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Meet in love 17 June 2022: Babita says to Meet breaking coconut was my son’s ritual and you took that from him too. Raj says why are you angry it was just a confusion because of name. Babita says we need to find out solution we have to change her name.Everyone sitting in hall. Sunaina come and Meet calls her Pooja, Duggu come downstairs and Meet calls him chintu says can you bring me glass of water. Duggu says my name is not chintu. Meet Ahlawat says to Meet his name is Duggu not chintu which we kept it with love. Meet says that’s what I’m trying to say as you have kept his name with love same way my father kept my name this is my identity and how can I change my identity. Babita says you give nice objective but when it come to follow rules and regulations if our house then where these objectives go, you say anything but I won’t change my decision, I don’t want any more confusion understand.

Raj says to Babita why not we change our son name. Babita says what are you saying why should I change my son name, I kept his name with love. Raj says no I gave him name, you never liked name Meet did you forget, you suggest Sumair, you want to keep that name so from today we will call him Sumair, just think your daughter in law gave you another chance to give him name so from today we will call him Sumair. Duggu and Isha start teasing Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat says stop it my name is Meet Ahlawat and I like it I’ll not change it. Meet says I’ll also not change my name my father kept my name. Babita says tell me one thing, who’s bike is that. Meet says my father. Babita says I was against your job but still I gave you permission to do your job and for whom you are doing this job.

Meet says from mom and dadi. Babita asks for who you got married. Meet says because of elders respect. Babita says so everything you are doing for your house tell me one thing what you did for your new family, today you got chance to do something for your family, they ask just to change your name and you cannot do that much. Meet says try to understand. Sunaina says to Meet wait I’ll talk and takes her.Sunaina says to Meet please try to understand, she accepted you as her daughter in law and allowed you to resume your job, after so many days things are going right please don’t make an issue for name changing, although every girl change there surname after marriage and we girls have to adjust to make place in new house, I understand your emotions but many time we girls have to sacrifice and change ourselves after that we get acceptance please think of these too.

Manushi says to Kunal I lied to you, I’m not rich girl but I love you when we met for the first time we understood ne rich girl, how is that my fault, if I would have told you earlier truth then you would have left which made me continue to act like this and start crying. Kunal start laughing and says I know you are scared because I brought you to your house all of sudden and scared that you family will not accept you that’s why you are talking like this I know. Manushi says no. Kunal says you are scared of being scolded. Manushi says no and ask him to relax and says I’ll talk to your parents and convince them I’m expert in that and I have maintained myself as high class, I’ll never let you down will live like high class girl and if you give me 1 crore rupees, I have capacity to soend them all in few hours, I really love you. Kunal remember how goons threaten him.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat get out of house to go on job. Meet Ahlawat says best if luch to Meet. Meet says then why are you scaring me say politely and all the best from my side too. Meet Ahlawat says look here is the new app which can give you different suggestions for name, I have fe suggestions like Pinti, Sweetie, Bublee etc if someone calls you then says Bubble where are you come fast and mocks her, listen if you think of changing my name its karma will give you lesson, he sits in his car and try to start. Meet says someone said true Karma teach you lesson and says you took blessings of your parents thats why I’m here wait I’ll repair your car.

Meet Ahlawat says I don’t want your help I’ll take care of myself. Meet says okay I’m going then and leaves. Meet Ahlawat calss Deep and says come fast my car not working.Meet deliver packages and gets call from Anubha. Anubha says today is your first day of job from your new house. Meet says yes I did my first delivery and I need your blessings. Anubha says my blessings are with you and you know our neighbour Asha had an baby girl and she kept her name as Meet I felt proud after hearing this, your father must be also proud of you, you go and do your job. Meet says everyone is keeping there kids name on me and I have been requested to change my name.

Manushi run to take water. Someone come in front of her on bike and holds her hand. Manushi says what is this how dare you. Man remove his helmet and sees its Meet Ahlawat.Meet sees a beggar with her daughter. Man says to her daughter are you hungry here I brought some food for you. Daughter says you should also eat. Man says I already had and feeds her. Meet says are all father same, my father cared a lot for me and never let us felt that he is in trouble, she takes her tiffin out and says this food today this father will eat and give him says why you will be hungry and ask him to bless my father that wherever he may be, be happy. Man says I’ll pray for your father. Meet says after marriage a girl should become a daughter and daughter in law.

Meet Ahlawat says to Manushi you love to run right now run. Manushi says please forgive me and forget everything happen between us, listen there is nothing to get angry things are done. Meet Ahlawat says listen to me from the day your old life ended, from that day my new life started, with pain and humiliation because of you, why did you so this to me everything I’m facing is because of you why did you ditched me. Manushi thinks today’s day is unlucky for me first I told truth to Kunal and now Meet Ahlawat catches me. Meet Ahlawat says why are you numb tell me why did you ditched me, on ring ceremony time I came to meet you but you were not there, why you did, don’t you know how much I love you, didn’t I prapose you.

