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The crossroads 18 May 2020: Manohar talk about Jaidev. He asks what do you think if Swadheenta finds about Allan Broad. Jaidev asks him not to worry. Manohar says we have to frame Haider that he does not get free. Jaidev talks to him, and Jaya comes. Manohar goes.

Jaya ties the black thread to Jaidev’s hand again and says this will give you strength to walk on right path, Lord supports truth and he is with us, have a good day. Jaidev looks at Jaya and smiles. He feels guilty and leaves.

Jaidev goes to Manohar. Manohar asks why do you look worried. Jaidev says I m fine, we shall leave. They leave. Paddy sees Swadheenta at her office, and asks did you come to meet someone. Swadheenta says you, don’t you have any spy came, that night I was upset and it was easy to fool me, I know to manage reporters
like you. Paddy asks did you come to threaten me. Swadheenta says offer, do you want to make big news. Paddy says why not. Swadheenta says Allan Broad is lying, system is involved, someone in there in system who does not want Haider’s innocence to be proved, think I will find it, you have this chance to support me. Paddy asks do you have any proof, why should I help you. Swadheenta says I have 10 proofs, if you don’t want to help me, why should I help you. Paddy says your wish. Swadheenta calls another reporter. Paddy stops her.
Swadheenta asks what happened, your biggest competitor Sheetal will help. Paddy says I will help you, promise me one thing, this news won’t go to any other reporter. Swadheenta says I just want to get justice for my two brothers and Mamu, news is yours. Paddy says deal then, what do I have to do. They sit in café and talk. Swadheenta asks her to tell about Allan’s last month activity. Paddy says its tough, but I will do, whats the proof that system is involved. Swadheenta says system is 100% involved. Paddy says Allan was arrested last month on charges of terrorism, then it was said that he is just money launderer. Swadheenta says I know. Paddy says maybe you don’t know he was attacked in jail. Swadheenta says that night, it was my sangeet ceremony, I m sure Allan is involved in this matter.

Adarsh talks to his friend and says home ministry should approve your leave. The man says they have put me on internal enquiry about Asad and Haider. Adarsh asks why was I not given any notification, whats the report. The man says don’t know, report is given to high level authority, I thought you would be knowing, Manohar and Jaidev would have got reports before.
Paddy goes to meet Allan. Inspector says its not allowed for you to meet Allan, but he also wanted to meet you. She says Allan’s means his wish is followed here, interested. He says I did not mean that. Allan asks her to start interview. He asks inspector Khurana to leave. Khurana leaves. She says great, they obey you a lot. Allan says good people get good people, I got friendly with your govt. She sees the laptop/tab and says I guess so, this friendship looks strong. He looks on. She asks him about his statement about Asad and Haider’s terror links.

Jaidev and Manohar come home. Jaya goes to make tea for him. Manohar says I m happy for you and Jaya. Adarsh greets them and asks Jaidev about Haider’s internal enquiry. Manohar acts and says Jaidev, you did not tell Adarsh, I told you to tell Adarsh. Suhasini comes and looks on. Manohar says I made this enquiry done on minister’s saying.
Paddy calls Swadheenta and says I cross questioned Allan, your doubt is right, he is made to give this statement. Swadheenta thanks her and says I hope there is some solution. Paddy says I will try my best to get info about everyone related to this case.
Adarsh asks why. Manohar says for you and Swadheenta, you just got married and this incident happened, before new relations are made, old relations are lost, you both are standing against, we felt Swadheenta maybe right, but …. Adarsh asks what. Manohar says enquiry report is negative, Haider had terrorist links, it was well planned attack, Haider was the mastermind, Broad also stated this, I hope you understand. Suhasini looks at Manohar. He signs Jaidev and leaves. Suhasini looks at Manohar.

Suhasini goes to room and sees Manohar worried. She says you did not tell me about internal enquiry. He says I spoke to minister about it, maybe I forgot to tell you, report came recently. She says you forgot to say about report too, are you forgetting things or hiding. He says did I hide anything till now, maybe I forgot, don’t doubt on me. She says I m just asking. He says we have been through so much, its quite normal to forget things. She says okay, very sorry, I thought I don’t know something, so I asked question, I will get coffee. She goes.
Adarsh sees Swadheenta. Swadheenta talks to Paddy and says minister Choudhary came in my marriage too, he is close to Manohar. Paddy says he is close to Broad too, he initiated to free Broad, I mean Manohar and his minister worked together. Swadheenta tells Adarsh that she will get dinner. Adarsh stops her and says your belief increased after raid at Haider’s home, dad had done internal enquiry about Haider, just for you, reports are negative, Asad is terrorist, and Haider is mastermind, I m upset seeing you, why are you wasting time on them. She says I know reports are fake. He says you mean the world is a liar. She says Mamu and Asad are not terrorists.
Paddy calls her and says what I m going to tell you will shock you, on your marriage day, Broad demanded a laptop in jail, he was provided that, he did big money transfers that day, to minister and principal secretary Manohar. Swadheenta gets shocked. Paddy says these two are freeing Allan and trapping Gilanis. Swadheenta ends call. Adarsh asks to whom were you talking. She says no one. He says all evidence is against Haider, please agree, everyone want betterment for you, I m worried for you, try to understand. She says I know you are worried for me, if we are at fault, our misunderstandings will get cleared, lets hope for the best. She goes out. Swadheenta going out and talking to Paddy. She says I can’t believe dad is involved. Paddy says I know its tough to believe this against family, you file sections on Manohar.

