Love or Poison Update Tuesday 22 June 2021


Love or Poison 22 June 2021: Viraj moves the glass near Sitara’s lips.Padmini adds oil in diya and starts reading Durga Chalisa. Sitara wakes up and pushes Viraj’s hand away. He is relieved to see her fine. Why did you throw the glass away? She shares that she wont break has fast before sunset. He reasons she wont be able to pull it off. Your entire body is dehydrated. She assures him she will take care of herself. Even Yamini shows concern but Sitara stays put. Viraj refuses to let her keep fast in this condition.

Sitara says I have faith in Ma. She will give me the strength to keep fast. Viraj walks away in a huff. Sitara lies down.Vrinda shouts angrily that her plan got foiled again. I wont stop though. She asks her sisters to create a hindrance in Padmini’s puja. I will plan my next move. They nod.Padmini is praying when strong wind starts blowing. She covers the diya and continues with her chants. Vishkanya’s make cracks in the floor using their powers but Sitara comes just in time. She turns the cracks towards her Massi’s. They fall down in shock. Padmini turns to Sitara.

She tells her to keep chanting. I will manage everything. Padmini happily continues with her chant. The ball of fire is pushes away from Sitara. It surrounds the diya. Vishkanya’s fail in stopping their prayers and give up. Sitara sits next to Padmini. This diya is safe now. She tells Devi Ma she is doing this fast to protect her husband and family. I don’t intend to hurt anyone. I just want to keep everyone safe. Vishkanya’s have turned Viraj into a Vishpurush. I have only 9 days to save him.

We will lose him for forever if I don’t succeed in these 9 days. Please give me strength. She looks at the wall clock. The sun will set in 20 minutes. Please help me, Ma. The ball of fire is right above Sitara’s head. She feels extremely dehydrated.Yamini asks Arjun how Sitara will help them when she herself is so weak. Did we make a mistake in choosing her? Yamini notices Lakshmi passing by from there and offers to help her. Lakshmi looks at her pointedly. Yamini apologizes to her.

I fell in their words and misbehaved with you! I am very sorry. Lakshmi forgives her. Yamini tells her not to do all this till the time she is here. She takes the thaal from Lakshmi. Did you forgive me from your heart? Lakshmi pats at her cheek. You are like my younger sister. Why wont I forgive you? I hope that from today onwards you will only do what’s right for our family. Yamini nods. Arjun looks on.Viraj is disturbed thinking about Sitara’s state. Vrinda calls out to Viraj loudly.

Bring out the Vishpurush from inside. Come outside. Viraj stands up. He lifts Diya and holds her hand. He is again jolted with poison. He turns into Vishpurush. Diya claps for him as he walks out of the room. Viraj enters in Vrinda’s room. She announces that his transformation is complete. In the next 8 days, he will gain powers with which he can kill someone like Sitara! Before that, he will have to do what I will tell him to do! You have to feed water to Sitara before sunset at any cost! You only have 10 minutes to make it happen.

Sitara should not be able to complete her puja! Viraj leaves. Albeli remarks that this time Sitara wont be able to say no. Surili insists that Sitara can have a upper hand over Viraj but Vrinda is sure Sitara cannot harm Viraj at any cost. She will listen to him even if he tries to force her to drink water. She cannot hurt him under any condition!Viraj / Vishpurush growls at Sitara. Padmini and Sitara look at him in shock. Padmini is afraid but Sitara holds her hand. She asks Viraj why he has come here. You should go.

She tells Padmini to continue her puja and steps in front of Viraj. Viraj / Vishpurush picks the kalash and tries to force Sitara to drink water. She tells him she wont drink water as she has kept fast. Let me go. Don’t compel me to use my powers. She ends him pushing him away from her. Don’t be stubborn or you will see the worst! Leave. Viraj / Vishpurush disappears. He actually starts running around in speed. Sitara prays to Ma to help her. She holds her head feeling dizzy.

Viraj / Vishpurush appears behind her and tries the same tactic again. She warns him again to stop. She recalls something and points her mangalsutra at him. Viraj / Vishpurush passes out on the floor. Sitara is in tears seeing Viraj’s condition.Vrinda says Sitara succeeded in defeating Viraj also. He still has human emotions inside him. He loves her till today. He got affected when he saw the mangalsutra. It wont be the case after 8 days though as he will become a heartless Vishpurush.

He will become our puppet! He will be our most powerful weapon. He wont have any hint of Sitara’s husband left inside him.Sitara thanks Ma for helping her. Viraj has not turned into a Vishpurush completely yet. My vermilion and mangalsutra revives the goodness inside him. I want to keep it alive inside him forever. Help me always just like you helped me today, Ma.It is night time. Sitara is trying to figure out how Vrinda is transmitting poison to Viraj. I will be able to defeat her then.