Manushi remember what she said to Meet Ahlawat. Manushi thinks if I stayed long he will scream at me a lot. Meet Ahlawat continue to ask her questions. Manushi throw water at him and run away. Meet Ahlawat try to chase her but stumble into Deep. Deep ask wehre are you going. Meet Ahlawat says I need to talk to Manushi I need closure. Deep says what will happen, do you think she care for you, come with me. Meet Ahlawat shouts her name and look for her.Babita in her room. Meet knocks door and ask can I come in and remember what Babita and Anubha said to her about her name. Meet walks in and says I know that its bad manner to enter without permission but its important, I’ll not tske more then 2 minutes and says my parents kept my name with love, I understand have two person with same nane is a big confusion, I have a solution for that, you can call your son Meet and me Meet 2.0.

Babita says are you out if your mind its a person name not a movie sequel. Meet says no I’m not making fun I’m just saying parents love there daughter a lot and one day they send them far away from themself after marriage and after marriage daughter have only one thing that is name given to them, my name is blessing for me from my father, you can say anything yo me but I cannot change my name. Babita says 24/7 you are always avout your house and never thought of doing something to your new house, I requested only one thing and you are saying no to me. Meet says its not like that, I’m trying my best to change, I have stopped wearing jeans started talking politely, I started taking baby steps and walk with heels and I have no problem with that, but my name is given to me by my father and its like taking him away from me, I want one thing that is I can become and idol daughter and daughter in law of both the house, please don’t change my name.

Babita says from many years girls have to move on with many things, we need to change your name, I cannot bear more confusion and drop your idea of 2.0. Raj says to Babita I agree with you that 2.0 name is wierd but if we talk about you, you are idol women and have walked with time and change but if we talk about Meet and we have daughter so we would also like she must be heard, so this name changing thing what if we break that ritual and you think if we break this then people will follow us so then people can follow our family, don’t you think we should break it. Meet says please.

Meet Ahlawat shouts with who’s permission you wrote this name. Babita says what happen to Meet Ahlawat and rushes out. Meet holding a man says how did you write Manushi name, this name ruined my life I hate this name. Everyone take him back. Meet Ahlawat shouts ask him who gave him permission to write Manushi name. Meet come downstairs and thinks what happen to him. Chavi seeing everything and remember talking on phone with Masum that I checked everything Manishi’s name is written and hung up phone and says to Man you have to do one thing remember I didn’t told you to do changes, give him money and if someone ask why Manushi is written…. Man says in your wedding card it was written Meet weds Manushi so thought your family need to write there daughter in law name Manushi.


Chavi text Masum work done. Raj sats to Meet Ahlawat by mistake he mentioned the name atleast control yourself. Ram ask Ragini to bring glass of water. Raj says take care of yourself. Ram ask Meet Ahlawat to drink water. Meet Ahlawat sees water and remember her encounter with Manushi and break glass. Everyone in shock. Raj says what you did my child. Meet Ahlawat corner man and says change this name as early as possible from all papers ir else I’ll not leave you and walks away to his room while kicking a pot in between. Raj says sorry to man and says you can go now we don’t want to change name.

Raj shouts what’s happening here, why name changing is an big issue in this house but let me tell you all I’m not in favour of doing this, we nees to focus that our daughter in law is doing everything for her new family. Babita says but Raj. Raj says listen to me Babita nobody will talk about this topic in house and that’s my final decision. Raj walks to Deep and ask what happen to Meet Ahlawat why is he behaving like this. Deep says Meet Ahlawat meet with Manushi today and he has gone mad after seein Manushi. Babita says my son was not like this today he dying inside and says to Meet its because of your sister, my son use to love everybody and today he is beating other people, he is lost somewhere, you sister killed my son from inside, you like to make people happy, can you make my son happy and cheerful again, can bring his life back because I cannot do.

Meet says it will take time for his broken heart but for now we need look after his hand. Chavi thinks Masoom plan never fail, I loved how Babita scolded Meet.Meet Ahlawat in his room. Meet walks in with food, first-aid and see everything is shattered in his room and blood spilling from his hand, she make the room and goes toward him. Meet Ahlawat grab a vase and act like hitting him and drops it. Meet Ahlawat about to keep his foot on broken mirror but Meet hold his foot and stop him, he walks away but Meet holds his hand make him sit wipe his hand, tie bandage.

Amma singing song. Anubha brings sweet and placing them in plate. Amma asks where are you going with these sweets. Anubha says our Asha is blessed with baby girl and she kept her name as Meet so I’m taking this for her to give her a bit strength. Amma says didn’t she got any other name one Meet waa not enough that other Meet also came to disturb us and cough. Anubha give her water and says you rest here ill be back and open door sees Raj and Babita on door says all of sudden you are here greets them and ask them to come inside. Babita says wait a minute. Anubha says is there something wrong. Babita says your daughter. Amma says I thing so this girl did something wrong and start cursing her. Raj says its not like that we like the way Meet is, we are here to talk about Manushi.

