Bridal Material update Sunday 3 July 2022

Bridal Material 3 July 2022: Meera runs into jungle searching herb/booti when a man attacks her and calls his friends. Meera pleads to let her take booti. They try to attack her when an old woman stops them and explains this girl wants booti to save her husband’s life. Men give her booti.

Yamraj comes to take Vivan’s soul. Gurumaa says he cannot take Vivan’s soul as it has not let body yet. Yamraj tries but fails and asks why this man’s soul is not leaving his body, what is stopping him. Gurumaa says his wife’s love is stopping his soul. Yamraj says he has to get soul and chants mantrs. Gurumaa pleads to wait for a few seconds till Meera returns. Meera returns and drops booti on Vivan and herself collapses. Vivan’s soul gets back into his body. Gurumaa says love changed even destiny.

Yamraj says he is right, Meera must be a sati and leaves earth. Vivan wakes up and shakes Meera. Meera emotionally hugs him.

At home, Prince gets worried for Tulika and says where she went. Dolly says let Dayan stay away from home, she is just worried for Meera. Vivan returns home with Meera and thanks Meera for saving his life, looks like they are returning from vanvas/hiatus. Meera says she does not need lamp this diwali as he is her lamp. Vivan promises to keep her happy whole life.

They enter home. Dolly gets worried seeing them injured. Meera describes whole story, how Tulika killed Vivan and how Meera killed Dayan Tulika. Dolly scolds Amar that he should listen to his wife at least. Prince apologizes Meera for trusting chudail and not his sister. Meera says that is okay. Vivan then applies heat pad to Meera’s wounds. Dolly says they have to make diwali arrangements. Meera say she will prepare pinnia/dry fruit laddoo. Vivan says he will finish them all and not give even 1 to Prince. Meera says it is for orphan children, he eats cookies anyways. Vivan says he knows everything about India and its 28 states. Amar says 29 now.

After sometime, Vivan enjoys liquor in his room. Meera scolds him. He says that is how they celebrate in London. She says she will not go to Londo. Vivan says she should give him cute baby girl like him and gets romantic. She gets shy and says she has to wake up early in the morning. Their nok jhok starts.

Sunny packs his bag thinking before Vivan sees him and trashes him again, he should escape. His mother Roma’s photoframe breaks. He sees map behind photo and reminisces Roma telling that house has hidden treasure, thinks Vivan stays in that house, how to enter there, gets an idea and smirks.

Vivan wakes up in the morning and finds sleeping on Meera’s hand. She says he fell asleep, so she did not disturb him. He gets romantic. She asks to get ready soon as they have to reach Soni Kudi Academy and even orphanage. Vivan goes to bathroom and calls her. She walks in. He switches on shower and gets intimate. Dolly walks in. They both part ways. Dolly asks to get ready and come down. Vivan asks Meera to continue romance. Meera says tonight.

After getting ready, Meera with Dolly draws rangoli. Vivan enters gift box. A woman clashes with him.

Silky with Laali returns to Meer’a house. Dolly angrily asks what are they doing here. Silky apologizes for their mistakes and says she dreamt of marrying NRI boy since childhood and did mistake in lieu of that. Dolly says if they had troubled her, she would have forgiven them, but they troubled her daughter. Meera requests Dolly to forgive them on diwali’s eve. Dolly agrees. Women call them for diwali celebrations. Laali asks Meera to take Silky along and find an NRI boy for her, then says even local boy is fine. Vivan says he will get car out.

Vivan with family reaches celebration venue. Host greets him as celebrity guest and invites him for a dance competition. Vivan says how can he. Meera taunts him he is not so strong eating olive oil and cannot dance.

He accepts challenge and dances with Meera. A girl clicks their pics. Vivan scolds her. Girl asks if this is the way he behaves with kids. He says he does not like anyone clicking her pics. Host announces running competetion lifting wife (dum lagake haisha). Sunny enters disguised as NRI punjabi boy Parminder. Silky hears women talking about him that he is very rich. She asks him to join her for competition, he happily agrees. Competition starts.

Vivan runs lifting Meera, slips and fall, and says he cannot lift her now. Meera sees Sunny running lifting Silky towards finish line, lifts Vivan and wins competition. Girl clicks their pics again. Vivan shoos her again.

Vivan and Meera return home in their car. Meera opens car’s dickie and sees girl sleeping inside, she informs Vivan. Vivan takes girl inside home. Girl wakes up and afraidly asks where is she. Meera asks what is her name and where does she stay.

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