Destined by fate update Sunday 7 January 2024

Destined by fate 7 January 2024: Rashmi feels anxious thinking if Kanha brings Sayuri home, her truth will be exposed that she had tried to kill Sayuri a year ago and would be kicked out of the house.

Saroj calls Kanha and asks where is he and if Sayuri is found. Kanha informs that he is returning home with Sayuri. Family feels happy hearing that. Saroj thinks one daughter will enter the house and another will go out. She walks to Rashmi and gives her a tight slap. Dhanraj asks why did she slap her DIL. Santosh says Rashmi deserves it, Kanha told her that Rashmi had pushed Sayuri from the cliff 1 year ago and tried to kill her sister. Indu asks Rashmi if its true, she is dead for them from hereon. Daadi mausi says she should die in shame.

Bhanu says Sayuri took care of Rashmi like a mother and Rashmi tried to kill Sayuri in return. Rashmi says Sayuri is mistaken, she didn’t push Sayuri. They all 4 continue to tongue lash Rashmi and throw her out of the house. Rashmi then get out of her imagination and thinks this cannot happen.

Nakul walks in and excitedly announces that Kanha is bringing Sayuri home. Kanha carries Sayuri in. Indu breaks down seeing her and asks what happened to her daughter. Yash says Sayuri is in a shock but is absolutely fine. Indu performs Sayuri’s aarti and welcomes her home. Dhanraj asks Kanha to take Sayuri to her room and let her rest. Kanha carries Sayuri to her room. Rashmi stands anxious.
Kanha makes Sayuri lie on bed and thinks there will be only happiness in Sayuri’s life.

Dhanraj tells family that he can’t imagine how Sayuri suffered tortured from monster Vikrant. Tej, Nakul, and Yash also show their concern for Sayuri. Saroj sits silently. Kanha walks down. They all ask how is Sayuri now. Kanha say she is still sleeping and says Sayuri suffered a huge trauma and would take time to get back to normal. Nakul says soon Sayuri will be back to her jovial self. Dhanraj and Tej tell Kanha that god gave him loving daughters and returned more than he took. Kuku smiles at Kanha. Kanha smiles back, holds Mithu, and says god returned more than he lost and once Sayuri is awake, they all will lead a happy life. Rashmi enters Sayuri’s room picks a pillow to strangulate her fearing Sayuri will reveal truth and kick her out of the house. Nakul enters just then and asks what is she doing here.

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