Meet in love update Thursday 16 June 2022


Meet in love 16 June 2022: Everyone in function. Isha ask Ragini where is brother. Meet and Meet Ahlawat walks in. Raj says to Meet this is your first diwali with us, lets me tell you our Guruji gave us gold sculpture of godess we usually keet it in locker but during Diwali we bring it out for pooja, we have been blessed a lot because of this sculpture that’s why we have a lot of faith in it and ask Meet Ahlawat to bring sculpture from pooja room and keept ut where we will do diwali pooja. Meet Ahlawat says everytime you do this then how I. Raj says you are married now and you both will sit as couple in pooja and slowly I’ll give you all responsibility as I’m getting old and I have faith that you will show same devotion as me and Babita.

Kunal in front of mirror says atleast I got the gold idol of Ahlawat’s family but now it will go with me.Raj says this diwali is special for us because you are our member now and we will introduce you to everyone. Babita says there are many renowned people of city she don’t have decency to meet them, how will she gel she is not like others you know what I’m saying. Raj says yes you are right she is not like others, when you see in sky you can see many stars but moon is always alone and as daughter in law is like moon, unique and she will win everyone’s heart.Ragini helping Meet to get dress, says this looks beautiful but it might be heavy for you let me bring something else. Meet says its uncomfortable but I won’t change, auntyji was already in problem because if and if she feel happy if I get dressed then I’m ready for this exam, do what else is left.

Ragini does Meet makeup. Meet Ahlawat walks by get stunned afetr looking at her, he drops his phone but Meet catches and flower petals shower at them. Meet asks what are you looking at tell me true am I looking good. Meet Ahlawat take herh hand and give her spin. Everyone start entering party. Meet Friend asks if you all are here then weher is Meet. Isha says Meet bhabhi was here come lets see her. Masum catches Meet and says where are you going your place is not in party come with me and stand here in corner. Meet says Raj told me to be at gate to welcome everyone. Masum says you will not move feom here and if someone come just smile. Meet says sorry I cannot obey, elders told me to. Masum says what you think that I’m saying by my own, mom give clear instructions see what mom is saying.

Babita nods her head. Masum says now don’t try be smart understood. Meet says yes I’ll not move until aunty say something.Babita friend come and wish her and ask where is my handsome boy Meet Ahlawat I want to see har and by the way where is her wife I want to meet tje. Babita looks at her jewelry says I love these pearls where sid you buy from. Her friend confused says when I was in Japan and thinks she changed the topic what is she trying to hide.Sunaina and Isha takes a boll and give to guest says you know the party rule whoever gets this shimri ball have to dance. Guest couple doing dance.Meet looks at chandelier see its going to hit Babita and her friend, she rushes to save them and catches rope of chandelier.

Babita ask Meet are you fine. Her friend ask who is she. Her friend ask are you alright thanks and ask Babita who is she. Raj says she is my daughter in law my son’s wife Meet. She thinks that’s why she was hiding her from me, she greets her. Ragini says she is Babita’s oldest friend Deedee and she is our daughter in law, Deedee says Ragini let her tell me about herself, Masum says wait, you won’t understand her typical accent, she hasn’t been in people like us and sorry on behalf, Deedee says don’t bother, talk to me Meet.Meet says my name is Meet Hooda and a policeman daughter and he always taught me never to think less about yourself and why feel ashamed of your regional touch, Deedee says very correct, Abhay walk to Meet and says very true and someone who can’t respect your mother land is good for nothing, Abhay says you are a star Meet and we are proud of you.

Rani meets Meet and says let’s go, Prachi and Ranveer are going to perform. Performance begins.Meet Ahlawat and Meet get Lakshmi Mata idol, Raj asks them to keep it on pooja table.Kunal in a room says now I will exchange this fake idol with real one and steal the real one and disguise as waiter and goes to party.Meet struggles to take veil on her head, Meet Ahlawat helps her. Ragini says Meet, Kunal sees Meet and remember her hitting him and says oh god its her, and Meet Ahlawat married a daughter of driver, and he was mad in love with this don and she is very sharp I need to be careful.Meet and Meet Ahlawat perform Lakshmi Mata pooja, Meet takes Meet Ahlawat’s hanky and wipes her hand, Meet Ahlawat says didn’t you find anything else, Meet says I will clean it, now focus on aarti.
Debina performs on Laksmi Aarti.

Raja Saheb arrives in celebration, Meet Ahlawat says Prince Devraj is here, Meet Ahlawat introduce Meet to Devraj and says he is prince of Ambikapur, Meet asks where is Krisha, Devraj says she was with me, Krisha about to stumble, Devraj holds her and says nothing will happen to you till I. with you, Meet says you two are so madly in love and love should be like you two have, Meet Ahlawat says lets go in, Meet says we will meet everyday now, Krisha says yes from 9th Nov on Zee TV.
Krisha and Devraj are handed the balls, and are asked to perform.Devraj and Krisha perform.Kunal trying to steal idol, but he sees Meet Ahlawat and hides.Meet Ahlawat asks Meet to clean his hanky, Meet says I said I will clean it, Meet Ahlawat says looks like Shahbad people don’t stand by words, Abhi walks to them and says don’t mess with them, Meet says good you are here, Pragya says Meet Ahlawat I am with you don’t stand back, Meet Ahlawat says look what she did to my hanky, Abhi says haldi is healthy, Pragya and Abhi and start fighting trying to figure out them, Meet says stop it he just over reacts, Abhi says all okay then, Meet Ahlawat says okay, Pragya says you are just like us, can’t live together and not away from eachother too.

