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Married Again 17 June 2022: Seeing arti dressing up the kids for school, he wonders what happened last night and whether arti is angry at her for that. He helps arti in getting the kids ready. When they leave, arti tries to go behind them but yash stops her. yash apologizes to arti for being drunk excessively last night and wants to know if he did or say anything to her, under the influence of alcohol that he shouldn’t have. Arti maintains a stoical face all the while. While he continuously tries to ask her indirectly about what all he said and whether he said anything of significance to her and she keeps deliberately pointing out the unnecessary details. he finally asks her if he said anything to her about them. when she says no, he thinks that he couldn’t say anything to arti lats night and wont be able to face his brothers who would now make fun of him. Arti unable to control her laughter any longer excuses herself to work in the kitchen. yash tries to stop her but then stops himself from doing so.

At the breakfast table, as expected, he faces the snide remarks about his cowardice in not being able to say anything from his brothers and arti too has fun with vidhi and Bhavani who discuss that they were right that yash wouldnt be able to vent out his feelings so easily. seeing them discussing in hushed tomes, Suraj too wants to know what is the conversation all about. gayatri whispers something to him and he tells yash that he could help him in his dilemma. everybody is shocked to hear such a response from their father especially yash. Suraj says that he’s elder to him and therefore more experienced and mature in handling this subject.

He tells yash to meet him in his room after breakfast. while others are amused, yash is uncertain of whats happening. But he leaves anyway.In his room, suraj gives yash a diary containing his own peoetry and other famous poets’ works too. He signifies the difference between the love in his time and the recent expression forms. He tries to tell yash the importance of expressing his feelings in his own way rather than buying something and giving it to her. He tells her to act fast on his love or else he might stand the risk of losing i. Yash takes the diary and leaves.

As he enters his room while reading the diary, he finds vidhi and arti out on the porch. arti is feeling cold, vidhi tells her to take a sweater but she says she’s allergic to wool and cant bear. Yash hears this conversation and drapes a shawl around her. while she tells him that she doesnt need it, he tells her to take it or he will catch cold. They share a romantic eyelock, which hurts prashant who has just come in through the main door and sees them. Sensing the romance, vidhi too excuses herself. Yash tries to talk to the baby, indirectly passing the message to arti that she should take care of herself while taking care of everybody in the house. She should wear woollen so that she doesnt catch a cold and not be stubborn about it.

She silently drapes it nicely around her. Seeing them together, prashant turns around and leaves. But yash finds him going and wonders why did prashant come all the way to the house and leave without meeting anyone. arti too is upset to see him.dubeyji, finishing a call tells shobha that the doctors after checking the reports have confirmed that prashant will be absolutely fine after the third and final transplant. shobha too is happy to hear it and they share the news with prashant who has just walked in the door. When he is asked where he was, he replies that he had been away for a walk. He excuses himself and retires to his room.

Just then they get a call. shobha picks it up. arti on the other end tells her that prashant had come and yash was very surprised to see that he went without meeting anyone. She tells shobha to make prashant understand that he should not come in this house neither to meet yash nor anybody else. Shobha, grows serious from being happy in a fleeting second tells arti that she would take care of it. arti cancels the phone.Shobha immediately goes over to prashant’s room and reprimands him for lying and also for going into arti’s house, when she had clearly explained that arti is happy in her married settled life with yash and that he shouldnt go there to interfere.

Prashant says that he knows but being his mother, she doesnt seem to understand his pain and how even if he has been granted a new life with few aditional years, how will he sustain through them when he’s all alone in the world. Shobha says that she hopes arti didnt make a mistake in giving himback his life coz had she not allowed them to take ansh’s bone marrow, he wouldnt be alive to talk like this. She reminds him that arti has already suffered much due to her, he shouldn’t make her life difficult anymore. She says that he shouldnt even think about getting her back since she wouldnt allow even his shadow on arti. Telling him to stay away from arti, she leaves.