Swadheenta says he is my father in law, how can I…. Paddy says I will mail you the proof, check it and then it will get easier for you. Jaya gives tea to Jaidev and says its good Gilanis are terrorists, its proved now, you and dad worked hard to get this facts, its really shocking that Swadheenta is working hard to defend them. She asks Jaidev what happened, why is he so silent. Jaidev says nothing, I was tired. She says look at me, this is wrong, you promised me, you won’t hide anything from me, you will tell anything without any hesitation, if anything is troubling you, share it. Jaidev recalls Manohar’s
words. He says its nothing like that, you are just taking tension. She says there is something that you are hiding. He asks her to stop this questioning.
Swadheenta goes to Manohar and says I need to talk to you, Adarsh told me about internal enquiry. He says its late, we will talk tomorrow, its confidential report and I can’t even discuss with Suhasini. She says its related to this case. He says its my dead son Abhay’s case too. She says Abhay was my brother. He says just Asad was your brother. She says I want to see reports. He asks what do you want to know, and tells about Gilanis’ negative reports, Allan Broad is money launderer and he said Haider had terror links. She says Allan meeting or seeing Haider does not prove Haider is terrorist, you also met Allan twice. He says no. She says according to my research, there is deep connection between Allan and system. He says system does not keep any relation with such terrorists. She says I learnt from mom, that person’s eyes show he is lying or saying truth, its first time you are not talking by looking towards me. He leaves. Paddy sends the files to her.
Swadheenta goes to Suhasini and says I came to fulfill my duty, you are elder to me in age and experience. Suhasini says home or court, its better to come to the point. Swadheenta says the raid was done at Mamu’s house, the things got from the spots were planted. Suhasini asks did you come to tell this to me at this time, how is this related. Swadheenta says someone is framing Asad and Mamu. Suhasini says Haider is himself a terrorist, why will any other terrorist frame him. Swadheenta says all the evidence was planted. Suhasini calls her faith blind. Swadheenta says a strange truth came infront of me. Suhasini says I see, you tell this to judge tomorrow. Swadheenta says I did research about Allan, some govt official made him give this statement against Mamu. Suhasini asks who did this.

Suhasini rushes and shouts to Adarsh and Manohar. Everyone come out. Suhasini asks Swadheenta to just shut up. Adarsh asks what happened. Suhasini asks him to ask his wife, I was quiet when she defended Haider, Abhay’s culprit. Now I won’t be quiet, she is saying Broad is made to give that statement against Haider, you know whom is she blaming, her research and investigation says senior bureaucrat Manohar Sinha made Allan give that statement. They all get shocked. Simmi asks what. Jaya asks how can you blame Papa, whats wrong with you Swadheenta, you are dragging dad in this. Simmi asks how dare you say this. Adarsh says wait Simmi.
He asks Swadheenta did she blame dad. Swadheenta says he is my dad too. Adarsh says he is not your dad, you are just related to Haider, I told you dad did internal inquiry just for your sake, everyone respected you, you just insulted us, you crossed all limits today, you should be ashamed. Swadheenta says person who knows meaning of shame, gets ashamed, if Swadheenta blames Manohar in court, I will be helpless to do what I did not do till now, if she points finger at Manohar, this house doors will get shut for her forever, and even Adarsh you also can’t stop me that time, better explain her. She angrily leaves. Everyone leave. Swadheenta cries.
Manohar does not get sleep and thinks what research did Swadheenta do about Broad, if she says anything wrong in court, how did she know that I……
Jaidev goes to room and sees Jaya worried. He asks what happened, is there something interesting outside. She says no, I did not see you. He says I know you are worried by all this. She says I can’t understand Swadheenta, she is fighting case for Abhay’s murderers, why is she not understanding mumma’s pain, and blaming Papa. He says everyone is not like you.

Swadheenta got a good husband like Adarsh, even then she is doing all this, you got a husband like me, rude, egoistic…. She stops him and asks how dare you say anything against my husband, my husband is the best. He says I was never best husband and best person, but I will show you by becoming the best. He holds her and kisses her forehead. He says just for you and our relation, mom will show Swadheenta the real law, I m really glad mom is fighting this case, don’t worry, Abhay will get justice. He hugs her.
Its morning, Adarsh wakes up and does not see Swadheenta. He sees the cupboard door open and checks. He sees the cupboard vacant and Swadheenta’s clothes gone. He recalls Suhasini’s words. More jiya…………..okays…………. Swadheenta reaches the court with her bag. Mami and Paddy meet her. Swadheenta asks Mami to give this bag to Prakash. Mami says this is not right, our house is ruined, you go back to your house. Swadheenta says I know what I m doing. Paddy says leaving home for a case…. Swadheenta says this is not just a case, this is a war to bring the truth infront of 100 crores Indians, this is my duty and I will do it.
Adarsh gets Swadheenta’s letter on the bed. She writes its impossible to go away from your life, but it was necessary to leave from this house, its not madness, I did not know I will get to know bitter truths to fight in this case, Abhay and Asad were true sons of the country, I wanted to get justice for them, but I got to know bitter truth of the system, which I can’t deny, I know when govt. Robin hood gets to know all the truth, Robin hood’s anger will get away and hold my hand first, I can’t stop, I have to keep walking, my eyes and heart will wait for you. More jiya……………plays………… He gets worried.

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