The frontliners Update Saturday 25 September 2021

The frontliners 25 September 2021: The Episode starts with everyone mourning for Shashank. Ishani wears her doctor’s coat. Sid says Shashank welcomed me to Sanjivani and today I m bidding you a farewell. Ishani says this white coat matters a lot for a doctor, its your leaving today. Sid and everyone cry. Sid gets Shashank’s body for the final rites. Everyone cries for Shashank. Vardaan pours flowers and prays. He thinks you wanted to win and died, I will snatch Sanjivani from you. Juhi thinks you keep this fragrance with you and don’t forget me, I will always be close to you. Anjali says we always fought, you thought I don’t love you, no, I love you a lot. Ishani says Shashank was like a father for me, I promise to become Sanjivani’s best doctor, Sanjivani will be like you wanted. Sid says I will miss you a lot. They take Shashank for the rites.

Pandit asks them to call Shashank’s son for giving him the fire. Vardaan sees Sid. A doctor says pandit ji, we want to say the last goodbye to Sanjivani’s best doctor. They salute Shashank. Roshni thinks I can’t tell truth to Sid, I can’t even hide it. Vardaan says pandit ji, you asked for Shashank’s son, in today’s times, daughter and son are equal, Anjali is his daughter and son also, she will give the fire to the pyre. Anjali says I can’t. Juhi and Sid ask him to have courage, do your duty. Vardaan thinks you should do he duty, you are his son. Roshni thinks of Sid’s words. Anjali says I will do it, even if its tough. Roshni thinks its last chance for Sid to say goodbye to his dad, can he bear the truth.

Roshni stops Anjali and says Dr. Shashank has a son, even he has a right to light the pyre. Anjali asks what are you saying. Roshni goes to Sid. She says my son Siddhu is Dr. Shashank’s son. They all get shocked. Vardaan smiles. Sid thinks of his childhood and Shashank’s words. Pandit asks them to hurry up, they can’t see the body this way. Vardaan thinks Shashank, did you think I will forget my revenge, no, I will take revenge on your children, poor Sid, children get property, cash and fame by heirship, but Sid gets my revenge. Anjali makes Sid light the pyre. They together light the pyre. Everyone cries. Ishani asks Roshni to be with Sid, he needs her. Sid thinks of Roshni’s words. He thinks why did this happen with me. He cries.

Ishani saying Sid had to know it this way, when he longed for his dad all the day, how would he tolerate this, I feel so sorry for him. Philo says its Lord’s wish, what can we do in it, Sid needs you, be with him. Roshni apologizes to Sid. Sid says please leave me alone. She says listen to me once. He asks why. Ishani looks on. Sid asks why did you hide it till now, why did you tell it today, you have any idea what will I go through, you know I longed for my dad, you didn’t say anything, you told me when he is no more, I will always feel that he was close to me but I didn’t realize. He goes. Ishani consoles Roshni.Roshni says what would I tell Sid about Shashank, I met Shashank at a medical camp, he lost his wife, we were busy in work, I had no friends, I got attracted to him, I thought I got my life partner, he had to leave the camp because of hospital crisis, he left his number with the nurse, but the nurse misplaced the number, I failed to contact him, I learnt I m pregnant, I tried to contact him, but couldn’t, I got little Sid to Mumbai, I made him a doctor, I didn’t know the fate will take him to the same hospital where his dad works, I wished to meet him and tell the truth,

but I lost courage seeing him moving on, he had a grown up daughter with him, he became Sanjivani’s head, I didn’t wish to disturb his life, I couldn’t tell Sid and stayed away. Ishani consoles her.Anjali thinks of Roshni’s words and pours water on her head. Vardaan takes Shashank’s ashes and says I won’t let you go Shashank, I will ruin your family, I have written your fate, you won’t get peace, Sid will bear the burden of your misdeed, child gets parents’ assets, but Sid got my revenge. He gets Anjali’s call and asks what, fine. He laughs and says the game begins again.Sid thinks of Shashank. Juhi thinks of the notes. Ishani also thinks of Shashank. She says I will miss you. She hugs the pic. Door bell rings. She keeps the pic. She checks the door. Sid comes drunk and says I can’t go home.

Ishani takes care of him. He says why did Shashank leave me. She cries and says this time will also pass, I promise you. Its morning, he wakes up. She says I made your fav coffee. He asks at this time. She says its exactly like you like to have. He gets freshen up. He asks where do we have to go. She says you have to remember that someone is plotting against us, there is a big threat. He says don’t talk to me like this. She says I know you hide behind anger when you are hurt, I know what was Shashank for you, you can’t forget that Vardaan is part of this story, he wants revenge on you. Vardaan says I will not leave you Shashank, i will ruin your children.He goes to the luxury ward. He says you won’t have any right on Sanjivani, I will make Anjali and Sid out of my way, its my promise. He goes inside the door and says its time to use this secret now.

The door shuts. Ishani says don’t know what did Vardaan plan against you, Sid at least for Shashank’s sake, your father’s sake, he loved Sanjivani a lot, we have to find out what Vardaan wants, I hate to say this but we have to forget our sorrow. She hugs him. She says I know you want to cry for Shashank, and I m asking you to think about all this, sorry but… He says you are thinking of my future, I know I need you. She asks how shall we start, we have nothing against him. He says we will play his same game, we have to go in his past, like he did with me, we will begin with Sanjivani.

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