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Monday update on Mehek 1st July 2019

Shaurya holds her hand tightly, Mahek whispers I am not saving you but my family, they should not get to know truth.

She moves away from him and beats him with stick, Shaurya holds his stick and smiles at her. Ravi asks Mahek to stop it, Mahek says I wont spare him. Shaurya says I wanted to go to jail peacefully but you dont want that too? Mahek says you are typical husband, you said I can do anything after wedding but now you want me to stop working at food truck? Shaurya says your family can handle food truck, you can handle white chilies, Mahek beats him. Kanta says what is this madness? this is childish, enough, Karona says lets leave. Sharma family starts leaving, Mahek glares at Shaurya, Shaurya is unable to look in her eyes, they both silently leave.

Kanta says Mahek was childish, Karona says it was not her mistake. Kanta says she came home late at night alone? it was her first mistake, I was so worried, if there was really problem between you two then I would have died, Mahek stops her and shakes her head. Sharma family leaves. Mahek leaves with Karona and Shaurya.

Rajesh says to Shaurya that dont do this kind of act again. Shaurya says I would have taken this step 12 years if I knew truth, your so called image wouldnt here today. Karona says what will you get by going to jail? Shaurya says to get punished for my mistakes, to give peace to Mahek’s heart, to repent my mistakes. Mahek comes there and says you wont decide everything, you married me even after knowing truth but you wanted it, now you want to bring truth out because you want punishment? you dont think about my family now? Mahek says to Karona and Shaurya that I am sorry for whatever happened, it was never my intention to dishonor family’s name but now I cant live under one roof with Shaurya.

Mahek says to Khanna family that I will not be able to live with Shaurya. Karona says it was an accident, shaurya didnt even know that your parents died in that accident,we hid that truth from him. Mahek says he didnt get punished for it but I became orphan, I lost my parents and then you hid truth and made me daughter in law of this house? Mahek turns to leave but Shaurya holds her hand, he says you are right, we did mistakes and its all my fault so you wont go anywhere, I will go, Mahek emotionally looks at him, Shaurya looks away from him, he feels guilty, he holds Mahek’s shoulders and says we will live like you want, if you want to live a fake marriage then we will live it but you are daughter in law of this, you wont leave this house. Shaurya silently leaves, Khamoshiyan plays.

Shaurya is packing bags in his room, Mahek comes there but is unable to look at him, they steal glances at each other when other is not looking, both are in misery. Shaurya brings his clothes and starts packing, Judai plays, Mahek silently weeps seeing him pack. Shaurya looks at their photo on bedside table, he takes it, Shaurya looks at Mahek but she looks away. Shaurya starts leaving, Mahek sobs, Mahek’s dupatta get stuck in Shaurya’s luggage bag, Shaurya turns to look at Mahek, they both sadly look each other, both bend down to pull dupatta away and their faces come closer, Mahek moves away, Shaurya removes her dupatta, he hugs their picture and leaves from there.

Mahek breakdowns seeing him leave, she falls to her knees and looks at their wedding photo.

Rajesh is drinking wine. Karona comes there and is tensed. Rajesh says your son wanted to be hero and left this house and named whole property to Mahek who has become our enemy? Karona says its good that Shaurya is not like you, he doesnt care about business and money only like you, you never understood my tears, she leaves.

Shaurya is in white chilies, its raining, Shaurya stands under shade. Karona calls him and asks if he has fever? Shaurya says I am fine, I will take medicine, dont let anyone that I am here, people will irritate Mahek, Karona says you are worried about Mahek but not yourself? I am coming to you, shaurya says no promise to not come here, he ends call. Mahek is standing behind Karona and has heard call conversation and looks on.


Shaurya comes to white chilies, he is ill, he coughs and gets up to drink water but water bottle is empty. He turns and sees Mahek standing there with water and medicine, he is stunned and asks what she is doing here? Mahek gives him water, he takes it and drinks.

Mahek goes to kitchen. Shaurya pinches himself to see if he is dreaming but smiles seeing Mahek still there. Shaurya lies down on floor. Mahek is cooking in kitchen. Shaurya gets up and sees window open. He tries to stand up to close it but is weak, Mahek sees it, she goes and tries to close window but heavy winds blowing against it doesnt allow her.

