Meet in love update Wednesday 15 June 2022


Meet in love 15 June 2022: Kunal and Manushi in fair. Manushi says this fair is for karwa chauth and when people are on fast then these food stalls are here. Kunal says whoever come with there wife will eat and for those husband who don’t want to keep there wife hungry so tell me what would you like yo have. Manushi says no I have kept this fast for my husband and I’ll break yhis fast only when my husband will give ke a big gift, will you give me Kunal. Kunal says ofcourse.Babita come with her friend, Masum and Meet. Babita’s friend says every year you can get this fair and married women come here and when they come first this paranda is given yo them to wear it, see how many different and beautiful kind of paranda are here, wear it whichever you like the most.

Babita takes one, Chavi ask for Pink one. Meet also looking for paranda. Babita’s friend says to Babita I’m sorry but your daughter in law needs a wig befor wearing a paranda. Meet says how will I handle paranda and wig both, if you have a cap fitted with paranda tell me I’ll wear that. Other friend says you must be caught up everyday because your daughter in law have a great sense if humour. Babita says you all go and have fun. Meet says fair has great game to play can I go and play. Babita says seriously, okay go.

Kunal abd Manushi, getting mehndi on Manushi’s hand, Meet near by. Meet decides to buy mehndi for Ragini, the staff saya our face, Meet says no but let me check whose it is. Manushi remember she forgot her bag and goes to get it. Meet about to check inside the bag, she gets call from Sunaina to come fast, Meet hands vendor the bag says do return it honestly to the owner and leaves. Meet leaves, Manushi goes to Vendor and gets her bag and leaves.Meet sees a sad kid and asks whats wrong, he says teddy and his hand is injured so can’t target the teddy its for his sister, Meet says let me help you and aims at the teddy, he gets very happy on winning teddy.

Babita sees Kunal, Babita asks what is he doing here, and where he is these days and why in fare, Kunal says I wanted to meet a friend and so I am here, and I need to wait for him, Babita says okay stay here I will get others. Kunal says okay. Babita leaves, Manushi asks why you look worried, Kunal says I don’t feel good here lets go home please, I may faint, and also you are fasting and there is food is everywhere, Manushi says okay fine and both leave. Babita arrives with everyone and sees Kunal isn’t here, Kunal messages he had to leave in urgency and will meet soon. Mest thinks this Kunal name is too much these days and always brings problem.

Sunaina gets excited for ring game, Babita says what in that game you can’t buy, Meet says happiness of winning, Esha says please let us go, and takes Babita too along with them. Esha asks Meet to get her a toy, two boys miss behave with Esha and Chavi, Meet says to Babita let me handle, Babita says no wait and scolds boys, they insult her too, Babita says I will viral your video, they push Babita, Meet holds her and says now I cant wait, and says I should gift you bangles and starts hitting them. Boys call their uncle for help, uncle says don’t worry I will handle this girl, he about to slap Meet, Meet Ahlawat steps in and hits uncle.Uncle asks who is she you fighting for, Meet Ahlawat says my wife. Meet smiles at Meet Ahlawat.

Anubha visits Ahlawat, Meet hugs seeing her, Meet asks how is she, Anubha says very well, Anubha greets everyone, Babita asks why did you get these gifts, thinking your daughter must be doing pooja, no she is an unsophisticated, Anubha asks what did you do, Meet says just treated some goons. Babita says who are you police, Meet says Police man’s daughter, Babita says I beg you, teach her some etiquettes, Anubha says she always wanted to be police officer, Babita says that needs credibility and good thinking but she doesn’t have, and Meet listen you can handle people when you are in uniform and all this will not do till you are here

Anubha says Meet, Babita is right, you are a daughter in law and need to take care of their reputation, Meet says that is what I was doing, I was saving Esha and Chavi, Ragini says I apologise on behalf of Babita, she is angry, Anubha says don’t please, Ragini says you have a very good, talented daughter and just because of circumstances its taking time to accept her. Anubha says to Meet take care of yourself and everyone.Masoom seed Meet Ahlawat and starts crying and says this Meet missbehaved with me and kept cookies under my bed, to prove me wrong and Hoshiyar handled this situation but she will break my family. Meet Ahlawat says don’t worry I will look into it.

