Love or Poison Update Wednesday 23 June 2021

Love or Poison 23 June 2021: Albeli keeps mumbling the truth in her inebriated state. There is someone around Viraj who is responsible for him turning into Vishpurush! Vrinda hits her. Surili takes her inside their room. Vrinda lies to everyone that it might be because of the medicines she is taking. She excuses herself.Sitara tells Padmini to be with Rani Ma. She must be in shock. Padmini goes. Sitara wonders why Albeli said that there is someone around her who is turning Viraj into Vishpurush. Who can it be?

Lakshmi cries holding Viraj’s hand while he is sleeping. Yamini says why all this is happening to our family. First it was Ratan and now Viraj! Lakshmi says I cannot believe that my son is turning into Vishpurush. Padmini says this is true. Bhabhi kept fast to make him normal only. She is fighting / risking her life every second to protect us. You were misunderstanding her. I swear Bhai is with us because of Bhabhi only. Vrinda and her sisters are responsible for all this.

We made a very big mistake by trusting them! Lakshmi walks out of the room.Vrinda throws water on Albeli to bring her to her senses. You uttered everything outside! You ruined my hard work! She holds Albeli by her throat. I will kill you if anything goes wrong in my plan of Viraj turning into a Vishpurush! Albeli coughs just as Vrinda lets go of her. Vrinda says Viraj must become a Vishpurush! Lakshmi slaps her. I wont spare anyone if anything happens to my son! Fix whatever you have done to him right away or you will see the worse of me! Vrinda smiles.

She tells Albeli her foolishness did one right thing. We wont have to act in front of anyone anymore. They come in their real avatar. Lakshmi is stunned to see them in their Vishkanya avatar. She looks away in fear as Vrinda inches closer. Vrinda tells her that Viraj is no more her son but a Vishpurush. He will become our ally by the time navratre will end! Lakshmi picks a sword. I wont let it happen. Vrinda uses her powers to make her lose her balance. I could have killed you right away if I wanted to but you have a lot to see! Lakshmi asks them to leave.

I have understood that the will was a drama! Vrinda asks her how she will prove it. Go and ask your DIL what her real identity is! Lakshmi looks at them confused. What do you mean? Vishkanya’s laugh. Lakshmi wonders if Sitara is also a Vishkanya!Viraj and his family are seated in his home. He feels dizzy as he drinks water. He turns into Vishpurush right in front of his family members. Yamini screams seeing him thus. Viraj growls. He turns towards them.

Sitara uses her powers to bind him. Yamini and Arjun look on in shock. She asks the family members to go outside. They run off in fear. Sitara cries seeing Viraj’s state.Sitara is crying in the house temple. The diya is in her hand. My truth is out in front of everyone along with the Vishkanya’s. Vrinda mocks her. Your dream of becoming the ideal DIL just broke into pieces! Sitara asks her what she wants. Who will accept a Vishkanya as their DIL? You will be thrown out of the house.

I feel so bad for you but your mother will hold you when everyone will push you away! It is my duty after all. Servant informs Sitara that Rani Ma has called her.Sitara comes to Lakshmi’s room with the diya. What happened to your hand? Rani Sa replies that she isn’t a Rani Ma of a Vishkanya. I am Rani Lakshmi Devi for you. I want to throw you out right away but I am helpless because of what my son is turning into! I am surrounded by enemies all around. I very well know that only you can save us from this problem!

Yamini looks on.Sitara nods. You don’t have to worry till the time I am here. I wont let anyone harm my family or Viraj till the time I am here! I wont let him become Vishpurush. Please trust me. Lakshmi reasons that she broke it already by hiding her truth from them. She removes the tabeez (amulet) which Ratan had given her for her protection. I give it to you today! Sitara is touched as Lakshmi ties the amulet on her arm. I pray that God gives you the strength to fight with our enemies! Sitara thanks her.

She bends down to seek her blessings but Lakshmi points out that she just made her their protector (shield). I wont accept a Vishkanya as my DIL ever! You will leave my son and family the moment you save us from this trouble! I don’t want even your shadow around my family! Sitara is in tears. You are right. This is the right thing to do. She keeps her hand over the diya. I vow to leave the house as soon as Viraj is fine and you get rid of those Vishkanya’s. Lakshmi looks away. Sitara leaves.

