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Love will never lie 19 May 2020: Pari calls Mishti on a video call on Ishaan’s phone. She offers Mishti to come to Water Park with her. Ishaan asks Mamma for permission. Mamma says what could be the problem with it. Kunal recognizes Mamma at once.

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Pari thanks Ishaan for letting Mishti, while Ishaan thanks Kunal for solving a problem for him. Ishaan promises to drop Mishti to a convenient point, and her mother will later pick her up.

After the picnic, Kunal stops the car by his apartment. Mishti and Pari were excited and wanted to play a little more. Kunal permits the girls but forbids them to go to the corner where work was going on. Mishti hides behind a car while playing hide and seek. Someone spills water on the broken wire. Pari had found Mishti and warns her not to step over water. Mishti doesn’t realizes, she steps over the wire and with a jolt she fells on the floor, unconscious Pari holds a wooden rod to remove the wire from the plug. Kunal comes hold Mishti to hospital while Pari calls Ishaan.

In the hospital, Kunal wore a mask and applied dressing on Mishti’s wounds. Pari stood in front of the temple and prayed for Mishti’s recovery. Mauli reach the hospital and was hyper that Pari’s father must have been careful, he must have taken care of Mishti. Pari comes from behind and says it wasn’t her Papa’s mistake. Mishti will be fine. Their maid explains the incident to Mauli. Pari holds her ears to apologize. Mauli wipes Pari’s tears and says I am sorry, I was tensed.

Kunal gives an injection to Mishti. Mishti wakes up and shouts, Mama! Kunal greets Mishti for waking up and cheers her up. Ishaan notices that OT’s lights had gone off. Mauli hurries inside the OT. Kunal was just coming outside and hits Mauli’s shoulder. He looks behind but Ishaan calls her. Kunal tells Ishaan that Mishti is fine, in only a little shock. He apologizes as Mishti was his responsibility. Ishaan says it’s no one’s responsibility, but Kunal only needs to calm her mother.
In the OT, Ishaan comes to Mauli and Mishti. Mishti greets Ishaan and says it seems her mama was injured instead of her. Ishaan says they must make Mauli meet Pari’s father. Mishti says Kunal is a good doctor and very handsome. Mauli goes to meet him.
Outside in the corridor, Kunal notices Pari had fever. Pari says its stress .Kunal takes her home.
Mauli comes out but Kunal was walking outside. A nurse gives her Mishti’s reports and documents.
Mamma stood in the temple. The Pandit ji asks if her son doesn’t stay with her, she comes alone for Pooja for his life. Mamma thinks she is unfateful that she sent her own son away, how she must go to him or with what face he can return? She might never meet him again. All at once, strong winds blow and Mamma sense someone walking towards her. She looks behind but no one was there. Kunal and Pari walked towards the temple through the same passage. Kunal asked Pari she wasn’t fine, then didn’t she rest. Pari claims to be her mother’s daughter, she had to bring Chunri here.

Mamma was walking her way back. She hits a lady on the way, her platter spills. Kunal and Pari had walked to the temple without noticing Mamma. There, Mamma wipes her tears and then heads to distribute some shawls amongst the poor. She remembers she didn’t ask the time for today’s Pooja from the Pandit. Kunal and Pari were on their way by then. Mamma spots them leaving.

Mauli and Ishaan struggle with Mishti to give him medicine. She complains Mishti got even injections with Kunal. Mishti says he is really smart, and did all his work really playfully. Kunal calls Ishaan asking about Mishti. Ishaan says Mishti isn’t having her medicine. Kunal agrees to solve their problem. He narrates Mishti a story, and Mishti agrees to eat the medicine at once. Mauli was impressed and asks Ishaan to invite this doctor and Pari for Diwali dinner. Ishaan invites Kunal to join them in dinner, and says the mother of this house cooks commendable dishes.Kunal gives up resistance and agrees to be their guest.

Radika was preparing tea in the kitchen. She was disturbed as she thinks it was surely Kunal, he has returned from US. Dida comes there asking for tea. Mauli also notices Mamma was tensed, but had to leave with Ishaan. Dida spits the tea asking if she mixed salt in the tea cup instead of sugar. Tears fell off Radika’s eyes and says he has returned, Kunal is in the same city. She saw him in the temple. Dida says it must be someone else. Both were emotional. Mamma says he didn’t see her. Dida asks what would happen to Mauli if she finds out about him. Mamma says she has a right to be happy, Kunal is her son after all. Dida takes her promise that she won’t tell Mauli. They shouldn’t ruin Mauli’s life. He would now enter their lives as a storm. Dida insists there is only a ray of hope that Mauli might step ahead in life. They need to show some patience for a few more days.

Kunal and Pari sat on the floor decorating Rangoli. Pari asks Kunal what he is making. She reminds Kunal that they even have to visit Mishti’s house. Kunal thinks about Mauli’s voice over Ishaan’s phone. He tries to ask Pari about Mishti’s mother’s name. Mishti didn’t recall. Kunal looks at the beautiful Rangoli Pari made, just like her mother. Pari cheers up. She then asks Kunal if her mama had a friend like Mishti. She wants to meet her.

Kunal thinks Mauli would never want to meet them. He asks Pari to meet her own friend, take a photo of Rangoli and forward it to Mishti. Pari gets a call from Mishti and walks into the room.
Ishaan knocks the door of Mauli’s room. Mauli asks him not be formal. He looks towards Mauli intently. Mauli asks why she is staring like this. Ishaan replies he is her fiancé, and she looks beautiful today. Mauli was excited about Pari and her family. Ishaan holds Mauli’s hand and wish her Diwali, a new year; he wish she begin to love him in this year. He then presents Mauli with a waist band. He says it would suit Mauli.

He takes Mauli’s permission who nods. She flinches as Ishaan ties the waist band, wishing her Diwali and hoping her as his wife to be. He then kiss the back of her hand. Dida came inside, whistling. Ishaan complains he was about to come. Dida sends Mauli downstairs and wish her Diwali. Mauli hugs Dida and wish her.
Near the car, Pari was excited to go to Mishti’s place. Kunal asks about the address. Pari calls Ishaan and asks to send the address of his house. In the car, Kunal gives the map to Pari to guide him about the way.

In the Diwali party, Mauli blew the crackers with Ishaan and Mishti. Mamma was thoughtful how Mauli will feel if she knows Kunal was in the city.
Kunal sense that the location was of his house. Pari asks him to stop near the gardens. Kunal tells Pari it seems they have come the wrong way. Pari instead leaves the car as they reached the right spot. Pari runs towards Mishti. Kunal decides to be cautious so as not to confront his own family in the way.

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