Twist of fate update Sunday 20 June 2021

Twist of fate 20 June 2021: Ranbir drinks bhaang accidently and starts dancing. Pallavi, Prachi and Beeji get shocked. He holds Maya’s hand and starts dancing with her. Prachi couldn’t bear it and goes to him, she pushes Maya and dances with Ranbir.

Nashe si Chad gayi plays…..Maya gets angry and is about to go to Prachi and Ranbir, but Pallavi stops Maya while Prachi takes Ranbir from there. Mr. Chaubey is drunk. Vikram asks Abhi to talk to Chaubey and give him a shock so that he back off from this alliance. Abhi says ok. Vikram asks him to tell that next time they will not threaten, but attack. Abhi asks him to go and say. Vikram says you only say. Abhi says I will say with my way. He says Chaubey is going to guest room. Vikram asks why did he go? Abhi says may be he went to washroom.

Mr. Chaubey sits on the floor and gets sleepy. Abhi asks him to get up and asks Chaubey to get up. Chaubey murmurs that he is chaalbaaz chaubey. Abhi asks Vikram, why did you bring me here, I was searching Pragya. He asks who made Chaubey drunk? Vikram says don’t know. Pragya recalls Sarita behen’s words and gets sad. She imagines Abhi coming to her and starts dancing with him. rang de toh mohe gerua song plays….They dance and apply color on each other’s faces. Pragya’s imagination ends.

Prachi takes Ranbir to room and asks why did he dance with Maya and why he gave her so much attention. Ranbir asks her to listen to him. Prachi says I brought my Maa here forcibly and asks her to get marry with Maya and enjoy life. Ranbir says sorry. She says I think you have some problem genuinely and says you couldn’t control seeing her, asks if he really likes Maya, then tell them so that they don’t waste their time.

Ranbir says I swear that he don’t like any girl except her. He says how can I like someone else, you are in my eyes and in my heart. He says you are so good and different from others….Prachi. He says I love you Prachi. Prachi is shocked. He sits down and asks do you love me Prachi. Prachi is about to go out, he asks her to answer him and not to go without answering him. Prachi recalls their moments….kaise hua song plays…..She goes out of the room. Ranbir falls down on the bed and faints. He says do you love me Prachi? Prachi recalls Ranbir’s words and his question that if she loves him.

She comes to Pragya and hugs her. She says Ranbir told me…Just then Pallavi comes there and asks about Ranbir. Prachi says he is drunk and slept. Pallavi says they made Maya drunk bhaang. She asks if she will be able to make Maya confess. Prachi goes.

Pallavi takes Pragya to make her meet Mr. Mehra. Prachi comes to Maya and tells her that she will take her to meet Ranbir. Maya says I saw you going near close to Ranbir many times as you love him. She asks her and says I know you like him. She says I know everything. While she is taking her to room, someone is behind her. Prachi takes Maya to Ranbir’s room. She hears some noise and comes out. Ranbir sees Maya and asks why did you blame me for molestation? He asks did I really molest you? Maya says you didn’t do anything, but you have to marry me. Prachi starts recording the video. Maya says I love you very much. Ranbir says I just love Prachi. He says I will die before loving you. He says I love Prachi very much.

Maya says you have to marry me else I will send all your family members to jail. Ranbir asks what you will do? Maya says I will accuse you for false rape and then you have to marry me. Ranbir asks her to just go to hell. Maya says I love you, you are just mine. She falls on the bed beside him. Prachi senses someone’s presence and thinks Ranbir will be freed from this marriage alliance and the case.

Sarita behen waking up Ranbir and tells that Prachi has recorded everything in her mobile. Ranbir looks at Maya sleeping beside him. Sarita behen asks him to see how chudail is sleeping and tells that until she wakes up, you will be free from her trap. She asks him to get up. Sarita behen asks Shahana to ask Prachi to come to hall with the proof. Prachi tells Pallavi, Beeji and Aryan that she has gathered the proofs against Maya. Beeji appreciates her and says only you can do this.

Pallavi says that’s fantastic and says Ranbir will be freed from Maya’s clutches. She asks Aaliya if she heard that Prachi has recorded Maya’s confession. Aaliya says that’s great and asks if Ranbir is playing holi outside. Sarita behen brings Ranbir there. Pallavi scolds him for drinking bhang. Ranbir says I drank by mistake.

Beeji says even Vikram and …he used to drink. Sarita behen asks them to check the video first. Pallavi checks in Prachi’s mobile and gets shocked. Prachi recalls Ranbir telling that he loves Prachi and will always love her. Prachi asks what happened? Pallavi asks how this can happen? Aaliya asks her to increase her volume. Prachi thinks Pallavi aunty must have seen that video in which Ranbir confessed his love to me. She says it was Ranbir’s mistake. Pallavi tells Prachi that there is no video in the phone.

Aryan checks and says that there is no memory card in it. Beeji says what is happening? Pallavi says did you have memory card in the mobile. Prachi says everything gets saved in the card. Beeji asks did you give your phone to anyone. Prachi says no. Beeji says Chaubey must have done this. Pallavi says he is sleeping. Sarita behen says even Maya was sleeping. Prachi tells that she felt as if someone is watching her and was behind her.

Pallavi asks her to think if she lost her mobile for sometime. Prachi recalls and tells that she slipped down near the stairs and she felt that someone made her fall. She says that moment phone fell down from her hand, but she found her phone in sometime. Ranbir says someone took out the memory card during that time. Aryan looks at Aaliya doubtfully. Aaliya pretends to get a call and goes to her room. She thinks she will make sure that Prachi don’t get Ranbir, even if he gets married to Maya, the marriage will be broken later. She keeps it in her purse. Aryan comes to Aaliya and says you have taken Prachi’s memory card, right.

Prachi recalls Pallavi scolding her the previous time. Ranbir asks her not to worry and tells that we didn’t know that Chaubey family will be so smart. Prachi says sorry to beeji and Pallavi. Beeji and Pallavi ask her not to worry. She says they were clever. Sarita behen tells that she saw someone keeping eye on them. Pallavi says they must be of criminal background and that’s why so much dangerous. Prachi says we will go. Ranbir says bye. Prachi says I didn’t tell you, this all happened as you was drunk. Ranbir thinks what happened to her. Pallavi says you have always tried to help us and tells that it doesn’t matter if the result is bad. Beeji says nobody can harm us until you are with us. Prachi hugs her. She looks at Ranbir and leaves from there.

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