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Love will never lie 20 May 2020: Pari runs towards Mishti and hugs her. Mauli and Ishaan were happy to see them.Kunal stood in the parking.Mauli greets Pari and leaves to receive her family.

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Kunal walk towards the apartments while Mauli was coming towards the parking. They soon confront each other. Mauli’s smile vanishes. Pari and Mishti come running there. Pari introduces Mauli to her Buddy and asks if she found him handsome? Mishti introduces Kunal to her mother. Ishaan comes there complaining who would introduce him? Mishti says he is her Popsy. Mauli joins hands to say happy Diwali to Kunal. Kunal gives a small gift to Ishaan. Ishaan asks Kunal about his wife.

Mauli scolds Mishti for her muddy hands and takes her inside to wash them. Mishti takes Pari along with her and requests Mauli to let them play for some more time. Mauli leaves their hands to play. Mamma spots Kunal still standing where he had been. Ishaan takes the kids to light some crackers.

Mamma walks to Kunal, her eyes filled with tears. She grabs Kunal’s hand and takes him home, where she kiss his hands and was happy that he returned. Kunal asks how she is. He could never forget her, he wish to hug her. Mamma cries while hugging him. Kunal says he called her a number of times but couldn’t dare to speak to her. Pari comes to take Pari.

Mamma asks Kunal if he is Pari’s…. Kunal nods. Mamma looks towards Pari and recalls she had cursed Nandini once that she never becomes a mother. She kiss Pari’s cheeks with tears in her eyes. Pari asks Mamma and Kunal to come with her downstairs. Kunal asks her to go downstairs, he will be back. Mamma asks Kunal if Nandini is also here. Dida comes outside asking Radika if the guests are here.

She spots Kunal there in the hall.
Mauli recalls Kunal and Nandini’s love. How he had ended their relation and denied to accept their child. Ishaan comes to support Mauli and notices she had been distressed. Tears filled Mauli’s eyes but she couldn’t speak much. Pari had run into Mauli’s lap fearful of the crackers. Mauli parts Pari from herself and says she isn’t her mama, she is Mishti’s mama. Ishaani was quizzical. He tells Pari that aunty is afraid of crackers even more than Pari. Pari cheers. Mauli asks Mishti that it is enough now, she must go inside. Mishti says they even have to light the crackers with Pari’s father yet.

Mauli was angry. Pari tells Mauli to go and take rest, Mishti isn’t afraid of the crackers. They even have to go for dinner. Mauli takes Mishti inside. Pari asks Ishaan if aunty is so afraid of the crackers.
Dida fumes over Kunal and tells Radika to make him leave. He left finishing each relation. Kunal wipes his tears and looks towards Mamma. Mamma nods towards Kunal. He now walks to Dida and requests her to listen to him. Dida wasn’t ready to listen. Kunal holds her hand. Dida angrily jerks his hand away. His hand fell over a flame on the candle stand.

Dida holds it at once out of care. She asks Radika if he has favored them by coming after so long, they were alive even without him and will live in future as well. They will inform him when she has died, he can come on the fourth day then. Kunal holds Dida’s hand saying I missed you a lot. Dida hugs Kunal. She cries and asks Kunal if he never wished to meet her in all these years. She even takes Radika into a hug.

Mishti was being dragged by Mauli. Mishti says Pari and her Papa have come over for Diwali, they even cancelled their party. Why can’t they go for dinner now then? Mauli scolds Mishti asking if Pari’s papa was more important than her. Ishaan comes there and sends Mishti and Pari to play. He then asks Mauli what’s wrong with her, she has been reacting strangely. The invited Mr. Malhotra for dinner, why she doesn’t want to go anymore.

Mauli calls Mishti back and argues with Ishaan that she does not want to go to dinner with Kunal and his daughter. Ishaan now understands and confirms if this is Dr. Kunal Malhotra, her ex-husband? Mauli nods painfully.

Ishaan asks Mauli if he is Dr. Kunal Malhotra, her ex-husband. He apologizes Mauli, he was unaware of her past. He understands the matter now and they can cancel the dinner. Mauli tells Ishaan its fine, she isn’t effected by Kunal’s presence anymore. Ishaan tells her not to pose being brave. Mauli assures Kunal doesn’t matter to her, she has turned her horrible past into a beautiful present where Kunal has no place at all. Kunal had reached behind and heard Mauli’s conversation.

The girls were excited and asks Kunal to burn the crackers with them. Kunal asks Pari to go home. Mishti reminds Kunal about his promise to go on dinner together. Mauli says they shouldn’t break the promises done to children or anyone, she never breaks her promises. Everything else is up to him. Ishaan offers to pick Mrs. Malhotra from the way. Pari replies that her mama doesn’t go anywhere and likes to live with her and her father. She won’t come.

In the restaurant, Ishaan asks Kunal what he would like to have. Mauli selects the menu. Pari says her Buddy is a foodie, her mama ruined him by cooking delicious dishes. Mauli recalls warning Nandini repeatedly that Kunal loves food but gets fat so soon. Mishti challenges Pari for a Pani Poori competition. Mauli and Kunal recall having such competitions with Nandini.

They forbid the children who were now annoyed. Ishaan suggests they will order Bitter gourd and Eggplant dishes for kids. Both frown. Ishaan then offers Pasta and Noodles. Mishti demands ice cream as well. Mauli suggests about ordering Ishaan’s favorite Biryani with less oil. Kunal thinks he feels relieved to see Mauli happy, he couldn’t give her anything but pain. Mauli thinks its good they met, she realizes his presence or absence doesn’t matter to her.

At home, Dida tells Radika that Ishaan must have gone with them and will handle the situation. Mamma was worried about Mauli now, she accuses herself of being unthoughtful for Mauli. They were worried that Ishaan and Mishti don’t know about Kunal or Nandini, what if something wrong is said.

Ishaan asks Kunal about his life. Kunal says they weren’t in India for long, it’s nice to be back. Ishaan says shifting homes is a real problem, especially ladies and kids. Kunal says Pari’s interviews went really smooth. Pari interferes that she is her mama’s favorite as well, her Buddy says she even looks like her mama specially eyes and dimples. Mauli drops a glass of water over Ishaan’s clothes. She was at once apologetic and wipes it off his clothes.

Mauli gives a spoonful of ice cream into Mishti’s mouth. Mishti runs to Kunal to give him a bite. Mauli calls Mishti to make Popsy taste it, it’s his favorite flavor. After the meal, Ishaan asks if there are rats on their table. Mishti says they aren’t any rats, they are best friends and like sisters. Pari says Mishti can’t be her sister, she isn’t ready to share her Buddy with anyone. Buddy is only hers. Mauli asks Mishti to finish the ice cream. Ishaan goes outside to get the car. Kunal and Mauli hit each other while they get up, Kunal apologizes Mauli asking if she was hurt?

Outside, the girls were excited to see the helium balloons. Both Mishti and Pari demand for balloons. Mishti runs towards the vendor in excitement. Kunal and Mauli watch a car approaching Mishti from the opposite side. Mauli runs to save Mishti at once, Kunal was equally concerned but Mauli stops him with the signal of her hand. She says she can take care of her daughter herself. Ishaan had brought the car. Mishti apologizes Popsy as she couldn’t see anything but the balloons.

Kunal buys a balloon from the vendor and turns to look towards Mishti. He brings one to Mishti and the other for Pari. He advices Mishti to never run across roads this way. Ishaan thanks Kunal. Mauli thinks Kunal never deserves to know that Mishti is his daughter, he negated her presence even before she was born. Ishaan holds hands with Mauli and Mishti. Kunal watch the three of them walk towards the car.

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