Yash finally returns to home and when he enters his room, he sees Aarti sleeping already. He decides to let her sleep, but then remembers what his father said that he should express his feelings before it’s too late. He goes and wakes Aarti up. Aarti thinks something happened to the kids, and she tries to get up. Yash tells her, nothing happened to kids. Aarti then asks him, why did you wake me up then? Yash says, I want to tell you something. Aarti tells him, go ahead.. Yash takes his time.. then takes deep breath and starts his shayri (poem) “…….. ” Aarti is impressed and keeps smiling at him. Yash now forgets the rest and messes up his poem. He tries to recall, but can’t.

Aarti tells him, Yash ji.. I understood it… now am going back to sleep. Yash asks her to wait for a minute and he goes to read his poems book. He talks with himself saying, I remembered everything very well.. but I forget everything as soon as I come in front of Aarti ji.Suddenly Aarti takes over his poem and she goes, “…….. .” Yash is stunned. He turns back and looks at Aarti. Aarti continues, “….. .” Yash asks her, how do you know? Aarti says, it is such a cute poem.. it must have worked on so many people.. but you? You just messed whole poem. Aarti then asks him if he heard another poem.. she speaks that poem to him as well. While she’s saying it.. Yash keeps looking at her.

Aarti then asks him if he is doing all this for some wedding planning. She tells him not to worry and leave everything on her.. she will make him remember all these poems. She’s very sleepy and asks him to let her sleep for now. Yash wants to say something to her, but before that Aarti goes back to sleep. Yash says to himself, this idea failed too. And then asks himself, what happens to you, Yash, in front ofAarti ji? Why can’t you say anything in front of her. He’s angry with himself.It’s morning now. Aarti Is searching for Ansh. A servant tells her that he saw Ansh going to the garden outside. Aarti comes outside now.

She sees Ansh playing with someone and she thinks that it’s his dad (Yash). But it turns out to be Prashant. Aarti asks Ansh to go inside, but Ansh asks her to let him play for 5 more mins. Prashant then makes Ansh understand and tells him to go inside. Ansh listens to Prashant and goes inside. Aarti is also going inside, but Prashant asks her to wait.Yash is reading the newspaper and Prateik comes there. He asks him, so you couldn’t say I love you to Aarti bhabhi last night either, right? He says, neither alcohol nor poems worked. Yash doesn’t say anything. Prateik then tells Yash, now there is only one way to express her your feelings.. which is to take her to some sea side for holidays. He says, Aarti bhabhi wouldn’t be able to run from there either.


From the balcony, Prateik sees Aarti and Prashant. He tells Yash, your friend is here. Yash gets up and looks down.Aarti asks Prashant, what do you want to say? Prashant says, I came to meet you only.. it’s good that we met outside. He says, I am here to ask you for something.. and I hope you won’t disappoint me by saying no. Aarti says to him, whatever you want to ask.. go inside and ask in front of my husband.. not like this by hiding from him. Aarti starts walking, but Prashant holds her hand and stops her. Prashant has his hand on Aarti’s back and Yash sees this. Aarti asks Prashant, how dare you? Prashant sees Yash there and says, Yash? Aarti turns back and sees Yash as well and gets shocked. Yash keeps staring at both.

He then goes to them. Before Aarti says anything to Yash, Prashant asks Yash not to take it wrong way.. he says Aarti was falling down so I caught her and saved her from falling down.Yash says, there is nothing to take it wrong way.. you saved Aarti ji.. thank you very much. Yash then asks Aarti if she’s fine. Aarti is shivering, but manages to say that she’s fine.Yash then says to Prasahnt, you came home yesterday too and left without speaking to anyone.. and today too. Is there any problem? Do you want to say anything? You took me as a friend right? then tell me what is it. Prasahnt says, you’re right.. in friendship.. we shouldn’t hide anything.

