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Meet in Love 8 January 2024: Sumeet tells Raj that she cannot marry Raunak because the most important thing for marriage is love, and she doesn’t love him. Raj agrees and promises not to bring up Raunak again. This angers Raunak, and he bangs his hand on the wall. Sumeet then tells Raj that she has received her scorecard and has been accepted into a college in London to study music,

Meet in Love 5 January 2024

which has always been her dream. Masum becomes annoyed because her plan has failed.As Raunak is about to leave, Shlok stops him and mocks him, saying that his expression shows that his plan failed miserably. Raunak retorts by saying that Shlok may win in exams and music competitions, but he will defeat him in the game of life. Shagun greets Shlok’s mother and asks her what she has brought.

She mentions groceries and items for offerings and blessings. Pankhuri arrives, and Shagun compliments her, saying she looks cute. However, Shagun then insincerely criticizes the rose in Pankhuri’s hair. Pankhuri explains that Sarthak wanted to please her by giving her a flower.Shagun gives Pankhuri a clip with a diamond on it and tells her to go and meet Vani, suggesting that she should change her saree as well. Pankhuri visits the Ahlawat house and greets Vani. She gifts her a pair of expensive airpods, but Vani feels bad because she can’t use them due to her hearing disability and has to rely on a hearing aid instead.

Pankhuri mocks Vani for her inability to hear properly. Masum observes Pankhuri taking some cashew nuts and hiding some of them, and she thinks Pankhuri is cheap and shouldn’t be related to the Choudhary family.Masum asks Pankhuri about her relationship with Abhay, and Pankhuri says she is his cousin. She reminds Masum of the alliance between Raunak and Sumeet. Sumeet serves Pankhuri a variety of dishes but gives her chopsticks instead of other cutlery.

Pankhuri assumes that Sumeet is making fun of her because she doesn’t know how to use chopsticks and expects humiliation. However, Sumeet sits in front of her and teaches her how to use chopsticks without mocking her. Pankhuri smiles as she successfully uses the chopsticks to eat. Sumeet tells her that disabilities should not be made fun of and takes a stand for Vani. Vani smiles upon hearing their conversation.

Sumeet hopes to get Raj’s signature on the form for the London college soon. Shagun calls Masum and tells her that they need to postpone Vani and Abhay’s marriage, which shocks Masum. Shagun explains that she has a meeting abroad and indirectly taunts Masum for not being able to convince her family members to agree to the alliance. Masum goes to Sumeet and starts crying uncontrollably.

She reveals that Vani’s marriage is at stake because Shagun will only allow it if Raunak and Sumeet get married as well. Masum pleads with Sumeet to agree to the alliance with Raunak for Vani’s happiness.Masum begs Sumeet to marry Raunak and emotionally blackmails her. However, Sumeet insists on marrying someone she loves. Masum reminds Sumeet that she always wanted to become like Meet, who always prioritized others’ happiness. She asks Sumeet to decide if she wants to be like Meet. Raj offers to sign Sumeet’s admission papers for the London school of music,

but Sumeet tears them up. She tells Raj that she has thought a lot and is ready to marry Raunak because Raj likes him.Raj questions Sumeet about her sudden change of decision. Masum overhears their conversation. Raj asks if she agrees because Raunak is her choice. Sumeet silently cries and lies about Raunak sending her a heart-touching message.

She continues to lie and hides the true reason behind her agreement for the marriage. Sumeet goes to her room and cries. She consoles herself and decides not to cry, promising to become strong like her mother, Meet. Masum goes and hugs Sumeet, appreciating her sacrifice for Vani’s happiness and saying that she is truly like Meet.Shagun feeds sweets to Meet’s photograph and declares that they will become in-laws. Shagun says that once Sumeet leaves her palace and enters the Choudhary house, she will understand what hell is.

She plans to make Sumeet’s life terrible and take revenge. Shlok tells Sarthak that he cannot let the marriage happen. Raunak arrives and forces Shlok to eat sweets, claiming that Sumeet has agreed to marry him. He boasts about being popular among girls and asks if Shlok is happy for him. After Raunak leaves, Shlok breaks down, thinking about Raunak marrying Sumeet.

Raunak meets Sumeet and thanks her for accepting his proposal. He expresses his happiness and brings many gifts for her. Raunak says he doesn’t want her to give up her dreams after marriage, so he wants her to go to London. He shows her a college poster and the keys to his house there. Raj and Masum believe that Raunak will make Sumeet happy. Later, Raunak parties with girls and takes drugs. His girlfriend questions how he can marry someone else when he loves her.

Raunak humiliates her and asks her to leave. Shagun arrives at the party and instructs Raunak to hide this side of him from Raj until the marriage.Shlok meets Raunak’s ex-girlfriend and asks her to reveal Raunak’s true face. She agrees to Shlok’s plan. Shlok’s mother informs Shagun about the preparations needed for two weddings happening together. Shagun decides not to go to the Ahlawat Mansion until the marriage is done. Vani questions Sumeet why she agreed to marry Raunak when she doesn’t love him.Sumeet claims that she will fall in love with him after marriage. Later, Sumeet feels confused between her mind and heart. Shlok is determined to make Sumeet follow her heart’s desires.

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