Mariam Khan Reporting Live update Sunday 26 September 2021

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 27 sept 2021: The Episode starts with Mariam recalling Majaaz and crying. She says my dad can’t be wrong, I completely trust my dad. Biji looks on. Mariam lies to sleep. She hugs Biji and cries. Biji asks her o forget everything and sleep. She says Majaaz isn’t alive now. Mariam says I told you not to talk about that matter, scold me, beat me. Biji scolds her. Mariam smiles. Biji sleeps. Mariam thinks of the guy. She offers prayers. Fawad smokes and works out. He sees Majaaz’s pic and gets angry. He burns pic. Mariam says I will find you.

Its morning, Mariam is on the way. She drives the cab. Fawad gets his mum’s call and rejects. He messages her not to call. Rifat is at hotel. She says he isn’t answering, like he has all the work load on himself. Mariam comes there and sees the tag. She recalls her family. Madiha comes to police station. She asks about Mariam. Inspector says I couldn’t find her since ten years, have patience. She says my hope is alive. She thinks how to believe that she isn’t alive. Mariam isn’t allowed inside. She does a drama and gets permission for meeting Fawad. She wishes to meet Fawad. She thanks the people and goes to the room. She goes to the room.

Smoke alarm rings. Fawad is about to hit her and stops. Shower starts. They see each other. Everyone runs. Kyu rang badal raha hai…plays…. He scolds Mariam. He says I have already paid you.She asks do you want cab. He asks are you serious. She says don’t get angry, my work is to just ask. He says I booked a cab, I will call you if needed, just go. He goes to room. She thinks I can’t let him go, what to do so that he talks to me. Mariam sees Biji and stops her. Biji jokes. Mariam says I m waiting for client here. Biji says your cab works online right, I don’t care if you came on any date, try it, maybe you get a nice guy, don’t find someone who doesn’t exist, don’t try to make such dreams true, Majaaz isn’t alive.

Mariam says don’t think so, I have come to meet a nice guy here, he is handsome. Biji says promise me, you came here for a guy. Mariam swears that she has come here following a guy, she wants to ask something. Biji says I know you can’t false swear. Biji goes. Mariam says sorry Biji, I couldn’t tell you entire truth, how to explain this guy to sit in my cab, I have to think something.Mariam seeing Fawad coming. She asks cab drivers to help her convince her boyfriend, he is annoyed with her. She asks them to share the rent, but do this favor. She acts to cry. The drivers agree. Fawad sees her and takes her cab. Mariam says he is throwing attitude at me.

He says drive faster, or stop the car, its my imp meeting today, I request you to drive this faster, I have to tolerate you for three more days. She recalls Majaaz’s pic. She looks back. He asks what. She says you dropped ipad yesterday, is it working fine. He says I can manage my things, you mind your own business. He gets a call and says I m reaching soon. He ignites lighter. She gets scared and drives rashly. He asks what happened. She says sorry, a cat came in front. She thinks to find dad. Meher says why do you still have hope, you know the answer, everything is over. She cries and says this can never come true.

Madiha says hope is the basis of life. Mariam says I m tolerating him for one reason, I have to find out in 3 days. She sees wallet and says who is going to pay for the food. She goes to the bar and sees him with a girl. She says he is not that decent, he is chatting with a girl, he is being so affectionate to her. Fawad asks the girl about someone. The girl says I left him soon, I m at work now, take my number, we will talk in leisure. Fawad thanks Rosy. He sees Majaaz’s pic and thinks if I can get this story, my life will be set, I have to crack this. He falls. Mariam holds him. He asks how dare you come here, I m a drunkard.

She says sorry and drops him down. She goes. He asks her to get his belongings. He gets some message and goes. She thinks if he sees me, all my efforts will be ruined, there is nothing wrong in this. Fawad meets Rifat and scolds her. He says I have no relation with you, you aren’t my mum. He argues with her. He says you remember, you sacrificed me to save Zain, you saved his life and ruined my life, you are selfish, you care for your benefit.Mariam looks on. He says when Zain left you, you came after me, I don’t want to talk to you, I m alone and will be alone.

Rifat says don’t know, whose curse ruined my family, my son got away, I never did anything against my children and wished well. He scolds her. He throws a vase. Rifat goes. Mariam says he is ill mannered, he doesn’t respect his mum, he has got everything in his life, so he doesn’t value his family. She thinks to check his ipad. She says I m doing this just for my dad. Fawad says where did that silly girl go, she has my stuff, did she run away. Mariam tries to get password. She says I don’t even know his name. Fawad smokes and looks for her. She unlocks the ipad. She checks it and cries. Fawad comes and sees her. He says oh really… She gets tensed.


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