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Love will never lie 18 May 2020: Ishaan is busy playing with the girls. Mauli points that his phone is ringing, but Ishaan says he is busy right now. Kunal is restless and calls Ishaan continuously. Ishaan finally takes the call.

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Kunal shouts who is he? Ishaan asks why he is shouting so badly. Kunal was irritated that they took his daughter, he was concerned how they could take his daughter, if she is fine or did she eat something? Ishaan gives the phone to Pari to speak to Kunal. Kunal was relieved. Pari scolds Kunal that his phone didn’t connect, if he was asleep? She cries on phone. Kunal apologizes Pari and says he was at a place where there was no network at all. He asks Pari to wipe her tears now, and give the phone to the uncle standing with her. Ishaan takes Pari to her father.

In the restaurant, Mauli has good time with kids and Ishaan. Mauli gets a call from hospital for emergency. She was concerned for the kids. Ishaan says his hotel business is easy, but Mauli is a doctor and has to look after many people. She should now leave. Pari asks if Mauli wouldn’t meet her father. Kunal had arrived just outside the restaurant. Mauli apologizes as it’s important for her to go right now, they will meet next time for sure. Kunal and Mauli pass each other but Kunal dropped car keys and bends to pick them while Mauli pass him. Both stop sensing strange, they turn around at different timings and couldn’t have a face confrontation. Kunal spots Pari on a table nearby and hurries towards her in relieve. Mishti says Pari’s father is here. Pari runs to hug Kunal. Ishaan stands to meet Kunal. Pari introduces everyone to her Mr. Handsome, her father. She introduces Kunal to Mishti, her friend. Kunal calls Mishti really pretty. Kunal had brought chocolates for both. Kunal thanks Ishaan and apologizes for being offensive on call, he was worried for Pari and its Pari’s first visit to India. Ishaan says that’s completely fine.

Mishti asks Kunal to wait and meet her mother, Ishaan explains she had to leave for some urgent task. Kunal takes a leave as he is in a hurry and needs to go to work. Mishti gifts Pari her bangle as a token of gift. Kunal recalls the moment Nandini gifted Mauli her bangle. In the car, Pari tells Kunal that Mishti’s mother is really sweet, and fed her a lot even kheer. Kunal was now jealous, and complains if Pari didn’t miss him. Pari was upset and asks Kunal why there aren’t many people in her family like in Mishti’s. Kunal takes Pari where they visit whenever she miss her mother. They reach the temple.

Pari speaks to her mother that she finally found a best friend today and she even had kheer. She says Mishti’s mama is very nice, just like you. Kunal asks Pari to thank God now, as he conveys her conversations to mummy. Pari asks the God to take care of her mama. She and Buddy live together but Mamma live with Him. She opens a pendant in her neck and watch Nandini’s photo in it.

Outside, Kunal wipes Pari’s tears. He speaks to Nandini that their daughter is really strong, she wasn’t afraid in the camp at all. Pari says she was really fearful and missed him. She was upset and hugs Kunal. Kunal apologizes and promises he will never let her in any such situation. Pari says if her mom would be here, she would have been like Mishti’s mama. Kunal says their case is different, he is her mother, Dadi and everyone. He spends a lot of time with Pari, he narrates her stories when she sleeps, make hairstyles with her and visits park with her as well. He now demands Pari love from everyone. She shares kisses with him. Kunal hugs Pari out of love. He silently thinks that she has two grannies but they might not love her the way she deserves.

He doesn’t want her to face the same rejection he and her mother did.
At night, Kunal sang a lullaby for Pari while she fall asleep in his lap. He thinks about Mamma singing the same lullaby. He thinks Pari’s grandmother is nearby, but she doesn’t know they have a cute Pari as well. He takes his phone, then decides to call for the sake of Pari today. He dials a call. Mamma picks up the landline phone. Kunal recalls one earlier he had called to wish them, but Mamma scolded him for leaving every relation for that Nandini. She claimed she was dead for him.

That day, Kunal had decided to leave the country as his family would never accept Nandini. On the phone, Mamma restlessly asks who is there. Kunal wonders why he is unable to speak to his own mother. Mamma also realized it was Kunal. Dida comes to take the receiver from Mamma and scolds the other side person not to call again.

After she placed the receiver back, Kunal looks towards Pari and silently apologizes her for not being able to tell Mamma and Dida about her. There, Dida knew Mamma felt it was Kunal and holds the phone to plug the wire off. She convince Mamma that Kunal left them forever, never once he turned to them. Mamma says she can’t forget Kunal. Dida asks Mamma to think he is dead. Mamma was irked and interrupts her. Dida tells her to cry and shed tears for Kunal, but for the last time.

The next morning, Ishaan and Mishti sat together. Mishti showed him the photos of crackers she wanted. Ishaan says he bought so much for Mishti already, a dress as well but its alright if Mishti is only happy with crackers. Mishti was happy to get the gifts. Mauli comes ready for hospital and insists on Mishti to let her go. Mishti complains that Mama never has time for her and family. Dida and Mamma convince that her mother is a working lady.

Misti was angry that her mother only worries for work and not about her at all. She runs inside. Ishaan apologizes Mauli, he thought Mauli will have an off on Diwali. Mauli was sensitive and confirms if she is a bad mother as Mishti called her? Ishaan says Mauli is a single mother for past six years, it is really difficult. Tears floated in Mauli’s eyes. Mamma and Dida convince Mauli they will speak to Mishti about it.
Mishti was crying in the room. Mamma come to Boo her, Mishti says she is no more afraid. Mamma hugs Mishti and says alright, she will scold Mauli as she is a bad mother.

Mishti says Mama is really nice and takes care for everyone. Mamma promises Mishti that tomorrow is Diwali and they will go for picnic together.  Kunal applied oil in Pari’s hair and planned an outing to Water Park. Pari asks Kunal to take permission from Mishti’s mother as well. She makes a video call to Mishti on Ishaan’s phone. Mamma leaves while Ishaan takes the phone screen to Mishti. Pari offers Mishti to go to water park with her. Ishaan asks Mamma for permission pointing the camera towards her. Mamma allows Mishti. Kunal was shocked to see Mamma.

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