Married Again update Sunday 19 June 2022

Married Again 19 June 2022: Episode starts with Aarti managing to keep the diya on. She says to herself, no matter what I won’t let this diya go off, I won’t let my and Yash relationship go in dark. No matter how many difficulties come, but they will never be able to create any differences in our relationship. I know that Yash ji doesn’t doubt on me, but I will make him believe that there is no one else beside him in my life and I love him a lot. For me, my Yashji is everything. I will beg him to forgive me for my mistakes, but I can’t let Yash go away from me.On the other side, Yash is looking at Aarti’s photograph and says, before I met to you.. I was alone, lonely, but whatever it was… I was happy.

Then you came in my wife and taught me how to love once again. Taught me the values and meaning of love. And then when I learned the meaning and started believing that our relationship, Yash and Aarti’s relationship, is made by God, you went away from me. Why Aarti ji, why did you go away from me? Asks Yash. He demands for the answer.Back to the temple. Aarti says, I have got true love after so many difficulties. Destiny can’t betray me once again. I will do anything to keep this love alive.

Yash is coming out of the hotel and thinking what Aarti said to him (thinking it was Prasahnt) that she could never think about anyone else besides Prashant, but she had to do this 2nd marriage. He then recalls her words that Aarti loved Prashant more than herself and that’s why she would want Prasahnt to be happy wherever he stays.Back to temple, Aarti asks blessings from the God that no one can come between her and Yash and they stay together and happy like this for next 7 lives.At Prashant’s house. Prashant tells Taija that everything got messed up. Aarti pretended him as Yash and said everything. He says, I don’t know what to do and how to tell Aarti everything.

On the other side, Yash is saying that he wants answers to his questions. Why did Aarti do this? Then some sadhu (priest) comes there and says, whatever happens.. happens for good. He then starts walking away from there. Yash follows him. Priest asks him, where do you want to go? Yash says, I don’t know. When everything started seeming so good.. when it started feeling good, at that time.. I found out that nothing was good.. everything is betrayal.. betrayal of heart .. betrayal of mind.Prashant says to Taija, I will have to tell mum (Shobha ji), only she can explain this to Aarti. Taija stops him and says, you did everything to hide the truth, but Aarti opened her mouth.. by mistakenly but she still did.

And this was going to happen one day.. no one can hide truth and it’s wrong to hide the truth. Taija tells him, don’t forget.. Aarti is your wife.. and it’s sin for a married woman to live with some other man. She says, it’s good that Yash found out the truth.Yash says to the priest that he is very unlucky in matters of love and he has lost everything now. Priest says, whatever you lost was never yours.. and whatever is yours, no one can take it away from you. Yash says, but someone who shows that they are yours from outside, how would you know if they are yours really? Priest says, this puzzle is the life. You should never regret for what you lost.. and whatever you got, take it as God’s gift. He says, this is the truth and leaves from there.

Prashant feels that this is wrong, but Taija shuts him up. She says, destiny has came back to you. She also says, Shobha was praising Yash a lot right, but let’s see what he does now. This is the real time to find out how good Yash is. She then gives example of Ram and says, we have to this what this Ram (Yash) does. She asks him just to stay quiet.Yash is back to his house and in his room. He’s looking at Aarti and his photos on their room wall and song plays in background “Ya Rabba.. Pyaar Hai Yaa Sazaa”. He then takes out their photo from a drawer and looks at it. Aarti also returns to home and comes to their room. Before she enters their room, Yash sees her coming and he goes to sleep. Aarti seems very sad. She slowly goes near him, sits down beside him, and looks at him.

She then puts her head on his chest and sleeps. Yash opens his eyes, but doesn’t say anything.It’s morning now. Taija sees Prashant going somewhere. She asks, Pappu, where are you going this early? Yash’s house right? Prashant says, yes.. I can’t stay quiet anymore.. I can’t betray Aarti more. I will go and tell her that what she did yesterday unintentionally. Taija says, I told you na that you haven’t betrayed her. And by now, Yash must have questioned her and she must be coming here very soon. I am sure, Yash won’t let Aarti stay there anymore after knowing all this. Shobha ji comes there and both, Taija and Prashant get quiet.

