Married Again update Friday 1 July 2022

Married Again 1 July 2022: Ishita is arranging the sheets, when she finds a piece of cloth, thta she identifies a sthe one, in which radha had kept the knife and wonders where it went.Akash compliments radha for giving such a good massage while she tries to tell him to keep cool and not lose temper. As ishita comes and talks about the knife and the cloth, radha tells her that she gaev it back to the baba that she got it from. Akash too tries to tell ishita not to question his mom again, or else he would personally teach her a lesson. Radha apologizes to ishita and says that he’s like this only and that she shouldnt mind his behaviour.Arti confronts radha for poisoning the food, and then trying to murder, and asks why is she doing this. Ishita and akash too tell her not to talk nonsense and point allegations at their mom. Arti says that she has eveidence this time, and shows the bangle peice that she had found, which matches radha’s bangles and reiterates the entire scene.

ishita remembers that radha had lied about leaving the knife back. ishita however, confronts arti saying that they distrust everyone, sinc ehte break everyone’s trust, as how yash had played with her emotions to get back her child. Arti says that now she would not keep quiet and that she would go to court. she picks up the glass that radha was drinking water in, that she has her fingerprints now and once they match the ones on the knife, she would see to it that she’s proven guilty of her crime and gets her punishment.When akash tries to intimidate arti by saying that she wont be able to get his mother punished, yash stops his hand. Yash and akash get into a scuffle with each reprimanding the other for accusing their family.

Gayatri too comes and asks them to stop. Arti and ishita try to get them away from the scuffle. Radha too tries. finally yash gains over akash, but ultimately akash is slapped by radha, who says that he shouldnt dare to take anyone’s life, as that is now she has brought him up. pankaj too takes yash inside. Arti says not to pretend that she’s noble and a good mother, by slapping her own son. She says that had she been a good mother, she would not have tried to kill yash. And once she proves that she’s guilty with the fingerprint match, even akash wont be able to help her.Ishita tries to attend to akash’s wounds, even aftre he insists that he doesnt need hishelp. But she sternly says that she’s his wife, and that she has a right on him. He warns her that she should never try to get a right over him.

radha comes in and asks what happened, and when ishita complains, she tells akash to listen to his wife, and that in the meanwhile, she would get medicinal herbs, telling ishita that she worked at an ayurvedic store, hence knows about medicines. After she’s gone, ishita instigates akash to show this anger on where he needs to, and not on his own people. She tells about yash going out today, and instigates him to avenge his insult and wounds, and the blood with yash’s blood. He gets boiled after hearing this and goes out. ishita thinking of yash at theri marriage pandal, thinks to herself that he would never be able to forgive yash for that insult. when radha comes in and ishita tells her where he has gone, she goes berserk and reprimands ishita for letting him go and runs outside to stop him. He is stopped by the guard who has orders from arti, not to let the woman leave the house. But she breaks free, and the guard shouts out to arti and when she comes, he tells her that she broke free.

When arti sees radha sitting in an auto, going for the peer baba’s mazaar, she is scared that yash might be in some trouble, since she too is headed that way. She is determined to save yash.Yash arrives at the mazaar. He gets out of the car and enters with the holy sheet. Akash follows with a container wrapped in cloth. yash prays that peace resides in his family and he has come to pray for the well being of his family today. Akash too comes close to him while he circles around the holy place. Akash lifts the lid to reveal a venomous snake in the container. yash is told to tie the holy thread, and his wish shall be granted. He goes towards the wall and akash follows him.Arti picks up the gun from a shelf in her almirah and leaves in the car. All the while she is driving, she thinks that she shouldnt get late, as she is still very far from the mazaar, and hopes that nothing should happen to the love of his life as the Lord is with them.

As yash is praying for his kids and their long life against the holy wall, with his hands placed on the wall, after having tied the thread, akash thinks that yash can pray all he wants, but noone would be able to hear him and that he would have to die today. He lifts the lid and gets the snake close to the hand. yash is oblivious of this entire conspiracy. The screen freezes on akash’s vicious face.Before the snake can bite on yash’s hand, akash pulls it away, seeing a police officer behind yash and curses him. He sees yash at a drinking place drinking water. He thinks that yash should drink so that he doesnt die thirsty. Yash leaves from there and approaches his car, oblivious that akash has slipped the snake in his car. akash waits for yash to sit in his car. Yash gets in the car and closing the door, drives off while akash watches victoriously.

