Love or Poison Update Monday 21 June 2021

Love or Poison 21 June 2021: Viraj keeps throwing stuff angrily in his room. Sitara freezes Viraj using her powers but he frees himself in a second. His eyes turn blue and his nails grow longer right in front of Sitara’s eyes. These changes stun her. Vishpurush! When did they play this move? He jumps out of the window and runs outside towards the jungle. Sitara follows him. She comes in front of him from another direction so as to stop him.

Viraj’s veins turn blue / purple as he stands still. He turns into a Vishpurush in front of Sitara and growls at her. He lunges at Sitara but she ducks. He comes face to face with a wood cutter. He bites the guy who dies because of poison. Viraj fails in his attempts to attach Sitara. She tries to remind him that she is his wife but it rings no bell in his mind. She tells him to stop. I am your Sitara! She closes his eyes just when he is about to attack her head on.

He recalls their wedding and faints. Sitara gets tensed.Sitara tucks Viraj in his bed. Lakshmi asks her what happened to Viraj. Sitara replies that she cannot tell her anything as of now. I can only tell you that Vrinda Ma and her sisters are responsible for it. They are no ordinary women. They have hurt all of us. They aren’t as simple as they appear to be. That will is wrong!

Lakshmi says Maharaj told me this himself. Sitara again says I cannot tell you how she cheated you but she has cheated you. Take back everything as soon as you can. Trust me for Viraj’s sake. Rani Sa says how to trust the person who has killed my husband. Sitara folds her hands in front of her. I dint kill Baba Sa. I don’t know how to prove it to you. I can only tell you that I have punished the one who has killed Baba Sa.

Rani Sa asks her who it is. Sitara takes Chabeeli’s name. You cannot see her these days, right? Vrinda Ma must have told you a long story about her disappearance but truth is, I have punished her for her misdeed! Lakshmi is in a fix. I don’t know who I should trust. I only know I cannot love Viraj now. Sitara thinks she understands but her pain but she wont be able to take it if she finds out the truth. I have to make Viraj a human at any cost!

Yamini requests Albeli to wait a little more. I am talking to Arjun. He will take some time to understand. Arjun tells her it will take no time. I wont listen to anything you say after today! He also tells Albeli to understand that he will never sell himself. What will you gain by spending a night with me? What if I don’t listen to what you are saying? What will you do? Yamini tells him she is talking but Arjun warns her to be quiet.

You wont talk after today! He again turns his attention to Albeli. I just want to know. Albeli holds him by his collar. We will kill you just like we killed your elder brother mercilessly! Are you afraid? When we can kill the Maharaj openly then what can we do to you! Her eyes change colour. Yamini and Arjun get worried. Albeli tells Arjun to do as she says or he will die for no reason. How will your wife look in cotton white saree? It wont look good right?

She pushes Arjun away angrily whose face is red with fear. Albeli tells Yamini it is her last chance. Think through and decide! You wont get a chance to repent later on! She walks out of the room.Vrinda vows to get Surajgarh into Mahamata’s control very soon. I will carry your lineage forward. You will rule Surajgarh then! Sitara tells her not to even think of this in her dreams. Navratri is about to start.The peace will restore in my house by the ninth day! I wont let your Mahamata step her foot in my house!

Vrinda tells her so much pride isn’t good. She shows Viraj’s blood to her. It is turning blue slowly. You wont be able to do anything the day it turns blue completely. Your husband will turn into a Vishpurush on the ninth day! He will be more powerful than you! You wont be able to turn him into a human ever again then. I promise you I will destroy your husband’s existence! He will be my puppet then! Sitara smiles…

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