Vrinda says the game has just begun. Sitara has become weak on Day 1 itself. Just do as I say. Keep your focus on this idol.Sitara wakes up and is shocked to see Diya missing from her pram. She goes outside to look for her. She hears the sound of a baby’s laughter and peeks inside Vrinda’s room. She is shocked to see Vrinda holding Diya in her arms. Sitara asks Vrinda what is going on. Vrinda lies that Diya was crying. Sitara holds Diya. I couldn’t hear it and you could hear it from such a distance?


Lie should be such that can be believed! You came in my room today. Don’t you dare set your foot in my room after today without asking me! She leaves with Diya.Vrinda is sure Sitara will be more careful with Diya now. She is very important so I can achieve my mission!Sitara keeps Diya in her pram. Why did Ma take her? There must be some reason behind it. Is Diya making Viraj a Vishpurush or is there some other reason? How to find out the truth? She takes Diya’s saliva and moves closer to the plant in their room. It will dry if Diya is a Vishbalika.

The plant is fine. Sitara wonders how Viraj is turning into a Vishpurush then. What’s Ma’s connection with Diya if she has nothing to do with Viraj? Viraj sits up startled and shouts. Sitara asks him if he is fine. He shares that he saw a strange animal in his dream. He hugs her. I am seeing it again and again. I feel uneasy. It is as if I am hurting you somehow. Am I hurting you? She denies. He rests his head on her shoulder. Why do I feel so strange then? She is sad that she cannot tell him the truth.

I promise you I will make you an ordinary human being again in these 9 days! Romantic song plays in the background. She feeds him water and he rests his head in her lap and falls asleep. Sitara is emotional.Next morning, Padmini has fallen asleep in the house temple only. The diya is still lit. Sitara wakes her up. Padmini adds more ghee in the diya. Sitara tells Padmini what happened yester night. We have to be more careful. They can do anything to create a hindrance in our puja.

Padmini agrees. She goes to make charnamrit (Prasad) for the puja. Lakshmi, Yamini and Arjun join Sitara. Lakshmi tells Sitara that she will do puja from today. Sitara welcomes her gladly. This is the sign of new beginnings. Our relations might be fixed this way. Lakshmi keeps a condition. I will do puja only if Sitara will stay away from here. Sitara thanks Devi Ma for bringing Rani Ma here. I will handle it from here.Padmini adds milk in a bowl. She goes to bring tulsi leaves.

Vrinda enters in the kitchen stealthily. She mixes something in the bowl. The puja wont be complete when this Prasad will be offered. I will see how Sitara escapes now!Rani Ma speaks of the importance of Navratre. Whoever fasts with a pure heart in these days gets whatever he or she wishes for! Vrinda and Surili look at them. Surili asks her sister how they will stop their puja today. Vrinda shares that she has made preps from that. I have messed their Prasad. Their puja wont be complete today! She asks for Albeli but Surili tells her to enjoy this moment first.

Albeli notices Padmini taking the Prasad bowl. It is the best time to ruin their puja. Didi will be so impressed with me then!Lakshmi asks for Prasad. Sitara shares that Padmini is bringing it. Lakshmi points out that the puja wont be complete without it.Albeli drops water in Padmini’s path. The bowl falls again in Padmini’s hand but Albeli drinks it.Lakshmi is getting restless but Yamini suggests her to start the puja. Padmini will join us soon. Lakshmi starts her puja.

Padmini asks Albeli why she drank the Prasad. Albeli asks her how she will complete her puja now. She throws the bowl away. Padmini looks at her teary eyed.Lakshmi offers aarti to Arjun and Yamini. Padmini tells Sitara everything. Lakshmi asks for Prasad again. Is this how you do puja? Padmini apologizes to Sitara. Your puja remained incomplete because of my mistake. Sitara tells her not to apologize. Ma does not let anything go wrong ever. If it dint come here then it wasn’t meant for us. Vrinda wonders why Padmini dint bring Prasad.

I kept it in the kitchen only. Sitara adds a flower in the kalash kept there. There cannot be anything more pious than this! Vrinda is still puzzled as to how this happened. Albeli peeks at her sisters. I drank it! She walks up to them. They don’t have Prasad now. Vrinda slaps her. Everyone looks at them in confusion. Albeli asks her sister why she slapped her. Vrinda asks her to come but Albeli again asks her why she should go. Did you forget what you told us? We have to ruin your puja so Viraj can turn into a Vishpurush completely? Vrinda tells others not to believe Albeli.

She is ill. Albeli denies. You told her that we have to ruin the Navratra puja so Viraj can become Vishpurush. Vrinda fails in her efforts to quieten her. Albeli asks Surili if Vrinda dint say so. Viraj would have turned into a Vishpurush if Sitara hadn’t fought with us. Lakshmi looks on in shock. Sitara thanks Ma for bringing out their truth before everyone this way.

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