He apologizes to him first for yesterday.. for leaving without saying anything.. He then says, actually seeing your so much love for Aarti ji.. I got upset and upset from God too. Why God didn’t give me same happiness as my friend..Prashant continues, I know it might seem strange to you.. but this is the truth. And another thing.. I came to tell you something yesterday, but couldn’t.. and because of that I had to come here again. Aarti is shocked and stars at Prashant.Prashant tells them that he has come to plan dubeyji’s and shobha’s 30th anniversary celebration with them.

When yash confuses, that he’s talking about his real parents, prashant clears it. He says that they used to celebrate it, but stopped 5 years back. when yash asks why, he says thats when their son died. arti is listening to all this with a tensed look. yash decides to help him with his plans as they would love to make it a grand celebration. They ask prashant to come inside so that they can discuss the plan. While yash and arti move ahead, prashant thinks to himself that everything is going as he had decide and according to what he had decided and follows them.

Inside they discuss and divide their duties. Prashant goes into reminiscing how romantic dubeyji and shobha too were in their youth. when yash asks how he knows so much that even arti doesnt, he covers it up saying that he was with them for a long time. while prashant suggest that he would take arti out for shoppinng, yash would take care of decorations and they would send dubeyji and shobha for a movie. Arti vehemently refuses prashant’s proposal then calms her down and says that she would be with yash and he be with her parents so that somebody can stop them from coming early and spoiling the surprise. Yash too agrees on that.

Scene 2:
Location: Prashant’s house
yash is overseeing the decorations. a workr asks him for a 3 pin plug. He goes inside and is stunned when he looks at arti who is dressed up for the function. He is so dumbfounded, that he mumbles up his sentences. Arti then pulls him out of his trance. He says he needs a 3 pin plug. When she goes to get it, an album falls down the floor. To avoid her bending to get the album, in her condition, he picks it up and starts seeing it. arti realises that this album contains her weddingphoos with prashant. She snatches it from him and when he insists to see it, she tells him that the album comtains memories of the past and she doesn’t want to revive them. He agrees and then taking the plug, he leaves. when he’s gone, arti thinks to herself that she’s doing exactly what yash don’t like, that is saying lies.

But she doesn’t have an option for now andapologizesr mind to yash for doing this to him.In the evening, the whole Scindia family too comes to wish the couple. while buaji can’t stop commenting and taunting the confined spaces of the house, when Suraj eyes her, she immediately retracts her statement. Hearing a knock on the door, they all hide and yash motioning arti to open the door, hide behind a pillar, and switch off the lights. ARti happily opens the door and is surprised to find Prashant’s paternal aunt there, who doesn’t like arti one bit and has come to visit the house after 7 years. She reprimands her for not having touched her feet and then starts cursing her about what a mismatch she was with her nephew, Pappu (nickname for Pappu)

Then she comes inside and is surprised to find Scindia’s family there who she doesn’t recognize. They say that they too are dubeyji’s relatives. she assumes that they are arti’s real parents and their family. But Gayatri clarifies that they are arti’s in-laws. She clarifies that they are arti’s in-laws. Suraj then tells her that when arti’s first husband dies, Dubey Ji got her remarried to their son. She is devastated to know that her Pappu is dead and then reprimands arti for having remarried and having no shame in doing that. Yash stands up to her defense saying that it was a good thing she remarried since she has perfectly handled him and his children. Yash asks arti not to mind her talks.

Just then the doorbell rings. Upon Yash’s insistence, arti goes to find the couple at the door, who they were all waiting for. Then She gets them inside, and behind them prashant enters, seeing whom his aunt is boggled out of her wits, that prashant who is very much alive has been declared dead by people. The couple is showered with rose petals when the lights go on and congratulated by the scindia family and tools that all this was done by yash and arti. they give an obliging glance to yash and arti. Vidhi butts in saying that it was also the plan of their friend’s son prashant.His paternal aunt, hiding behind who had been quiet up until now, says that she also congratulates the couple on their anniversary. Prashant and the Dubeys along with arti are shocked to see her.

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