Shaurya smiles at her, he comes behind her, her dupatta falls on his face, Mahek sees him behind her, she moves away but Shaurya pulls her closer. Shaurya caresses Mahek’s hair, he turns her around and hugs her from behind, he caresses her face and arms and hugs her waist, Mahek slightly smiles and unconsciously leans in his arms more, Saiyyan plays, Shaurya closes window, lights switch off, it becomes dark in hotel.

Dolly comes to Karona and asks if she is not sleepy? Karona says I was going, Dolly says I was going to Mahek to ask her to make milk, Karona gets tensed and says dont wake them up, they came late from Mahek’s house, I will bring milk for you, Dolly says okay and leaves.

In white chilies, Mahek lights candles. She sees Shaurya coughing and having headache. Mahek comes to Shaurya and gives him kada, she asks him to drink it for his flu and cough, Shaurya holds her hand to take glass, Mahek shivers and glass falls from her hands, Shaurya bends to pick it but Mahek says you sit, I will clean it, Shaurya thanks her. Mahek picks broken glass pieces and throws it away. Mahek goes to kitchen.

Mahek and Shaurya are in white chilies. Mahek is trying to take container from shelf in kitchen but her hand doesnt reach there, Shaurya comes behind her, he takes container. Mahek turns around and sees shaurya lovingly looking at her, Shaurya offers the container, she hesitantly takes it, shaurya starts moving towards her, Mahek moves back, her back strikes with kitchen slab, Mahek looks away from Shaurya, tere sang yara plays. Shaurya turns to leave but coughs and loses balance, he is about to fall but Mahek rushes to him and grabs his face, she looks at him with concern, Mahek becomes conscious and moves away.

Mahek asks Shaurya to go and rest. Shaurya goes and sits outside kitchen, he keep looking at Mahek. Mahek brings kada again and says dont spill it again, drink it, Shaurya take it, Mahek says drink! shaurya looks at her with pleading eyes, he drinks one sip and says its very bitter, I cant drink it. Mahek takes glass from him, she forcefully makes him drink and says this is medicine not your restaurant’s dish, she smiles at him but it fades away, she looks at him and wipes his mouth with her dupatta, she recalls Munjal’s words that he killed her parents, she turns to leave, Shaurya holds her hand and says what can I do to make you forgive me? I cant live like this, what do you want? why did you come here?

Mahek tries to leave but Shaurya pulls her closer and says I am a bad guy, you dont want to see my face? I only do mistakes right? then why did you come? why did it matter that if I didnt comeback home? if I died? how does it matter? Mahek says I am not like you, if anything happens to you because of me then I wont be able to forgive myself, I cant let you die too, she moves away from him and says I am going home, till tomorrow you will be fine, goodnight. She turns to leave but Shaurya gets dizzy and falls down.

Mahek turns and is shocked to see him lying on floor, she rushes to him and says your fever has increased, she takes off his shoes, covers him with sheet, Shaurya looks at her with dizzy eyes, Mahek brings water, she wets her dupatta corner and puts at his head, she says you will be fine just listen to me, Mahek rubs Shaurya’s hands and checks his fever, Mahek makes remedy for him, she opens her shirt’s buttons and applies remedy on his chest, Tai hai plays. Mahek keep tending him whole night, Mahek applies cream on his chest and tries to move away but Shaurya’s holds her hand and says now you will never be able to love me ever, Mahek says take rest, Shaurya says forgive me, I love you, he falls asleep while Mahek cries.

In morning, Shaurya is sleeping on floor while Mahek is lying her head on his chest and sleeping in his arms. Shaurya wakes up and sees Mahek in his arms, he smiles and kisses her hand, Mahek becomes more comfortable in his arms, Shaurya kisses her forehead, he keep looking at her sleeping face and caresses her face, muhj mein raha sada plays. Mahek wakes up and sees Shaurya close, she says what are you doing? She pushes him away and runs out.

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Kanta is working at food truck, she sees Mahek running away from Shaurya and crying. She says why are they running? Jeevan and Ravi comes there. Jeevan asks Kanta if there is any problem? Kanta says nothing, Mahek will be coming with her husband today then we should be in house, they agree and leaves.

Mahek comes to house and thinks this wouldnt have happened, it was wrong. Shaurya comes there and says listen to me, Mahek says even if I try to forgive you, you do something so bad that i cant even see your face. Karona brings phone there, she gives it to Mahek and says its Kanta. Kanta asks Mahek to come home with Shaurya for pag phera ritual, Mahek says okay we will come, she gives phone to Karona, Karona leaves.

