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Meet in Love 5 January 2024: Vani, with her encouragement, urges Sumeet to say yes to Raunak’s proposal. As Shlok is about to leave, he overhears Sumeet rejecting Raunak’s offer, stating that one should only marry someone they truly love. Sumeet seeks forgiveness and departs, unable to accept Raunak’s proposal. Shlok mocks Raunak, who feels humiliated by the public rejection. Frustrated, Raunak crushes the red rose and becomes enraged with Sumeet.

Meet in Love 4 January 2024

He storms into her room, grabbing her photo, and declares that he despises hearing the word “no.” Raunak vows to make Sumeet pay for rejecting him.Shagun repeatedly calls Raunak, but he ignores her. She questions Raunak about why he proposed to Sumeet when she had asked him to impress her. Raunak vents his frustration over the rejection. Sumeet emerges from the washroom and scans the room,

unaware that Shlok is holding Raunak. Raunak warns Shlok that he will make Sumeet’s refusal turn into acceptance. Concerned about Raunak’s anger, Shagun realizes it’s time to reveal herself and play her own game in front of everyone. She calls Masoom, apologizing on Raunak’s behalf. Shagun portrays Raunak as someone with a pure heart who acts on his instincts, which is why he impulsively proposed to Sumeet. Shagun subtly threatens Masoom, hinting at Vani’s happiness being at stake.

Vani questions Sumeet about why she rejected Wonderboy’s proposal. Sumeet thinks about Shlok. Masoom informs Raj that Sumeet will be happy with Raunak, but Raj emphasizes Sumeet’s dreams and opposes marrying her off so soon. Shlok confides in Sarthak, expressing his desire to reveal to Sumeet that the voice she loves is actually his. Sumeet confides in Vani, confessing that she feels the voice she fell in love with and the voice that proposed to her are two different entities.

Masoom fails to persuade Raj to allow Sumeet to marry Raunak. Shlok recalls Sumeet expressing her hatred towards him and Raunak’s threats to keep the truth about Wonderboy concealed. Determined to tell Sumeet the truth, regardless of the consequences, Shlok takes a leap of faith. Sumeet receives a text from Shlok, requesting one last chance to meet and explain why he couldn’t reveal the truth. He asks her to meet him at the same café.

Shlok receives a call from his mother, urgently asking him to take his grandmother to the hospital and questioning him if he has money. Shlok heads to get the car keys but encounters Raunak, who taunts him.Shagun arrives and hands the keys to Shlok. Sumeet arrives at the café, expressing her belief in second chances as she has come to meet Shlok. However, once again, Shlok finds himself unable to disclose the truth.

Raunak questions Shagun about why she allowed Shlok to meet Sumeet, and she reveals her plan to take advantage of his poverty and sense of responsibility. A flashback shows Shagun emotionally manipulating Shlok, making him believe that revealing the truth would result in his imprisonment. Shlok confesses to Sumeet that he lied to impress her. Sumeet expresses her wish that he had been honest and remained the simple and sweet guy she initially knew.

Shlok assures Sumeet of her uniqueness and states that her mother would undoubtedly be proud of her. He requests her never to change because of him or anyone. Shagun says Shlok will always remain their servant. Sumeet proposes Shlok to become friends again.Masum and Raj discuss the preparations for the wedding functions. Sumeet also shares her ideas about the lighting and entry arrangements. Raj becomes shocked and worried when he sees Sumeet touching the lights.

He tells her to get down from the chair. Meanwhile, Shagun calls Sumeet and tricks her into isolating herself from others by claiming poor network connection. Raunak signals to the water and makes Sumeet fall into the pool. Raunak believes it’s his moment to become a hero, but he gets surprised when Shlok jumps into the pool before him and rescues Sumeet.Sumeet loses consciousness, and Shlok tries to wake her up.

Raunak realizes his plan has failed. He pretends to rub her hands to revive her, but when Raj arrives, he sees Raunak helping Sumeet. Raunak lies and claims that he saved Sumeet. Even the waiter supports his lie. Raj feels grateful to Raunak for saving Sumeet, and Sumeet also thanks him. In a flashback, it is revealed how Raunak made Shlok leave with the help of the waiter. Raunak acts nice and suggests that Raj takes Sumeet home to avoid her catching a cold.

Later, Shlok confronts Raunak for trying to impress Raj and Sumeet falsely. Raunak asserts that Shlok will always be inferior to him.Raunak tells Shagun that everything went according to her plan. Meanwhile, Shlok goes to buy vegetables with his mother and pretends to keep sneezing. He asks his mother to make a herbal drink for him. She teases him about getting wet without any rain but agrees to make the drink so he can give it to the person he is pretending for. Back at Sumeet’s house,

she keeps sneezing, causing Raj to panic. Masum worries that the Choudhary family will react negatively when they learn that Raj does not want to accept Raunak’s proposal for Sumeet. Shagun instructs Raunak to go to the Ahlawat house and do exactly as she tells him, while also keeping his anger under control. Shagun is confident that Raj will agree, and they will achieve their revenge.

Shlok goes to the Ahlawat house and gives Sumeet the herbal drink made by his mother. She tells him it smells bad, but he makes her drink it by holding her nose. When he is leaving, Raj becomes angry with him and tells him not to come again. Raunak arrives and pretends to be kind to Shlok. He informs Raj that he has brought a specialist to check on Sumeet.

Raunak pretends to cancel his own event due to a family emergency while speaking on the phone. Raj is impressed by his actions and tells him to take the doctor to Sumeet’s room.Sumeet tells Raunak that she is already feeling better because of the drink made by Shlok’s mother. Her caretaker teases her, suggesting that she would have felt better just by hearing one song from Raunak. Sumeet compliments his voice and describes it as heart-touching.

Masum convinces Raj that Raunak is the ideal match for Sumeet. Raj looks at Sumeet and Raunak laughing together and agrees to the alliance. Masum says she will call Mrs. Chaudhary to confirm their acceptance of the proposal. However, Sumeet speaks up and expresses that she does not want to marry Raunak, which angers him.

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