The Cost of Love Update Monday 21 June 2021

The Cost of Love 21 June 2021: Reyansh acts sweet and shows his interest to become Pankti’s friend. Ahaan and Pankti smile. Reyansh says the time is for you guys, we have to make Ahankti larger than life, come on, we can see our friendship later. Kaira says no, we need to make some changes, Pankti is going to come in Ahaan’s room. Aparna says we have to ask Pankti her choice too.

Vikram drinks wine and sees them. Richa asks Vikram to stop it. He says tell them to stop getting happy for Pankti. Richa says you can’t move on in life till you end this hatred. Poorva comes with some gift. She says sorry to come without informing, I got this for Ahaan and Pankti. She shows the large pic frame. Vikram looks on. Aparna says wow, its very beautiful. Kaira says this is perfect, I was just telling mom that I m not getting suitable thing for their room.

Aparna thanks Poorva. She says you have worked hard, thanks a lot, get freshen up, I will get lemon water for you.Reyansh plays music. Ahaan waits for Pankti. She comes dressed in a white bridal gown. Ahaan smiles. Her dress catches fire. They get shocked. She screams while Ahaan saves her. They hug. He asks are you fine. She shouts no, how can I be fine if my dress gets burnt during my marriage, why does problems come in my happiness, why is happiness not made for me, why.

He hugs her. She faints in his arms. He lifts her and goes. Someone burns Ahaan and Pankti’s pic. Poorva gets freshen up. She gets shocked seeing Vikram at the door. He asks are you scared of me, you can do anything, you like to live a luxurious life, its dad’s mistake, who has spoilt your habits. He insults her. He says I will take care of you well. She asks him to stay in his limits. She scolds him and goes.

He says you said right, I m JD’s son, everyone will know this soon, just wait and watch.Ahaan and Reyansh have a talk while walking by the streets. Ahaan says I wanted to make the moments special for Pankti, she was so scared after many days, I don’t think she can sing or not. Reyansh says just complete the work for which you came, I would say this like a businessman but as a friend, I would ask you to go back, concert is not a big deal…

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