Meet Ahlawat looking at his phone and remember everything with Manushi and says we talked a lot to eachother and did everything you said, then what wrong I did that you ditched me, who gave you permission yo play with my heart.Meet in pooja room light dia says thia big house, how good people but still Manushi ditched Meet Ahlawat, Manushi did wrong but god what Meet did wrong why is he suffering, he never hurt anyone, Manushi is my sister but I still feel bad for Meet, says please listen my prayers I cannot see him in this condition.

Raj says we accept Meet as she is and we are here to talk about Manushi and not Meet, Babita asks are you in contact with Manushi, Anubha says not after she went missing, Babita says she ran away, Anubha says yes she didn’t try reaching us neither we did but what is wrong, Babita says we asked nothing from you but now we want one thing and we want you tell Manushi she has no relation with your family now, she has no place in your house or any relationship, Amma feels bad, Babita says because of Manushi cheating my son is in problem and so you will never allow her in this house and we want this promise from you, Amma says I agree my Manushi did wrong but how can we do this.

Kunal says Manushi you have to find a way to go home, Manushi says not possible, they already are very angry, so lets go your home and my house is your house now, Kunal says not possible, my Dad is strict and wanted me to marry a rich girl and not middle class like you.Meet praying says I know Manushi very well, and if she has ran away it means someone has influenced her and that stupid girl agreed to one who influenced her. Amma takes Anubha aside and says Meet is reason my Manushi ran so why punish Manushi.Meet says Mummy always said someone who doesn’t take care of relationship, society doesn’t respect them, and Manushi insulted all relations what did she get doing that.

Kunal asks Manushi why did she lie, Manushi says because I love you a lot, I am madly in love with her and so I ran away with you.Anubha says to Amma, the girl who didn’t think about her Dad ones his reputation or Ahlawat reputation I will not support that girl and if you try to stop me you will see me dead.Meet prays God, you need family support to stay happy and I have that and I want my friend Meet Ahlawat happiness back and his happiness is his families happiness, so please give it back.Babita says Anubha I know I am asking too much but my son has forgotten what is happiness and its a mother who is asking promise that you will keep no relation with Manushi, Anubha says I promise, I have no relation with Manushi and forget that I have a daughter called Manushi, I have only one daughter and she is Meet.

Kunal tries to convince Manushi says your mother will definitely accept us, you need to butter her and listen to me carefully and do as I say. Manushi says this is big lie, Kunal says you are expert in this and so you will have to lie.Meet Ahlawat says I will follow Manushi till I find the truth behind why you did this to my love and will find Manushi from anywhere.Meet prays to God to help her find Meet Ahlawat’s happiness and for that she needs to find Manushi.Meet walks to Meet Ahlawat and thinks he looks tuff but is so emotional inside. Meet Ahlawat sitting in tears. Meet removes suitcase, Meet Ahlawat goes to washroom, Meet messages Deep to meet her as its very important from Meet Ahlawats phone and deletes message. Meet Ahlawat sees Meet has his phone and asks why are you touching my phone, Meet says because its touch screen, Meet Ahlawat says stay away from me and my things, Meet says okay and says I am not finding charger so thought will see if your phone has same charger and never mind you don’t need to be so agressive there are many people in this house. Meet leaves.

Chavi sees dress on sofa and says bhabhi has such great choice, Meet Ahlawat will dee me in this dress and will be very happy.
Meet meets Deep, Meet says I can’t ask Meet Ahlawat but you tell me who was Manushi with, where did you find her, and I am doing all this so Meet Ahlawat can confront her and stop his pain and move on and be happy, please help. Deep says I don’t believe you are sisters, you are so different from her, you just think of others and Manushi selfish anyways I met her in sector 26 market and was alone, Meet asks did she look married, Deep says yes she was wearing Chudda bangles.

Kunal asks Manushi to wipe sindoor, remove mangalsutra and earrings and all other jewellery and even bindi, Manushi looks at herself after that and says what have you done to me, Kunal says this is situation demand and I am not your husband but your friend Parth, Manushi says what.Meet says this means she ran to marry that guy, Deeo says did you know she had affair, Meet says I didn’t know but just saw her once with a guy, Deep gets a call from office and leaves urgently and says don’t worry I will talk to Meet Ahlawat.

Meet says I have to find Kunal to find Manushi.Anubha gets Amma tea, Amma denies, Anubha says if you don’t eat your health will go bad and I raised Manushi and gave all my love and its not easy to break with her and after Meet’s Dad I thought I will do everything for my girls, one daughter did and sacrifice everything and other one ruined everything but that doesn’t mean its easy to break relation with Manushi, she didn’t think of anyone not even Ahlawat and my Meet is in that family and for her happiness we need to accept the condition and I need your help and support.

Anubha hears door knock and sees milkman, he gives Anubha milk and leaves, Manushi walks in and calls her mummy, Anubha sees Manushi and droos vessel. Anubha remember her promise to Babita and goes close the door on Manushi’s face and locks it. Manushi tries to call Anubha but she doesn’t open the doorMeet Ahlawat opens Meet’s suitcase and says Meet will definitely have some information about Manushi, and sees Meet is looking at him.

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