Shobha ji tells Prashant, I couldn’t talk to you last night.. but it’s good that you reached there on right time, else God knows what would happen. She says, you gave new life to Yash-Aarti relationship, and I am glad that after hurting Aarti so much, you did something good for her. May God bless you and keep Aarti happy with Yash.Taija taunts Shobha ji saying that she never seen any mother like this who kill her own son’s happiness for someone else. Taija then asks Shobha ji, you never gave me morning tea, but did you give to Sattu? Shobha ji, he has quit drinking tea in the morning. Taiji says, I don’t know what revenge I took with Sattu by allowing him to marry to you.. poor Sattu can’t even get morning tea.

Aarti wakes up and doesn’t find Yash besides her. She looks around for him, but cannot see him. She then gets up and Yash enters the room. She tells Yash, you slept very early yesterday? Yash says, yes.. I was tired so got sleepy.Aarti tries to talk with him, but he quietly walks away. Yash is about to sit down, and there is a pin on the bed. Aarti sees it and quickly takes it away before Yash sits on it. In this Aarti hurts herself. Yash gets worried and asks Aarti if she’s fine and if she got hurt. Aarti says, I am fine.. it’s just I saw pin there and if you had sit down, then you would have got hurt. You might have to go to hospital and take injections.. and you scare so much from injections. She says, and this time blame would be on me.. as mistake is mine. She then taps herself on head and asks, when will you change Aarti? Ansh calls Aarti so she goes outside giving pin to Yash.

Yash looks at the pin and says, you worrying about this small pain after giving me so much pain. May be I never understood you fully till now. I was proud that I started knowing you well, but I was wrong. Pin is in his hand, and he hurts himself. Blood starts coming out from his hand.At the breakfast table, when gayatri asks vidhi about arti, she tells her that arti’s dressing kids for school. Vidhi, pankaj and prateik then start teasing yash asking him if he declared his love for arti last night. suraj notices this and tells them that yash’s silence proved that he didnt. prateik and pankaj decide to talk to arti on his behalf since yash himself is unable to do so. Just then prashant enters. Yash is shocked to see him. Suraj and gayatri leave while prashant sits down and listens to prateik’s planning to tell arti about how yash feels.

Yash decides that he would finally say it to arti. Taking a napkin, he writes I LOVE YOU on it. Everybody is happy but prashant is disturbed. yash folds the paper and gives it to prashant and asks him to give it to arti. Prashant thinks to himself that yash hasn’t yet talked to arti about last night nor told the family too. He uncomfortably takes the napkin and gives it to arti who has just come out of her room, and is shocked and uncomfortable too seeing prashant there.She takes the napkin, opens and reads and is very angry. Seeing this, prateik clarifies that prashant was just the messenger and infact yash had written it to her.

She is confused and goes from there without saying anything, when vidhi tells her to take her stand too and confess her love for him when yash has made the first move. While vidhi thinks that she went because she was shy, and that her silence meant her affirmation, yash thinks otherwise that as he has always told that arti is different from other girls, here too her silence means negation and that she still hasn’t forgotten her first love and therefore didn’t say anything to him.

Location: Yash’s house
In her room, arti is overwhelmingly happy looking at the napkin and thinks that she has waited for an eternity to hear these 3 words from yash and that she cant express in words how happy she is as if yash has given her, a new life by saying this. yash enters and finds arti weeping with the napkin in her hands. He mistakes the tears of joy for sorrow and remembers what arti had said in the hotel. He walks towards her. sensing footsteps, she too turns back to face yash. Before she can say anything, yash says that there are some troubles and misunderstandings that clouds their seemingly perfect relationship and even if they want to see, there is something in between them. Arti asks what is anticipation. Yash answers first love.

Arti is confused and somewhat guilty too. yash goes on to clarify that he was right that love happens just once. He takes the napkin fron her and says that the second time around its only compromise that they do for the sake of their family and its happiness. And they cannot name this compromise as love. arti tries to intervene saying that in love, there’s no compromise, but he cuts her short saying that he may have taken out arpita’s photos from their room, but her memories still reside in his heart which he hasn’t been able to erase. That’s the difference between paintings and memories. He says he was right that love happens once and also that they both have had it in their lives already.