Scene 2:
Location: In the car
Arti calls up yash, but not getting a response, arti is worried.Radha asks the auto wallah to drive faster as her son’s life is in danger.In yash’s car, the snake is lying next to the foot brakes. Yash finds arti approaching in her car, from the front and just then, the snake bites him and he loses control of the car and hits on a boulder. as arti rushes upto him, she is told by yash that he has been bitten by a snake. She is shocked to ehar this. She asks him constantly to stay alert while she goes to get help. She calls up the ambulance and giving them a vague address, to the best of her abilities, she rushes back to yash to attend to him. Seeing him collapsing, she again runs for help,to try and gather up people for her aid.Meanwhile, Radha comes upto him and is shocked to find that he has been bitten by a snake, and she is extremely concerned for yash and after tying up the area, she goes to get the herbs, all the while saying that she wont let anything happen to him.

Scene 5:
Location: Yash’s house
Gayatri and suraj are shocked to learn from pankaj, about yash being bitten by the snake. Suraj comforts gayatri and takes her inside while pankaj gets involved arranging for the ambulance. Ishita hears all this and smiles to herself thinking that finally akash avnged for her insult and now she’s satisfied to teach yash a lesson for treating the way he did. Buaji finds ishita smiling.

Buaji confronts her saying that how she can be so happy at the fact that yash has been bitten by a snake, when he’s so much of a good man, who cant even insult women a little bit. Ishita confronts her saying that she cant think of another man now, since she is married to akash now and that she isnt the right person to talk about revenge and ill doings since she’s the epitome of this. after ishita leaves, buaji thinks that its good that yash didnt marry ishita as she would have been a 100 times worse choice than arti and that arti is way better than her, since she has never insulted her like this, the way ishita just did.

Scene 6:
Location: On the road
Meanwhile arti gets help for yash, and some people place him by the tree and they wait for the ambulance. Arti keeps trying to keep yash alive and also calling up to send the ambulance faster as yash is getting more serious by the minute. She sees radha passing by, and asumes that she’s behind this again and thinks that the herbs are poison, but radha says that it is in fact an antidote to the poisosn. Arti says that she alleged at suraj, and now wants to kill yash too. radha keeps trying to let her put the herbs on her, but arti isnt able to place trust on her. Radha says that arti would have to listen to her mother in law. While arti is cnfused, Radha says that yash is in fact her son and she has borne him and she cant see her son dying lile this. Arti is shocked out of her wits hearing that. arti says that she is concocting lies according to the situation and that she actually wants to kill yash. To prove her right, radha eats some of the medicine and then showing arti that nothing happened, she goes to yash and applies it on yash’s wound.

Arti is too bewildered to react while radha is tensed to see if her meds are a success. She keeps telling herslef that yash would be alright and that nothing would happen to him. Arti is shocked to see such concern, when radha hugs yash tightly and cries all the while praying for his safety. Yash regains part consciousness and calls out to arti. Radha is releived and places him back on the ground, telling arti that soon yash would regain full conscious and would be alright.

After comforting yash that he would be alright, arti stops radha saying that she still cant believe what radha had told her. And that she wants to know the entire truth. Radha tries to say that she just did it for the sake of yash, as she wasnt letting her help him otherwise. As she turns to go, arti says that she’s lying now as she saw the motherly love and affection on her face, when she was applying medicines and when she had yash in her lap.She says that she can understand this since she too is a mother, and she understands the pain a mother goes through, when her son is hurt or in pain. Arti says that this pain and this wave of relief on her face on seeing that yash is okay cant be all false, and that she has to tell her the truth as to whats behind all this. Radha averts the question and begins to leave, but arti gives her a swear on yash’s name to tell her the truth, which makes radha stop. she turns around to ask what would Arti do when she knows the truth. she asks arti not to dig the past, as that would just give pain. Arti says that his identity and existence are connected with the past and that as his wife she has the right to know the truth. Then addressing radha as mother, she asks raha to tell the truth.

