Married Again May 2022 teasers

Married Again May teasers 2022: Gayatri pressurises Aarti to lead Yash into falling in love with her. Aunt Maya turns Bhavani against Aarti by making her think Aarti gets all she wants.

Sunday May 1 2022
Episode 34

Gayatri allows Aarti to organize a birthday party for Palak. Aarti gives Palak high hopes by promising her that her mother, Arpita, will be at her birthday party. Palak is happy with Aarti and looks forward to seeing her mother.

Monday 2 May 1 2022
Episode 35

Aarti’s plan to do everything Arpita did is reminding Yash of Arpita. Yash ends the party when he expresses his rage towards Aarti.

Tuesday 3 May 1 2022
Episode 36

Yash performs rights rituals to his late wife Arpita, disregarding Aarti as his wife. Aarti is now faced with a challenge to attract Yash’s love to her and make him forget about Arpita. Aarti denies her feelings for Yash.

Wednesday 4 May 1 2022
Episode 37

Vidhi, Bhavani and Pratik are playing Cupid and finding ways to make Yash and Aarti spend time together.

Thursday 5 May 1 2022
Episode 38

Neelam, one of Yash’s clients attempts to commit suicide. Aarti realizes that Yash is keeping a secret with Neelam and feels jealous. Aarti sets up a meeting between Neelam and her lover. They are secretly planning to run away together.

Friday 6 May 1 2022
Episode 39

Neelam attempts to elope with her lover, and puts Yash’s life in danger. Gayatri trusts Aarti with the responsibility of finding Yash. Aarti’s love for Yash compels her to go to extremes to find him.

Saturday 7 May 1 2022

Teaser unavailable

Sunday 8 May 1 2022
Episode 40

Neelam attempts to commit suicide. Yash and Aarti go off to the pre wedding party in disguise, to try and stop Neelam’s arranged marriage. Mr Sindhia and Gayatri come to know that Aarti and Yash went out against their wish.

Monday 9 May 1 2022
Episode 41

Yash and Aarti find out that the minister has sent men all around town to search for his daughter and kill the kidnappers. Neelam’s parents agree to Kunal and Neelam’s marriage after their suicide attempt.

Tuesday 10 May 1 2022
Episode 42

Aarti attempts to persuade Palak to face her fear towards public speaking. Bhavani is seeing people for career opportunities behind Pratik’s back.

Wednesday 11 May 1 2022
Episode 43

Ansh and Palak fight at school calling each other’s parents unpleasant names. Pratik thinks Bhavani is cheating and follows her. Aunt Maya shows her hatred towards Aarti getting a second chance at marriage.

Thursday 12 May 1 2022
Episode 44

Pratik confronts Bhavani about her cheating on him. Palak finally accepts Aarti as her mother and expresses her love to her.

Friday 13 May 1 2022
Episode 45

Aunt Maya attempts to turn Bhavani against Aarti. Bhavani lies about a nightmare about Yash, Aarti and the children being involved in an accident, just so she can go to vacation. Will Bhavani get her way?

Saturday 14 May 1 2022
Episode 46

Gayatri pressurises Aarti to lead Yash into falling in love with her. Aunt Maya turns Bhavani against Aarti by making her think Aarti gets all she wants.

Sunday 15 May 1 2022
Episode 47

Out of rage, Gayatri compares Bhavani to Aarti and compels her to be and behave as she does. Yash tells Aarti to stop behaving like Arpita.

Monday 16 May 1 2022
Episode 48

Bhavani starts work on a TV show. In order to connect with viewers, she hides her marital status. To the family’s shock, Yash and Aarti are back home before time, and Yash claims to hate Aarti.

Tuesday 17 May 1 2022
Episode 49

Yash disclaims Aarti as his wife, giving her the role of only Palak and Payal’s mother. Mr Sindhia asks the children about Yash’s rage towards Aarti. Yash has an outburst at Aarti when she tries to help him.

Wednesday 18 May 1 2022
Episode 50

Aarti is miserable because she is in the dark about Yash’s anger. Gayatri cannot bear seeing Yash in this state and tries to reach out to him. Gayatri tries to throw Aarti out of the house for Yash’s happiness.

Thursday 19 May 1 2022
Episode 51

Aarti thinks back to her trip with Yash and the children. Yash is injured and admitted to hospital. A doctor advises the family to take Yash to a psychiatrist.

Friday 20 May 1 2022
Episode 52

Yash is having a breakdown. When he’s put on medication, he reveals that Aarti cheated him, giving no further details.

Saturday 21 May 1 2022
Episode 53

Aarti has a clue to why Yash is angry. After seeing a picture of Aarti with a man, Vidhi is very disappointed and is under the impression that Aarti is cheating. Aarti stands up to Aunt Maya when she wants to take her marriage symbols.

Sunday 22 May 1 2022
Episode 54

Gayatri questions Aarti, thinking she has cheated on Yash with her friend Aman. Yash accuses Aarti of having sin in her heart, but stands up for her against the cheating accusation. Vidhi finds out about Bhavani’s TV job.

Monday 23 May 1 2022
Episode 55

Aarti thinks Yash knows the truth about her divorce. Aarti finds out she is pregnant. Gayatri apologises to Aarti for her behavior towards her, and for suspecting her of cheating. Gayatri’s trust in Aarti is growing.

Tuesday 24 May 1 2022
Episode 56

Aman tells Aarti about the night she was intoxicated. Bhavani disregards Vidhi’s authority as eldest daughter in-law and goes against the in-laws rules. Yash admits hating Aarti for falling in love with him.

Wednesday 25 May 1 2022
Episode 57

Yash goes out of his way to put his life in danger. Aarti confronts Yash about her love for him. After several attempts, Aarti finally gives up on trying to stop Yash from a boxing match.

Thursday 26 May 1 2022
Episode 58

Yash allows Aarti to come back to the Sindhia house. Bhavani and Pratik are having a fight and out of anger Pratik tells her not to return home.

Friday 27 May 1 2022
Episode 59

Aarti finds out that her pregnancy is a threat to her life. She continues to hide her pregnancy from Yash. Bhavani suddenly reaches out to Vidhi.

Saturday 28 May 1 2022
Episode 60

Aunt Maya finds the file with Aarti’s pregnancy test results. Aarti is planning to leave the house and has not told Yash

Sunday 29 May 1 2022
Episode 61

Aarti films a farewell video to Yash and the secret about her pregnancy is out. She leaves Yash at his birthday party, but he wants to know why.

Monday 30 May 1 2022
Episode 62

Bhavani’s producer threatens to spill the information about them. Aarti falls sick and the bus leaves them in the middle of nowher.

Tuesday 31 May 2022
Episode 63

Yash and Prashant cross paths when Prashant goes to buy medicine for Aarti, In self defense from the producer, Bhavani takes a drastic step. Ansh wants to introduce Prashant to Aarti but Prashant hides from Aarti.

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