Arti is hurt and boggled too to hear this. He says that his family tools him to confess, hence he wrote on the napkin but she doesn’t have to take stress due to that and disturb her health and the baby’s. He assures her that whatever she wants would happen.He bends down to her belly’s height and pretending to talk to the baby sys that she doesn’t need to take stress of any kind of relation or pressure at all and that his happiness lies in complying to her wishes. He crumples the napkin and throwing it on the floor, he leaves.

Arti is confused but she too talks to the baby saying that he doesn’t need to take stress since his dad loves his mother very much and that he may be ignoring the fact that love is finally creeping back into his life, she wont admit defeat. she has the fullest faith that one day, he would definitely confess his love for her.In the drawing room, again yash is being teased by his family for not being able to say I LOVE YOU to arti. Arti comes to his rescue saying that prateik and pankaj underestimated their brother and that he in fact confessed his love.

while everybody is overjoyed to hear that, yash is confused as to why she lied. Prashant too is seemingly happy for them. Vidhi then says that since after confessing their love to each other for the first time, they feel like a newly married couple according to prateik, they should then indulge in pouring out their feelings for each other in the form of poetry. Arti smilingly asks yash to say, he is lost and confused. Sensing his dilemmas, she takes the initiative and says some beautiful lines for yash.Everybody congratulates arti on her beautiful poetry. They then ask yash to bare out his heart. but before vidhi can help him out in his dilemma, he starts reciting.

They congratulate yash too on his feat. prashant excuses himself citing a very important work. He leaves after prateik thanks him for being the person to whom yash could confess his love to arti. As he leaves, arti gets an idea.She goes out to meet prashant and reprimand him for coming to her house when she has clearly told him not to. He tries to tell her the truth but she doesn’t listen to anything and keeps telling him to go very far away from her and her married life. She olds his hand and begs him to leave.Seeing arti folding hands in front of prashant in the foyer, from the balcony of his room, yash remembers how arti had spoken out to him in the hotel and misunderstands again thinking that arti may have said poetry for him inside in front of the family, but here she is apologizing for that from her first love. He doesn’t understand what is arti’s helplessness that she is living such a dual life.

Location: Yash’s house
Ansh makes an excuse not to go to school feigning cold and cough. But when caught with dabur chyawanprash, arti is given the chance to advertise for it along with ansh.While yash is discussing business with suraj, gayatri taks measurements for suraj for the sweater that she’s making. Arti comes in with everybody’s favourite beverages. She then goes on to give everybody tea. While sh gives it to everyone, she drops biscuits on the floor when giving to yash and in the jostling breaks her mangal sutra. Buaji gets a chance to taunt that this signifies marital discord and is a bad omen. arti is upset seeing which suraj tells buaji to shut up as all such sayings are superstitions.

Gayatri too supports him and tells arti not to lament over it and go to the jeweller tomorrow and get it made. Yash stops arti from picking it up and picks up the free pearls themselves and hands it over to arti who takes them inside while yash is still trying to process what’s happening around him.She goes to her room and tries to put the pearls back together on the string. Seeing yash come in, she tells him that its increasingly becoming difficult for her to mend it back. yash tells her retrospectively that something once broken cant be mended again. Arti nevertheless continues and after finishing shows it to him saying that anything can be mended if done with truthfulness and sincerity.She asks yash to take her to the jeweller. He cites an important meeting and leaves with the laptop despite her pleadings and getting mock angry at him ignoring her and telling her to go with vidhi instead when he had married her taking this responsibility.

He turns around, keeps the laptop on the table and gets hr medicines and gives them to her. she refuses to take them till she answers her in a yes. He tells hr to stop behaving like a child but in the end gives in to her continued whims. Just when she’s taking medicines, she gets a call from prashant on her cell leaving yash awkward and arti shocked. she tries to hide the phone, and tells yash that its better that he goes for the meeting since she has to go to mom’s place too. She decides to go with him to the jeweller the next day. she leaves in haste leaving yash shocked at this behaviour.

Outside arti calls for ansh, who guesses and is excited that he’s going to meet prashant. She shushes him and goes out of the house with him. Yash sees all this and is shocked that arti could involve little ansh too in her lie.Arti seats ansh in the car and gets in herself and drives away. yash watching her in the foyer. He gets acall from the person he was supposed to have a meeting with in an hour. He cancels the meeting citing some important work.After cancelling the call, he thinks to himself that arti has forced him to do something that he never thought he would. And that is to follow somebody who he trusted more than himself.

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