know I will get admission, I will come back in 2 years, I promise, I love you. He says I know how this goes, you will get Ph.D, I won’t stop you, choose one, marriage or London. She gets shocked. Anokhi asks why don’t we have gender equality when we can just talk about it. Shagun says we can get married after two years.

Shaurya says you think you can manage both the things, I don’t want a chance, when my son calls his mum, I don’t want him to hear that she isn’t there, my mum was absent in my face, her career was more imp for her. She says I won’t let it happen with our son. He says its a full time job to become bahu of my family, you decide it right now, me or Cambridge. Anokhi says a man can never be behind the success of a woman, always a woman is obedient, rules aren’t meant for a man. Shagun asks do you want to break the engagement. Shaurya says yes, you were becoming my wife, you didn’t had to do anything. Anokhi says a girl shouldn’t need permission from a man to do anything, you can’t stop a woman from success, I m unique, I m myself and can dream to be unique, why can’t I dream. A guy claps for her. Everyone claps for Anokhi. Anokhi smiles.

teacher saying this trophy will be yours tomorrow, you are very talented. Anokhi says I hope so, you are the reason behind it. Teacher says girls give up soon due to family pressure, when I see you, I feel you will go far. The friends praise Anokhi. The girl says I can’t imagine your dad’s reaction on this speech. Anokhi gets sad. Teacher says all the dreams get ruined in the marriage mandap. Anokhi says yes, but I won’t let this happen with me, marriage isn’t my destination, you are my inspiration, I want to become like you.

Teacher says I have sacrificed my desires, why to become like someone, you are Anokhi, be unique. Anokhi goes. Teacher gets a message from someone. Shaan says Shagun is an intelligent girl, we should be proud of Shagun, we are stopping her when we run the best institute of arts and commerce, please rethink about it, Shaurya. Shaurya says no, Shagun cheated me, I was clear to Shagun when I proposed her, I wanted a home maker, any ways, I didn’t want her to become like my mum.

Shaan says Shaurya is stubborn like his mum. He asks Badimaa why didn’t she explain Shaurya. She says I accepted Shagun on finding her qualified, she didn’t say that she will keep a condition like this, its Shaurya’s choice, you are blaming me, that’s unfair. Shaan says sorry. Tej says you should be worry, if Devi didn’t come in Shaurya’s room, then he would have not taken the right decision, Devi made a big sacrifice, we are childless for raising your son, your wife chose career and left, you just have some drinks and pass time, what else did you do. He scolds Shaan.

He says women should manage home, you act like a dad, you don’t do any work. Shaan sit drinking. He sees Noor/Anokhi’s teacher’s profile. He says I couldn’t tell you anything and Shaurya. Bhabhi says Shagun didn’t say anything wrong, I didn’t expect this from Shaurya, he is educated and thinks so. Chachi says there is a back story, Shaurya’s childhood…. leave it, I will tell you later. Rama waits for Anokhi. Anokhi comes home. She says sorry, I got late, there was debate competition at home. Bhalla gets Laali’s call.

Anokhi says I will come first in debate. Biji says Anokhi’s Saas will handle her now. Anokhi asks why is Laali coming, I have to go to college, I have promised Aastha madam. Bhalla says I will get you married on finding a nice guy. Anokhi argues with him. Shanty comes and complains about Anokhi. He says she has hacked the wifi, its a theft. Bhalla asks what, your mum has made you rigid and also a thief. Anokhi says I had to use wifi for my college work. Rama stops Anokhi from arguing and slaps her. She says I just have to get insulted because of your doings. She takes Anokhi to the room. She gets food and asks her to eat it. Anokhi asks why did you slap me, you know the debate topic, gender equality. Rama says society will always be the same. Anokhi asks why didn’t you leave dad. Rama asks where would I go, who would support me, how would I support my children, did you think of that.

Anokhi says if dad compels me to marry, then I will fly away. She hugs Rama. She says if I come back, then it will be just to take you along. They cry. Anokhi asks her to feed the food. Rama feeds her the food. Bhalla comes and says you slapped her and now you are showing her love, you are dual faced, I will decide Anokhi’s flight, the NRI guy is coming to see Anokhi. He asks Anokhi to stay at home tomorrow, the guy is nice, meet him.

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