Arti pleads her to tell the truth. Radha says that sinc eshe is sworn by her son, she says that she cant say no and admits that yash is her and suraj’s son. She tells arti the entire truth as that would involve going way into the pastradha says that she was born in a poor family, but her parents were very keen on her education. In her university, radha met suraj, who was a trustee then, and that she was inspired by him and his personality, and that eventually changed into friendship and then love. she says that she crossed all limits of decency in love, but she got to know that suraj was married and had a son too. She says that she had forgotten everything, and was willing to move on with her life, by leaving from there. But then, she got to know that she was pregnant and that changed everything.

She says that she couldnt devoid her child from the rights of his life and the love of his father. she says that she met suraj and pleaded him to accept his son. But that he insulted her by cxalling her a DHANDHEWAALI and giving her money, he asked her to get an abortion, as that would have tainted the image that he had in the society. But she says that she couldnt kill him, as she was his mother after all. It was very difficult for her to live, as an unwed mother, with the taunts and ill words, but never thought bad for her child. She had only one complaint from the god, for denying his child a fatherly love. But then things changed, and she got to know that gayatri is pregnant with her second child. She says that Yash was born on 1st October and gayatri gave birth to Akash on 2nd october. She remembers how she had gone to gayatri’s ward and switched the children. She says that when suraj went to meet gayarti, he said that suraj had said that this child would be Yash Suraj Pratap scindia.

Arti says that she might have succeeded in getting yash, her son, his rightful place, but in its wake he snatched gayatri’s son, akash’s rights on the family. Radha is speechless. she admits her mistake saying, that she couldnt think anything other than her child’s benefit. She says that she never ket akash feel any lacking, except for fatherly love and that keeps her in guilt all the time. And when suraj was insulting akash, she felt for the first time, that he should get his rightful place in the society. And after seeing that akash gets that, she would leave.

Arti asks why did she then try to murder him. She says that she never tried. she tells the truth that the knife was to keep him away from bad and ill omen, and also about the chhole, that she made for him out of motherly love, but she didnt know about the lizard in it. She says that she got her punishemtn, that yash hates his own mother, but she is very thankful to arti that she saved yash from the poison that day. She asks arti to promise that she shouldnt ever tell yash or anyone else about this, since that would change all kinds of equations of the existing relations. Despite arti’s pleadings, radha takes a swear from her that she wont ever say anything about this to anyone, and leaves as she finds yash waking back up again.

As yash wakes up, he tells arti that he felt somebody of his own, like a mother, who had come here and saved him. Arti says that someone from the other village came. yash asks why did that lady not stay. Before artio can answer, pankaj arrives with a doctor, who starts checking him up. The doctor says that pulse rate is normal, and gives him an injection, just in case for safety. Yash again asks about the lady. arti says maa. Yash asks if gayatri came. Arti says that she must have been a mother who saved yash’s life. the doctor gives some medicines for yash, just in case. Pankaj asks

Pankaj is told on the phone, that the DNA test results would come out in the evening only. yash is alos happy that now they owuld know what they want and who are they. He says that in the Shivratri celebrations, they should be called too, where they would tell radha and akash their true worth.Arti thinks that she wont let this happen, as its his mother after all, and that she would have to bring out the truth on Maha shivratri.

Scene 2:
Location: Yash’s residence.
Radha seriously reprimands akash for trying to kill yash and becoming a murderer, and stooping down so low. But akash tries to justify his action, by saying that yashand suraj have stooped to lower levels, by insulting them. akash asks why is she suddenly showing so much sympathy for them. radha says that its for humainty’s sake, and that he wshould never again try to hurt the scindia family and yash especially, and if he tried, then she would kill herself. Akash immediately falls on her feet saying that he would never try anyhting like that veer again, if that is what she wants and that he would never go against her wish. radha tries hard to control her tears. Ishita sees all this.

Ishita wonders as to why is radha suddenly so involved and affectionate for the family, that she should be hated by them. she is determined to find out.yash asks gayatri not to worry and not cry for him anymore. Suraj says that the mother can cry all she wants, but the father being unable to do so, is lways thought of as not feeling anything when the kids are in problems. yash says that love and concern are not a thing, that need words. After exchanging some family chit chats, gayatri asks yash to rest as tomorrow is very exciting, as pankaj points that tomorrow suraj would be released from all the accusations and the mother son duo would be shown the way to the door. after they leave, yash seeing arti in tension, asks her whats the matter.