Sitara tells Padmini that Vishkanya’s will try to create an obstacle in their puja till the time the navtratre are over. I am sure they will be plotting something even now as we speak! She looks at Diya and recalls what Albeli had said. We will be busy in Jagran entire night. Vishkanya’s will surely try to create a hindrance in our puja. We have Devi Ma’s Prasad with which we can foil their plans. She pours a few drops of some red liquid on the table. Padmini assures Sitara that she will be with her.

Sitara dips Diya’s feet in that water and creates a circle of water around Diya. She asks Padmini to protect dhaan and diya while she herself goes to make preps for puja. Sitara vows to find out the truth!
The palace is decorated for navratre puja. Sitara brings Mahabhog but Lakshmi stops her. Only humans can pray to Devi Ma. I will offer it to Ma. You should leave! Sitara nods sadly. She quietly steps away from there. She is surprised to see Viraj there and takes him with her. She brings him to store room.

I need your help for something important. Will you help me? I think someone is trying to make you Vishpurush. I just need proof! He is puzzled. What are you saying? What are you doing? She ties him with ropes. Please forgive me for what I am about to do. You will be in a little pain but please bear it to save yourself from the worst. He asks her what she means. She asks him if he trusts her. He nods. I thought we will live the happily ever after story after wedding but we ended up in the web of Vishkanya’s and Vishpurush somehow.

I want it to be normal like before. She promises him that everything will be fine. He asks her to come close. She nods. They hear people chanting outside. Sitara tries to excuse herself but he asks her to promise him she will never leave him. We will start our happily family phase once everything is fine! She recalls her promise to Lakshmi last night. Viraj asks her to promise him that they will be together forever. She nods. Where will I go without you? She hugs him. I have to go.

Everyone must be waiting for me in Jagran. She ties him well before she steps out of the store room.Diya gets down from her pram. She steps on the water because of which the red colour leaves marks behind her.Everyone is singing bhajans. Sitara is in tears. A lady pats at her shoulder. Sitara claps sadly throughout the puja. Diya is walking while holding the walls.Vrinda tells her sisters that Sitara will try to attack them as their truth is out. Albeli agrees. Diya will complete her task today. Viraj will get his powers very soon.

He will then be able to face Sitara!Diya continues walking unaware of the footprints she is leaving behind. Viraj notices a shadow on the floor and wonders who is there.Sitara comes to her room and the pram is empty. She follows the trail of footsteps. She reaches store room as well and notices Diya holding Viraj’s hand. He is in his Vishpurush avatar and growling. Diya’s touch has infected him all the more. She snatches Diya out of his arms. Viraj / Vishpurush storms out of there.

Diya turns into small leeches and disappears. Sitara shouts in pain. Padmini reaches there just then. She brings salt water upon Sitara’s askance and pours it on Sitara. Sitara thanks her for saving her on time. Diya was no ordinary girl. Vishkanya’s took advantage of my goodness. They dint spare a kid even! She sends Padmini downstairs. I must go and pray to save Viraj from turning into a Vishpurush!Vrinda shouts in anger. Sitara finished Diya after finding out her truth!

I will see how Sitara will be happy winning small games. I will see till when she will fight!Sitara has changed and joins Padmini in the jagrata. She thanks Devi Ma for destroying Diya. I hope all the bad spirits will also leave our house soon! She goes to look for Viraj.Vrinda promises her sisters that only they will win this time. Surili asks her how this is possible. How will we prepare Viraj to fight with Sitara now? Vrinda assures them that they only will win this time. I will weaken Sitara at any cost by the end of navratre! Viraj joins them.

Vrinda tells Albeli and Surili to hide Viraj at a place where Sitara cannot find him. They hold him from each side and are surrounded by vermilion. Viraj, Albeli and Surili cannot cross that circle. They wonder where it came from. Sitara steps forward. Albeli cries for help. Vrinda creates a passage for her sisters to step out safely. They are hurt though. Sitara smirks. I told you I wont let you succeed! I will turn Viraj into a human before navratre ends! Vrinda holds her by her throat angrily and lifts her high in air. Sitara throws the rest of the vermilion in her eyes.

Vrinda shouts in shock / pain. Blood oozes out of her eyes. The idol is pushed back in the process. Sitara walks out holding Viraj.Guests compliment the preps and take leave from Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks for Viraj and Sitara. Sitara comes with Viraj / Vishpurush just then. Lakshmi’s eyes widen in shock.

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