Masoom leaves and Ragini walks to Meet Ahlawat says Meet is injured, and she is fasting too, you give her first aid she will feel good, He says okay and leaves.Meet Ahlawat scolds Meet for her behaviour, and think about his family reputation, Meet trying to explain but Meet Ahlawat keeps yelling at her, Meet says they misbehaved with Esha and Chavi and insulted Babita aunty. Meet Ahlawat says sit, and applies oinment on her wound, Meet says I will managez Meet Ahlawat cleans her wound, Meet says I agree you didn’t like it but I couldn’t see anyone insulting family and why did you save me, Meet Ahlawat says I feel like closing your mouth with this tape, Meet says why did you call me your wife infront of everyone, Meet Ahlawat says let me remind you, this is forced on us, I don’t consider you wife but in society I have to accept you, and why ask me even you fasting for society and don’t think I will break your fast, I will never do that and leaves.

Meet feels bad and closes her mouth with tape and starts crying.Everyone prepping for pooja, Meet says Raj and Babita couple is perfect, Ragini says it’s time for moon till then lets play antakshri, Ram says good idea. Raj has to sing first song, Babita sings songs, Ram Ragini sing next, Chavi sings next. Hoshiyar sings and dance. Masoom sings room. Masoom says Meet Ahlawat sing, he sings sad song, Ragini asks Meet to sing, Meet says no no, Raj says I heard you sing aarti, you sing so well, you have to sing for Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat about to leave Raj stops him. Babita says enough of all this lets do pooja. Raj says okay lets go.

Ladies start their Karva chauth pooja to break fast. Meet and Meet Ahlawat awkward. Meet Ahlawat leaves when Meet about to see him from Channi, Babita sees Meet Ahlawat standing aside and says to Raj, no one forced her to fast so don’t force my son to break her fast. Chavi walks to Meet and says he has no interest in you, and you like Suniana bhabhi use his photo and even I have fasted and will break it from Meet Ahlawat and leaves.Masoom signs Chavi, Chavi acts as if she is fainting, Masoom says look Chavi is fainting Meet Ahlawat go get her water, Meet gets water for her, Chavi says no, Babita says Chavi drink quickly. Chavi drinks water. Meet says to Chavi look Meet broke your fast.


Sunaina asks Keet ti have something. Meet says to Sunaina I don’t feel like having, if you don’t mind can I ask you something. Sunaina says yes. Meet asks About Tej. Sunaina says nothing just ine day he went out and never came back, but I still have faith he will come back, you know we had an love marriage we use to love eachother and I have faith in my love that he will bring him back. Meet says I have faith that Tej will come back. Ragini asks Sunaina to bring pooja plate.Meet walks to Meet Ahlawat says see I can drink water by myself I have hands but its because of ritual so why will not you give me water. Meet Ahlawat says when I don’t believe in ither things then why should I guve you water to drink. Meet says id you don’t believe but rest if the family do, both argue on Meet Ahlawat has to give Meet water, Meet says you have to, he says I won’t, Meet acts as if she is going to throw water, He throws first, Meet smiles and says see you gave me water finally. Ragini smiles and says good job, Sunaina says very happy for Meet.

Meet walks to Meet Ahlawat and says, listen thankyou for taking permission from Babita for job and saving me from goons. Meet Ahlawat if it would have been someone I would have done same. Meet says I also came to says thanks as a person not as wife. Meet Ahlawat says welcome and break his button says wherever you go things start breaking and goes to cupboard try to open and break its handle and ask Meet for keys. Meet says I don’t know. Meet Ahlawat satart calling everyone. Meet ask him to stutch it ge says I don’t know how to do it. Meet says you will trouble everyone your whole life never learnt how to do. Ragini walks in and says you called. Meet Ahlawat says yes where is cupboard key and please fix this button to. Ragini says I have work to do and you are married now ask your wife to do it I can give you needle and thread Ragini give to Meet and leaves. Meet Ahlawat says what are you looking at do it.