At sharma house, all are decorating, Ravi is dancing. Mansi says Kanta doesnt even give time for decorations, she asks Ravi to dance when Shaurya and Mahek comes here, Ravi says you dance with me too. Jeevan asks Mohit if he knows where is pant’s elastic? Mohit says no, Jeevan searches for Kanta.

Mahek says to Shaurya that tomorrow is our pag phera(first time bride and groom going bride’s house after wedding) and I told Kanta that we are coming but if you dont want to go then I will tell them some lie. Shaurya says I will go with you, Mahek says that doesnt mean that I have forgiven you, we are living a lie because of only my family’s happiness, Shaurya says I know you think like that but I will change your thinking because nothing is bigger truth to me than our love, Mahek takes off her hand from Shaurya’s, Shaurya leaves. Mahek weeps.

Balwant and PD are crying seeing Mahek’s parents photo, Ravi comes there and asks why they are crying? Balwant says today is Sushel’s that is Mahek’s father, its his birthday today and today is Mahek’s pag phera too, they havent left us, they are with us, we cant see them but they give us blessing thats why Mahek has got such nice inlaws and is so happy.

Mahek comes in lounge after getting ready. Karona asks her to comeback home with shaurya, Mahek says if I do anything like that then my family will be hurt so I wont do it.

Karona says forgive Shaurya, she folds her hands and says forgive us, we did mistake, Mahek says dont apologize, only bless me, Karona says I always repent that day, if I didnt allow shaurya that day to take care with grandma then this wouldnt have happened. Mahek says I am more hurt with fact that you people used money and closed this case, everything is fine in your world but my world got destroyed, how can I forget and forgive that? Mohit comes there and asks Mahek to come with him, Mahek touches Karona’s feet and leaves with Shaurya waiting outside for her.

Shaurya and Mahek comes to Sharma house, there is music playing there to welcome them. Nehal takes selfie with them. Kanta says its time for aarti, Mahek silently glares at Shaurya, Kanta notices it, Kanta does their aarti, she makes them eat sweets. Family takes pictures with couple, Kanta says lets go inside house.

All are eating refreshment in Sharma house. Mahek and Shaurya sit awkwardly with each other, Kanta keep watching them. Kanta says I have talked to Karona, you both will stay the night here, Mahek says no we will leave after dinner, Kanta says why you dont want to stay? Mahek triesto protest but Shaurya holds her hand and says we will stay here and have fun, Mahek says okay we will stay. Nehal says we have done many arrangement to spend night, lets go.

Sharma family sits down to play truth or dare. Nehal spins the bottle, it stops on Ravi. Ravi says very good, what I have to do? Mohit says I will give you dare, Nehal says you have to kiss Mansi infront of everyone, Ravi says I will fulfill this wish, Mansi get ready for the kiss of millinium, he leans in and gives a peck on her cheek, she blushes. Nehal spins bottle and stops on Jeevan, PD asks him to sing for Kanta, Jeevan says I dont even sing in washroom, I cant, PD says just sing. Jeevan sings yeh reshmi zulfein, all clap for him. Nehal spins bottle again. Shaurya and Mahek shares tense glances.

Bottle stops at Shaurya, Sonal says we should make Shaurya dance, Nehal says no we should ask weird question to him. Kanta asks Shaurya if he can answer her question? Shaurya says yes, Kanta says what do you think of Mahek? tell me truly, Mahek says why you are asking it? Kanta says its easy question. Shaurya says its not big deal that I love Mahek because anyone can love Mahek, she can even love people who have hurt her, Mahek is my love because Mahek herself is love, all clap for him. Kanta says Shaurya should be winner as he answered so well.

Mahek looks away from Shaurya and looks down. Nehal spins bottle and it stops on Mahek, Nehal says its Mahek’s dare to have romantic dance with Shaurya. Jeevan asks couple to get up. Shaurya gets up and offers his hand to Mahek, Mahek gives fake smileand relutantly takes his hand, Shaurya helps her to get up.