Meet Ahlawat and Meet is handed ball and asked to perform together.Meet and Meet Ahlawat perform.Chavi takes Masum aside and says do something look how they are together, Masoom says just wait and watch.Kunal trying his way towards Lakshmi Idol.Masoom says everyone listen to me, this is Meet’s first diwali and so Meet should play Teen Patti, Deedee says very correct and Babita always wins, lets see if Meet is lucky for her.Meet says to Meet Ahlawat but teen patti is poker, gambling, Meet Ahlawat says don’t worry here it’s played just like a game and no money, Meet says I can’t play, can you teach me. Masoom says come Meet lets play. Meet Ahlawat sees Meet worried and signs Isha and Suniana and they throw balls at Raj and Babita and ask them to perform.

Meet Ahlawat says first performance then game and whisper to Meet, I will teach you while they perform.Babita and Raj perform, Meet Ahlawat teaches Meet how to play. Meet says to Meet Ahlawat Thank you and I will try and will you be infront of me while I play, Papa use to be infront of me while I played cricket and it gave me hope and yoir support will give me strength too, Meet Ahlawat says okay.Babita says to Meet, promise me you won’t loose, Meet says I will try my best. Meet joins Deedee’s table. Meet starts looking around for Meet, game begins. Meet sees Meet Ahlawat and feels relieved, Pragya says to Abhi I think Meet will win, Abhi says me too, Meet wins first round, second round, Masum sees Meet Ahlawat supporting Meet and Meet wining, and asks a waiter to ask Meet Ahlawat to move his car, Meet Ahlawat says to waiter I can’t come, she requests so Meet Ahlawat goes, Meet sees Meet Ahlawat has left and gets nervous. Meet looses game.

Meet Ahlawat walks in and sees Meet lost, Meet upset walks to Babita and apologize saying I tried hard but lost. Masum says it wasn’t about winning or losing, it was good or bad sign, and you losing means the daughter in law is unlucky for the family. Meet feels bad. Meet Ahlawat walks to her, and hands her hanky and leaves. Meet in tears.Abhi says to Pragya god she is crying at such happy moment, Pragya says lets bring smile on her place. Abhi and Pragya perform. Meet gives Meet Ahlawat his hanky back cleaned, Meet Ahlawat says why is it red and now you will give me new hanky, Meet says okay.Kunal about ti exchanges idol, and keeps the gold one in his trolley and leaves.

Ragini says Meet Ahlawat don’t get angry this happens with haldi, Meet says thank god and says look at the idol it looks different and there is no haldi on it too, Meet asks Raj about any specific mark on idol, Raj says yes swastik on the hand, Meet goes check and says someone has changed the idol there is no mark on this one.Kunal packs the idol and wipes his hand and says good job Kunal and you will have a happy diwali by selling this idol, first I will pay those goons and then lavish life.Debina Gurmeet perfom.Babita in front of Ahlawat family says idol is exchanged on Diwali this is very bad, Meet Ahlawat says I am sorry Dad you gave me one responsibility and I couldn’t do it, Masum says let me call police, Raj says we can’t these are our close friends and remember no one should find about this.

Raj about to collapse, Meet Ahlawat holds him, all get worried. Meet says to Meet Ahlawat be with him, his strength I am with you.Meet thinking what she can do, this idol means a lot for this family. Meet is offered help, …..sees a hanky in yellow and says whose is this, Meet says I found an idea, close entrance and exit and keep the function going on, theif shouldn’t know we know the idol is stolen.Kunal trying to escape, Meet following him,Kalyani says to Meet all exits are closed, what is your plan, Meet says idol has haldi, and Ragini chachi told me that when you was haldi with soap it turns red, Rani says even I have studied this in chemistry, Meet says we will ask all to give hand impression as memory and then we will find the culprit.

Guddan and Akshat perform. Kalyani, Meet and Rani address guests and says we will take imprint of all.our guests and staff on this paper as memory, Chavi says me first, and goes imprint her hand, everyone goes one by one, Meet Ahlawat walks in and takes Meet aside and asks what all is this, we are in stress and what are you upto, Meet tells him the plan. Meet Ahlawat says that’s a brilliant plan, Kunal sees his hand has haldi.Rani says to Staff you are this parties real hero go and pushes Kunal ahead. Kunal purposely pushes another waiter and hurts his hand with glass, Rani says oh God you come with me.