Meet says I don’t know how to put thread in needle, Meet Ahlawat oh wow now, Meet says I have a solution, and brings stapler, Meet Ahlawat gets scared, Meet says I will staple it and the place will get covered by tie, now come, Meet Ahlawat says slowly,Meet trying to staple, but can’t because of her short height so stands on the bed and staples his shirt and says look, Ragini calls Meet, Meet and Meet Ahlawat start fighting on who she is calling, Meet Ahlawat fights and says she is calling me and leaves. Ragini says I meant her.

Ragini says Meet you have to cook sweet today as ritual, Meet Ahlawat and Meet start fighting over name, he leaves. Masoom says you should be worried, Ragini asks why, Masoom says Mom’s friends are coming who are cooking experts, and she already insulted her during Muh Dikhai, Meet says Ragini aunty I can’t cook. Ragini says I will help you don’t worry, I have to go out for some work, will do that and comr back. Masoom hides Ragini’s papers, Ragini leaves, Masoom says now chachi won’t come back soon, will need 4 hr more to come back.

Ragini calls Meet and tells her she will be late, Meet says okay I will see video and cook. Masoom and Chavi discuss that this will be disastrous day of Meet.
Meet in kitchen, Meet says its easy to do all other works , I wish cooking was so easy too, and starts looking for things, Duggu comes to help Meet with ingredients, Meet asks why are you here, Duggu says me and Mama are here to help, Meet says you have important meeting, Meet Ahlawat says Dad sent me here to help you. Meet Ahlawat says let me help open the jar and couldn’t, Meet opens it easily, Meet and Meet Ahlawat start fighting on who has attitude, Duggu scolds them and asks to focus on cooking.

Duggu starts giving instructions, Meet and Meet Ahlawat start working as per Duggu’s instructions. Masoom calls all Babita’s friend, Chavi says aunty said only her best friend why call others, Masoom says more people more insult and she will be out, Chavu says and I will marry Meet Ahlawat. Duggu says Mami you haven’t put on the gas, Meet Ahlawat says senseless woman, Meet puts on the gas and starts cooking, it starts burning, Meet Ahlawat says it said low gas, you kept it high.Babita’s friends arrive, Duggu goes outmBabita says Masoom I hope she doesn’t insult me today, Masoom says Chachi is helping her dont worry, all will be fine. Meet Ahlawat says to Meet because of you mom will be insulted.

Ragini walks in, Babita says where were you, Ragini says I had work in bank, Babita says God she is going to insult me now. Meet walks in with sweet. Babita is praised by her friends and call Meet magical, Babita very happy, Masoom gets angry and leaves. Masoom goes in kitchen to find some proof, she finds receipt in dustbin of a sweetshop and says now Meet will see some insult and all will know she is a liar and a cheat.Masoom walks to everyone, Meet says I have to say something. ( Meet Ahlawat says to Meet, she has to lie to save mom from insult).

Meet says to everyone, I didn’t cook this I ordered it, Masoom shocked. Masoom scolds Meet for breaking the ritual. Meet says I tried but couldn’t cook, I got scared, Babita’s friends says Babita what all is this, if all daughter in laws start ordering soon our sons will go bankrupt. Meet says I ordered it from my money, I can’t cook but can earn and so I ordered it. Meet Ahlawat says aunty remember when your first got first salary, you threw lavish party and if we can enjoy that, why can’t we enjoy daughter in laws success, this sweet is from the daughter in laws hardwork, she didn’t change a ritual but just made little adjustment and her intentions were very pure and honest.

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