Arti asks hesitatingly what if radha is true and if akash is in fact suraj’s son. Yash is shocked to hear this. Yash says that radha is lying as suraj cant be lying about this, and that his father cant do something like this. Arti tries to say, that a lady would not insult herself like this, for insulting suraj too. Yash says that even if god came to tell him the same, that he wont believe it. Yash decides not to talk about this further and goes to sleep, with arti thinking that
The whole scindia family is prepared for shivratri preparation. Yash is involved with the kids, in showing them the idol. Yash sees akash, and there’s hatred in both their eyes’. The kids take the blessings from gayatri maa, and also hear the story about how shiv’s throat is blue due to drinking the poison, that he drank for saving the whole world. Thats why he’s also called NEELKANTH. The kids commenst that SHIVJI is very brave.

Arti tells Lord Shiva, that he might have saved the world by drinking venom, but today similar venom has come to destroy the scindia family today, and that she, being the family’s daughter in law, would have to drink this toady, for the well being of her family and would havwe to bring out the truth in front of the entire family today.The whole scindia family is busy in praying before Lord Shiva, while radha nd her family are busy in a small scale puja of their own. Suraj gives the flame to yash and he and arti together do the arti, while akash does it in his hut. arti looks up at yash in tension. Radha too is in tension. Yash places the puja thali on the mantle after finishing with the arti. After that, the cultural programmes begin sparking off the festivities, with the scindia brothers having taken bhaang and dancing away, while the scindia family watches in glee.

Radha too watches yash dancing with his brothers. The brothers get their wives also to join them in the dance. akash looks at them scornfully. Arti and yash share a romantic embrace, much to arti who’s at discomfort due to her tension. Arti watches as yash enjoys with the rest of the family.Pankaj and prateik start taunting akash with their dances, mich to his rage and ishita’s discomfort. Meanwhile ishita’s father’s car stops at the gate. Ishita stops akash from getting instigated by yash and his brothers’ provocation.Ishita’s father comes in, bringing with him the DNA reports, telling the media that he would get justice for his daughter, who’s not the wife of an ordinary driver, but of the heir of Suraj scindia and suraj’s reality would come out in front of everyone. As radha begins to do the tilak, ishita’s father stops her saying that he would today do the tilak of his son in law. The whole family is waiting in anticipation as he takes out the report from the envelope. He takes akash outside in the lawn.

Yash tells pankaj that the DNA reprots would be true and would also reveal how true their father is. Pankaj says that soon the MLA is going to be highly disappointed. Both the families come face to face in front of the media, and ishita’s father tells Suraj to do the tilak, and not make him open the envelope and insult him openly. He tells suraj to accept akash as his son, as deep within, he too knows the truth, and that the media would insult them bad when they get to knwo whats inside the envelope. yash however stands up for suraj, saying that his dad is very truthful and that he should read the results so that everyone should know the truth, and media should report how low people can stoop for cheap publicity. arti thinks that yash’s faith would be shattered thye minute the envelope opnes. Ishita’s father opens the envelope with great pride as if he’s sure that suraj’s deep dark secrets would come out, but he is shocked out of his wits when he sees the reports and finds them negative.

Akash is confused seeing his reaction. Yash asks him to read it out aloud as the media is waiting. The media too starts questioning the MLA.Ishita’s father tells the media that the DNA reports were negative and that suraj is not the father of akash. While arti is shocked as to how thios happened, and akash is distraught and the whole of yash’s family is overjoyed, radha thinks that suraj did manage to use his power and status to influence the test results and get it done in his favour. when the media asks for a byte from suraj, he says that truth always triumphs. When asked the reason of the mother-son duo pulling this on him, suraj says that he would leave it on them to answer that. Ishita’s father reprimands akash for maligning suraj’s insult for the sake of money. He asks ishita to come along, who denies saying that she’s his wife and her whole life is now with him only. While ishita’s father leaves in haste, the media reports everything. Prateik too comments that the MLA fell on his feet in his overconfidence.

Gayatri comes to suraj and says that suraj might forgive her, but she wont be able to forgive herself for ever doubting him. Suraj says that the matrimonial relationship is based on faith and they should try never to break their faith. Pankaj and prateik begin to taunt akash who tries to save face. They ask Ramu, their servant to get the things that they have got for honouring their guests.Suraj says that given the background that she hails from, only such a low level stunt could be expected from her. He tells radha to take her illegitimate son and leave the house, before his sons takes it on themselves to throw them out of the hosue, and avenge their father’s insult. arti is pained to hear this.


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