Rani helping Kunal clean his wound. Kunal hides his haldi hand, Rani says you wait here I will get you juice. Kunal thinks of how he heard Meet Ahlawat talk about their plan. Kunal drinks juice from his haldi hand, Meet says yes drink the juice and then tell us where the idol is and I wanted to catch you red handed and so cmon speak up and look the soda on glass recated too. Rani walks in and says good plan, Kunal tries to escape by throwing colors on them, Meet Ahlawat rushes to them, Meet says search for thief separately.Kunal about to leave, Meet follows him to a roam, Kunal puts on switch and wires on floor activate current, Kunal says don’t step ahead this can kill you, Meet says I will die but not let the idol go away, Kunal throws glass and it breaks and Meet steps on it and hurts her leg.

Meet throws marbles, Kunal slips and idol slips of his hand, Meet jumps to catch it, Meet Ahlawat puts off the current and saves Meet from getting shock. Kunal escapes, Meet Ahlawat helps Meet get up and says he ran away, Meet says but we have the idol and our reputation back. Meet Ahlawat asks are you fine, Meet says yes and both get the idol back and Meet footsteps gey imprinted on floor because of her iniured feet.Babita says thank god, Raj says our daughter in law got our reputation back and look with her lucky feet, Deedee says Masum Meet is not unlucky but a lucky charm and Babita I am so proud of you, you have big heart, Meet Ahlawat says it was my responsibility to take care of idol but Meet actually took care of it and thank god and Meet.

Rani says now this performance is for our Meet and performs, followed by performance by Meet Ahlawat, accompanied by Ahlawat family.Meet in her room listing song. Meet Ahlawat wakes up says who is playing loud music, goes to Meet and says what are you doing. Meet says you wake up finally. Meet Ahlawat says its a bad morning and what wierd song you are listing. Meet says your alarm rang two three times you were not waking up and se now you are wokeup and iwas repairing your speaker was not working properly now its all fine. Servent enter room and says to Meet Raj has send this for you please wear it. Meet says to Meet Ahlawat see how important I have become in this house are you jelous of me. Meet Ahlawat says dad care for everyone but why am i talking to you. Meet says I don’t know. Meet Ahlawat says I’m getting late for office need to get ready. Meet rushes to bathroom. Meet Ahlawat shouts it’s my room, no worries I’ll go to another bathroom.


Raj takes everyone out and says to Meet here is your surprise open curtain and you’ll see. Meet sees her dad’s bike and remember what she told about bike. Masum says so happy after getting old bike. Raj says this bike still beat heart, have fingerprint prints of someone on handle, some memories with this seat, this is not normal bike its his father’s bike, like same way Meet Ahlawat uses my car she also have emotional attachment with this bike and every bike is fail infront of this bike. Meet says this is the best gift of my life come lets go for a ride. Raj says I have been on ride with you, you should take your mother in law for a ride. Babita looks at Raj. Raj says bad idea and says I eman to say take her whenever she want. Ragini says today we got an invaluable guest in our her so we need to do pooja of it and ask Meet to do it and ask Sunaina to bring plate.

Meet says to Ragini I’ll do pooja but I don’t know how to do it. Ragini says no worries I’ll tell you just follow steps and ask Meet Ahlawat to shoot a video of this special moment. Ragini tells her what to do. Meet Ahlawat shoot video and he gets a message on his phone.Kunal takes out luggage from car. Manushi asks why are we here my parents will not allow us they are angry let’s go to your house come lets go. Kunal says no my parents are more angry then your first we will meet your parents. Security guard come. Kunal says your servant have good manners they come to us to pick our luggage and ask guard take this inside we will come. Security guard pick up luggage and throws it out. Kunal shouts at him says how dare you throw our luggage can’t you see I’m with house owner you cannot insult us.

Manushi says come lets go I’ll tell you later. Kunal says wait I’ll talk to him. Security guard push. Kunal says how dare you push me she is your owners daughter, give her respect. Security guard says what owner I’m here for years and know everyone in this house and I never saw her. Kunal says what are you talking. Manushi saus come Kunal lets go from here. Security guard ask them to shift.Ragini calls Meet Ahlawat to break coconut. Meet Ahlawat busy in his phone and Meet breaks the coconut everyone looks at Meet. Meet says I use to break coconut same way in my house, my mom use to say if ut breaks into half then it means good omen. Babita says not good its bad omen don’t you know girls do not break coconut.

Meet says chachiji said to break coconut so I did and coconut dosent know who break it girl or boy. Babita says to Ragini what is this girl. Ragini said I told Meet Ahlawat. Meet says sorry it was a confusion. Babita says what sorry this taks was to be done by my son and you took that from him, first you took all the happiness from him, her right to choose life partner. Raj says why are you serious it was just a confusion, she did it by mistake. Babita says to Raj so because of confusion she will not follow ritual properly, it is wrong and you know it so please don’t try to defend her, we need to find a cure for this, we have to change her name. Meet in shock thinks my father gave me this name how can I give it away Its his last sign.

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