Meet in Love update Wednesday 10 January 2024

Meet in Love 10 January 2024: Shagun appears in front of Sumeet and apologizes to the children. Sumeet recognizes her and starts panicking. Shagun quickly leaves while they were talking. Sumeet calls Raj and informs him that Shagun is back. Raj recalls childhood memories and asks if Sumeet is fine. He assures her not to worry and says he is there for her. Sumeet vents out her frustration and expresses her desire to avoid encountering Shagun,

Meet in Love 9 January 2024

but unfortunately, it happened. She regrets it and thinks it might be a hurdle in their relationship. Raunak asks what would happen if Sumeet finds out that Shagun is Abhay and Raunak’s mother.Shagun believes that she won’t let her years of waiting go to waste. Raunak believes that Sumeet must have already told Raj about Shagun. Raj arrives and questions Raunak about a broken mirror. He asks Raunak to step aside as he wants to talk to his mother. Instead of Shagun, her maid pretends to be Mrs. Choudhary.

Raj informs them about Shagun’s return and suggests keeping the marriage at his home for better security instead of a resort. Sumeet tells her caretaker that she could see the fear on Shagun’s face and wonders what she has been hiding and why she returned after so many years. She expresses her desire to know everything about her.Raunak readily agrees to Raj’s request. Shagun believes that no matter what Raj does this time, no one can stop her. Raj informs Masoom about the decision to have the wedding at home, and she worries about their safety. Raj appoints tight security to guard all the places. He ties a sacred thread on Sumeet’s hand to keep her protected. She also ties one on his wrist.

Sumeet says that Meet always used to say they shouldn’t be scared of fear. Raj encourages Sumeet to enjoy her days before marriage, as they will always be cherished as good memories.Sumeet invites her friend to her house and asks her to gather information about Shagun. She tells her friend to provide the name and picture of the person, and she will find out all the details about her. At Shlok’s house, his uncle gets a family picture painting framed of the Choudhary family, and all the family members love it. Shlok compliments his artistic choice. Rajeev mentions that the frame is costly. Priyanka jokes that they should keep the price tag along with it to let everyone know.

Shlok’s sister-in-law worries if their gift will look small in front of other guests, and she feels embarrassed about it. But Shlok says it’s fine, and Jayshree says that both brides belong to rich families, so their gifts don’t matter. Shlok thinks that only one of them will get married because he won’t let Sumeet and Raunak marry. He calls Bitti, and she assures him that she will work according to the plan and stop the marriage. Sumeet tries to find Shagun’s picture to give it to the detective. Shlok arrives with the family painting, but Raunak doesn’t let him enter. Sumeet asks Shlok about the painting in his hand and gets shocked to see Shagun in it.

Poonam tells Sumeet that she has brought old photo albums from the storeroom. Sumeet finds a picture of Shaun and thinks about giving it to the detective. Shlok is determined to reveal Raunak’s true nature to Sumeet. He calls Bitti to come quickly.Shlok’s family gets excited when they see a big car sent by Shagun. Poonam decides not to attend the ceremony because of her headache. Later, she realizes that the real reason she didn’t go is that she doesn’t want to see Sumeet.

Sumeet gets ready for the sangeet and mehndi ceremony and asks Masum about Raj’s whereabouts. Dadi informs Sumeet that Raj has been very worried about security since he found out that Shagun is in the city. Raunak hopes to keep the secret hidden until the marriage is over. Shlok’s uncle and Sarthak arrive with a family picture, but Raj doesn’t notice it. Sumeet plans to ask her friend if she has found any information about Shagun.Shlok and Bitti disguise themselves as hairdressers and makeup artists and enter the venue. Raj notices them and grabs Shlok, but Bitti saves him by explaining that they have come for the bride and groom’s hair and makeup.

Raj allows them to proceed. Shlok sees Raunak touching Sumeet’s arm and pricks him with a clip.Bitti starts flirting with Raunak, and he responds to her advances. Pankhuri challenges Raj to a dance battle between the groom’s and bride’s families. Raj starts performing, and Pankhuri joins him.Eventually, other family members also join in and dance the bhangra together. Bitti drops powder on Raunak’s pants and signals him to come aside. Raunak makes an excuse and follows her. Sumeet’s friend finds out that Shagun is her mother-in-law and wonders if Sumeet is joking with her or if she’s actually in big trouble.

Bitti continues to flirt with Raunak, and he asks her if she’s trying to flirt with him. She gives him a note and plans to expose his true nature to Sumeet.Raunak smirks and flirts back with Bitti. Shlok sees Sumeet smiling and declares that her smile is the most precious thing, and he won’t let it disappear at any cost. Sumeet asks her friend Shruti if she has found any information.

Shruti initially says she will tell Sumeet in person but later sends a text saying she won’t be able to come and that Shagun had come for two days and has already returned to the UK.Sumeet becomes confused about the information. It is revealed that Shagun had tapped Sumeet’s phone and killed both her friend and her detective brother. Meanwhile, Vani asks Raunak to sing for Sumeet. He calls Shlok to come to the venue immediately. Shlok mocks Raunak for not being able to impress Sumeet without his voice. Raunak goes on stage and lip-syncs while Shlok sings from behind the stage. Sumeet joins him in dancing, and Shlok imagines himself dancing with her. Sumeet’s bracelet falls, and she goes to pick it up while Shlok hides behind the stage.

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