Love or Poison Update Friday 18 June 2021


Love or Poison 18 June 2021: Sitara wakes up shouting Virajäs name. She does not find him in the room. It was not a dream. Where did he go? She starts looking for him everywhere. She runs outside in the jungle.Viraj is playing Pungi in the jungle. Sitara is shocked to see him thus. Stop it! He looks at the snakes swivelling in front of him and kneels down on the ground.

He is about to hold a snake but Sitara throws it away. What were you going to do? It could have bit you. Come with me. She throws the Pungi and takes him with her. Diya smiles in the background.Albeli asks her sister how Viraj escaped last night. He would have died by now! Vrinda calls it her ace card. Her sisters are restless to know more but Vrinda again tells them to wait. You will know with time. Be patient.

Rani Sa tells Vrinda she did a big mistake by giving that necklace to Yamini. She is showing it off to everyone. It is an emblem of our family. Vrinda assures her she will stop Yamini right away and goes.Yamini keeps ogling at herself in the mirror. She is surprised to see Rani Sa, Vrinda and her sisters there. Vrinda shares that Lakshmi has an objection with her showing off her new necklace. Rani Sa nods.

I don’t like seeing you showing it off like this. Vrinda asks her if only she has a right on it. You are forgetting that Yamini has an equal right on everything like you. You seem to forget that I am the queen of the house now. You shouldn’t have any problem with what I do and why! This is what is irritating me. You are objecting to whatever I am doing since yesterday! I don’t need your opinion.

Till now I thought I should respect you as you are an elder and a widow but I don’t need to do that anymore. I have sole right on whatever you are wearing right now! Start removing every single thing and hand it over to me asap. Arjun feels bad for his Bhabhi. Yamini tells Vrinda Lakshmi wont give in so easily. She steps closer to Lakshmi and removes her jewellery one by one. Lakshmi gives her bangles upon her askance.

You showed your true colour very soon. I will remember it.Sitara asks Viraj if he is fine. He keeps quiet. She asks him why he went outside. He looks at her in confusion. When did I go outside? She wonders how he cannot recall what just happened. She dismisses it. Something is surely wrong. He is safe after coming closer to me and now he does not even remember where he was! I can find my answers at only one place.


She feeds him water and excuses herself for a while. Diya starts crying the moment Sitara goes out of the room. Viraj picks her. Viraj is jolted by another shock the moment he holds her hand. He makes her sit on the couch and struggles with his pain.Sitara asks Vrinda what she is doing with Viraj. Why did you take him near that tree? Vrinda asks her how her questions never end.

You have a small brain which will burst if you will take so much tension. How was last night though? Your husband touched you for the first time. Did you enjoy his touch? Sitara tells her to stop her nonsense. What are you doing with him? Vrinda asks her if she isn’t happy to see her husband alive even after they consummated their relation. Very bad of you to insult me like this!

Did you like the candle that I sent in your room especially? You both were together the entire night yet your husband is still alive. You should thank me instead. Sitara says I understood you were behind whatever happened. What did you do because of which Viraj is neither affected nor can he recall anything? Vrinda does not want to tell her more. You are very intelligent. Think a little.You might find your answer. I never played hide and seek with you in your childhood.

Let’s play that game now. It will be fun. Sitara goes.In her room, Sitara cannot understand what Vrinda might have done to Viraj. Why dint he get inflicted with my poison? Viraj sits up hearing the sound of Pungi. Sitara notices him thus. Where is he off to? Sitara follows Viraj till the door but she loses sight of him as soon as she steps out of the main door. She prays for his wellbeing fearing a bad weather.Viraj comes near the same tree. He picks a snake and lets the snake bite him on his tongue. Sitara is looking for him in the jungle.

Viraj gets inflicted with the snake’s poison.Vrinda and her sisters reach jungle as well.Sitara is still searching for Viraj.Viraj’s veins turn blue as well and he screams. Vrinda smiles. Viraj’s veins turn blue as well and he screams. Vrinda smiles. Viraj falls unconscious. Vrinda and her sisters join their powers to create more snakes who approach Viraj and bite him repeatedly…

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