Mariam Khan Reporting Live update Saturday 25 September 2021

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 25 Sept 2021: The Episode starts with Majaaz making Mariam laugh and spending time with her. Biji looks on. Majaaz hugs Mariam and cries. Biji says you want to live all happiness today, tell me what deal did you do with them for Mariam. He apologizes to Biji. Mariam sleeps. She says don’t worry for my life. He says I won’t let anything happen to you and Mariam, I will send you across, just make Mariam reach home safely. She says you also reach home. He says its not possible. She asks why, Lord is with you, your courage will get high. He prays for Mariam. They leave in the truck. Farhaan follows.

Mariam asks him will we go in this truck. He says no. She sees Farhaan and shows Majaaz. Majaaz says they are coming to leave us till border. She asks did they become good. He says yes, sleep now.Sarfaraz makes people protest against Majaaz. The people ask about Rihaan. Sarfaraz says Mahira planned this to make my son away. He proves Rihaan’s truth by getting his friend. He says Mahira has used Rihaan by fake love, Majaaz’s family should leave from this city. He recalls Rifat’s words. The people agree. Sarfaraz says its right chance to make the matter worse. Mahira cries seeing Rihaan’s pic and talks to him. She says you will always be close to my heart. She tells him about Zain helping them so much. Zain comes and sees her crying with Rihaan’s pic. Majaaz takes Mariam and Biji.

He asks Mariam to tell Meher that he is proud of her, he misses Mahira and Zain. He gives his message for everyone. She asks why are you not coming with me. He says you can complain about me, please listen to me, your mum will come and pick you up from airport. Mahira and Zain try to talk.Mahira asks him to say first. He says I wanted to see you happy, I free you from this relation, I return your life to you, I m giving you divorce so that you don’t get troubled because of me. She gets shocked. Madiha and Meher look on. Rifat smiles. Madiha says its not right to take a big decision so soon. Zain says no, I have thought it well, this will be right for us. Majaaz says I have imp work, I will come to you.

Mariam says please come home with me. The people come to home to protest against Majaaz. Majaaz hugs Mariam and tells a poetry. He sends Mariam with Biji. The goons look on. She goes away. They cry. She runs back to him and hugs. He says sorry to shout on you. She says finish your work and come soon, I will wait for you. He promises to come back, he won’t leave her. Biji takes Mariam and says Majaaz will come.Farhaan and goons make Majaaz wear the bomb jacket. The goon warns Majaaz against getting caught.

He gives the fake passport and says Farhaan will be with you, we will hear you by this mic, one wrong move, then forget you met Mariam. Farhaan takes Majaaz with him. Majaaz gives his passport and gets clearance. He looks at officer. Farhaan asks him not to risk Mariam’s life. Mariam cries for Majaaz. Biji says come with me. They leave. Majaaz enters the gates and sees his country flag. He waves to Mariam. He gives his passport and says I m Majaaz Khan, whom you are finding, its fake passport. He gets arrested. Mariam says officer is taking dad. Biji says he is not your dad. The watch falls down. Farhaan runs away. Mariam runs to get Majaaz. The bomb blasts. Mariam falls far. Mariam recalls Majaaz and gets shocked.

Mariam going somewhere. Her childhood moments are seen. Rang de….plays…. Mariam steps in the Gurudwara. She talks to Lord and shares the problems. She says I was sleeping in my room, Biji called me out. FB shows Biji calling out Manjeet and waking her up. Mariam says Biji just wants to keep me busy. Biji drives the bike in her room. The milk falls over Mariam. Mariam says you always try to match kundlis of me and milk. Biji smiles and says its good, your milk Abhishek happened, at least you will bath now. Mariam teases her. FB ends. Mariam says you know I say the imp things later. FB shows Mariam showing her car to the cows. She cleans her car.

Biji says you have eaten much food, what shall I feed cows now. Mariam says sorry. Biji asks Mariam to work well now, nothing should happen to the car. She says you just get this superman when…. They get sad. Biji asks is it that day today.Mariam recalls Majaaz dying in the blast. Mariam says yes. Biji asks her to forget the past memories, everything has an end, relax your mind. Mariam recalls Majaaz’s words and says I didn’t learn losing, and none taught me so, you also say that there is victory in Manjeet’s heart. Mariam hugs Biji. She gets a message from first customer and asks Biji to smile.

Biji jokes and laughs. FB ends. Mariam says I know sorrows get high by past things, I m scared to tell anything to Biji, she has handled me a lot. FB shows Mariam giving ratings to some guys for their looks. She sees an old man sitting in her car. He asks her to take him to some indecent lane. She says fine, is that your wife. He gets worried. FB ends. Mariam says Biji met that guy and then an earthquake happened. FB shows Mariam dropping the man to the area and getting money. Some people get into a fight. A guy jumps down the window and falls down. Mariam screams. He gets hanging to the wires. Mariam looks at him.

Ek shaam….plays…. The guy asks her to start the car. She asks him to book the cab online. He says I will pay you, just start it. She sees Majaaz’s pic in his tab. She gets shocked and recalls Majaaz. The men come to beat the guy. The guy puts Mariam in the car. He asks her to drive fast. They leave. The goons follow them. The guy asks her to drive faster, the goons are chasing. The guy asks her to look in front and drive fast. He pulls hand brakes and stops the car. She gets the superman toy and says that photo on your ipad. He keeps money and goes. FB ends. She prays to know about the photo. She says destiny made me meet that guy on this day when I lost my dad, please help me.

She hears the saint’s words. She smiles. She says thanks for showing me the way, I have to find that angel, who can make me reach my dad.

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