Curse of the sands update Friday 25 June 2021


Curse of the sands 25 June 2021: Rana/Ram kills servant who looks at Mohini. Mohini walks to him and asks to calm down. He says he will kill whoever eyes on his wife. She walks away. He walks to servant and checking his heartbeat tells his wife her husband is no more, so he will take care of her. He holds her and drags her towards him. She pleads that he cannot do this as he is Ram.

Ram says he is Ravan. Lady runs while Rana follows her in his car gulping liquor. Girl hides near a house where unconscious Siya is. Rana gets out of his car and warns girl to come out before he finds her, she is in his fate and he will not reject hhis fate. He sings Tera Mujhse tha pehle se naata koi…song.. Siya in coma reminisces Ram singing it for her, gasps for air, and wakes up. Aygiri Nandini…..stotra plays in the background. She runs into jungle searching Ram hearing his voice.

Ram continues singing song searching girl. Siya walks to him and calls Ram. Ram turns and looks at her. A lion atttacks them. Ram pushes her aside and bears lion’s attack. Mohini reaches there shoots at lion. Lion escapes. Mohini’s ghagra paltan team rushes to Rana and seeing his condition says let us take him away as he is severely injured.. Mohini notices something in dry leaves and thinking it as lion walks towards it.

Injured and subconscious Siya twirls in leaves and is covered by them. Ghagra paltan team says let us go from here, what if lion was devimaa’s lion. Mohini says she does not care. Devimaa covers Siya with leaves completely. Team tells Rana’s condition is worsening, let us take him from here. Mohini takes Ram from there in her jeep. A man reaches there and carries Siya from there.

Mohini takes Rana to palace and calls doctor. Doctor treats Rana. Mohini asks why did not Rana open eyes yet. Doctor says he did his best and now god can save Rana. Ghagra paltan team says lion was very huge. Mohini angrily lifts doctor in air. Doctor apologies Mohini. Dayimaa enters and asks her to relax. She says everything was fine for 1 year, now problems started again.

A man lifts Siya and carries her with him. He senses someone following and turning behind attacks, but does not see anyone there.

A man Vanraj carrying Siya senses someone following him. He drops Siya down and sees his girlfriend attacking him with slingshot and confronting that she is mad in his love, but he is carrying this woman, who is she. Man asks her to go home. He takes Siya back to Raj joytishya’s hide out and lying her on bed looks at her holding her hand. Murli ke jaise…. song….plays in the background.

Mohini in palace tells her team that her problems started again after 1 year. Dayimaa says she has to find a solution for this serious problem then.. Vivian says he tried all he knew, but failed failed to read ancient book. Mohini says he is a failure like always and orders servants to bring Dadimaa. Servants bring Dadimaa gripped in chains.

Vanraj applies antiseptic on Siya’s forehead injury. His girlfriend enters and starts her drama again that she loves him and wants to marry him, but he is behind this woman. She tries to hit Siya when Vanraj stops her and says she is Kunwar rani saa. Girlfriend is shocked to hear that and says chudail had killed kunwar ranisaa, that means she is a ghost. Raj jyotishji with Bindu enters and informs he saved Kunwar rani saa.

Vivian tortures Dadimaa and orders to read ancient book. She says she cannot. Mallika yells it is better Mohini kills this old woman. Mohini’s puppets back her. Mohini slaps her puppets and says she has kept old lady for a reason. Vanraj continues taking care of Siya. Bindu says he should let her go, else his girlfriend will leave her. Siya opens eyes and seeing Vanraj touching her shouts who is he and attacks him. Raj jyotish speaks and says he brought her here. Siya asks where is Ram. Vanraj says her Ram has turned raavan now. Siya angrily stabs him and runs away shouting he is lying. Ram dreams about Siya and their meeting in jungle and wakes up. He walks towards door to meet her, but Mohini’s ghagra paltan puppets stop him. He pushes them and heads toward door when Mohini stops him and says how will he go crossing his wife. Ram strangulates her throat. Vivian and Mallika shout to leave her. Ram spares her and warns to dare not stop him. He walks towards door, but Mohini uses her black magic and he collapses. Ram is thrown back on his bed.

Siya reaches Ram’s room and looks at him emotionally. Ram opens eyes and asks how did she come here, if someone saw her. Siya says no. He takes her to jungle. She emotionally hugs him. He thinks good she herself came to him and molests her. She is shocked and pushes him. He tears her dress sleeve.

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