Mohit plays main phir bhi tumko chahunga. Shaurya puts hand around Mahek’s waist and caresses her face, he pulls her closer and slowly starts swaying with her, he laces his fingers with Mahek’s fingers and smiles at her lovingly, Mahek looks in his eyes and is lost in them, shaurya caresses her face, Mahek close her eyes feeling his fingers, Shaurya leans in and touches their forehead together, he pulls her closer, Mahek puts hand on his cheek and lovingly dances with him, everyone claps for them. Mahek gets conscious, she moves away and says I will bring something to eat.

At night, Kanta comes to her room and is tensed. Jeevan asks if everyone slept? she says I was worried, Jeevan asks why? Kanta says I felt Shaurya and Mahek little off, when I saw leaving white chilies, I had doubts but I saw them together so its fine. Jeevan says love and fights happen in new marriages, you used to fight with me so much, Kanta glares at him, Jeevan goes to sleep. Kanta is still worried.

In Mahek’s room, Mahek says to Shaurya that you sleep on bed, I will sleep on floor, Shaurya says bed is yours so you sleep there, I will sleep on floor, Mahek nods. Mahek starts to go to bed but she feels someone standing outside door, she thinks seems like someone is trying to hear our talk. Mahek comes to Shaurya and hugs him from behind, she says baby please, Shaurya freezes. Mahek says I wont comeback home soon, she kisses Shaurya’s cheek and whispers that someone is outside door, she gives him a peck and asks if she can call? Shaurya says yes sweetheart, I have put bed on floor for Mohit and Nehal, call them we will enjoy whole night. Mahek opens door and finds Kanta and Jeevan outside, Mahek says I was going to call everyone, come inside.

Mahek calls whole family in her room, all are laughing and talking, Mahek and Shaurya sadly eyelock. Mahek lies her head on Kanta’s lap and thinks till when I will hide this truth from these people? Shaurya lies his head on Jeevan’s lap and sleeps, Kanta says Mahek is lucky to get Shaurya, Jeevan says Shaurya is lucky too, Mahek silently weeps hearing it.

Shaurya’s letter which he had written for Mahek falls from his pocket, he doesnt see and leaves. Kanta comes there and sees letter on floor, she takes it. She reads it and is shocked to read that Shaurya killed Mahek’s parents.

Shaurya and Mahek are sharma house, PD jokes to Mahek that give me grand babies soon. Jeevan says we are lucky to get Shaurya as our son in law. Kanta comes there and says you are right, this is fate that we got him as son in law, we used to think he is evil man but he won our trust and took our diamond. Shaurya sees letter in her hand and recalls how he wrote it for Mahek. He recalls that he wrote “Mahek I want to tell you something, I know this is very important thing and I should have told you before wedding but I couldnt have guts, 12 years back, I did mistake and had an accident.”

Mahek asks Shaurya what is in Kanta’s hand? Shaurya says letter, I wrote it for you but you got to know truth before I could give it to you, I left it in my pocket mistakenly, Mahek tries to talk to Kanta. Kanta comes to Shaurya and slaps him hard. Jeevan asks what are you doing? Kanta says Shaurya tell them or should I tell them that you are a murderer? and roaming out of jail because of money? Kanta says he is killer of Meera and Sushel, all are shocked, Mahek gets tensed, Kanta says his father gave so much money to police that they hid his car and we never got to know who hit them with car, if he didnt write this letter then we would have never known truth, Mahek breakdowns, Kanta says to Shaurya that you are so cheap, you married Mahek after knowing truth?

You married her to be safe? Mansi says you married her just so you cant go to jail? Jeevan says my brother died because of you? Ravi says I kept feeling guilty that I couldnt stop that car which killed my brother and sister in law and ranaway and you kept living calmly after killing them? Shaurya says uncle.. Ravi says dont call me uncle. Jeevan says you kept running behind Mahek and married her so that you dont go to jail? get lost from here, they are about to throw him out but Mahek stops them, Jeevan says he killed your parents, Mahek says yes I know, who killed my parents, who is the reason that I am orphan, I know everything.

Balwant suddenly feels pain, he clutches his heart and falls down, all rushes to him, Shaurya tries to go to him but Mahek stops him and says go, please leave.. Mahek rushes to Balwant, Shaurya brokenly looks at her and starts leaving, Mahek is dejected seeing him leave. Shaurya comes out of house and sees baord on which he had dedicated street to Mahek’s mother, he folds his hand and says maybe nobody can forgive me but please forgive me, I never cheated Mahek or her family, please forgive me, Maula song plays.

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