Love or Poison Update Monday 7 June 2021

Love or Poison 7 June 2021: Sitara is crying looking at Kuldeep’s photo. I don’t know if my decision is right or wrong but there is no other way to save Viraj from Vishkanya’s. the consequence can be very bad. I am vishkanya. My every particle can be dangerous for Viraj. I am marrying him but I wont be able to do my dharma as a wife ever. I am wearing the mangalsutra of his name but I wont be able to give him his happiness ever. I am snatching his biggest right, his happiness from him. He will never be able to become a father. I am missing you very much today. Wish you were here!

You would have guided me then. Vrinda says what if your Baba isn’t here. We are here to guide you. Albeli helps her get ready. Sitara looks at them in confusion. Vrinda offers to help her get ready but Sitara warns her against it. We share nothing.This is called tit for tat. Vrinda agrees. This was destined to happen. I did not realise that we cannot change destiny and have decided to be a part of your wedding. I dreamt of making you a bride the day you were born. How could I let go of this opportunity today? You look so beautiful as a bride. Chabeeli tells her not to cast an evil eye on Sitara. Sitara asks them what they are up to. Albeli says Sitara is just like her mother. She cannot trust anyone easily. Vrinda tells sitara she is going to be in deep sleep very soon. You are going to make such a big sacrifice for your Massi. We can do this much for you. Sitara begins to go but Surili comes there dressed in the exactly same attire. Vrinda blows something on her face. Sitara shouts Viraj’s name as she passes out on the floor. Vrinda remarks that now Surili will marry Viraj.

Padmini reminds Viraj that he dint get engaged to Sitara. You are marrying her without an engagement! Viraj realises the same. Padmini gives him a ring. Give it to Sitara. Viraj is pleased and thanks her.Surili paces happily in the room. I have to fulfil my mission so I can bring Viraj’s child in this world. Viraj jumps in through the window. Surili stands there with her back to him. Viraj says one has to do so much when they are in love. I have to roam around stealthily in my own home. Why aren’t you looking at me? Surili is panicked. She mimics Sitara’s voice. Rani Sa has told us not to see each other before wedding. He nods. Padmini made me realise we aren’t actually engaged. I came her to make you wear this ring. He is standing right behind her at this moment. She covers her face hurriedly using a dupatta kept on the bed. Please leave. This isn’t right. He turns her around. Will you be shy in front of me now? Look at the ring.

Surilil calls it wrong. Viraj says I have been waiting for this day since so long. We are going to become one finally. I had been waiting for this moment since so long.Sitara wakes up muttering Viraj’s name. she recalls how she came here. I have to get out of here. The door is closed. How will I go outside now?

Viraj takes out the ring. He is about to lift the dupatta when Vrinda and Chabeeli enter. What are you doing? You could have waited for a little longer. Viraj tells them why he had come here. Vrinda holds Surili’s hand and asks him to do it. He wants the dupatta to be lifted but Vrinda suggests telling Rani Sa. He happily agrees and puts the ring on Surili’s finger. Vrinda congratulates them. Viraj thinks he cannot wait to see his bride.Sitara says I cannot let Massi marry Viraj. She starts shouting Viraj’s name. Albeli thinks to quieten her to so one can hear her voice. She goes inside and tells Sitara to be quiet. She hits Sitara. She turns into her Vishkanya avatar angrily. I will not let you guys succeed. I will save Viraj at any cost. She hits Albeli who is thrown off guard by her attack. Albeli chants the usual mantra and her head turns into that of a dinosaur. This time Sitara is having a hard time battling Albeli.

Rani Sa shares that it is a tradition in their family that the new bride will take 7 rounds around the temple. Vrinda gets worried for Surili. We are already feeling awkward. Rani Sa tells her to begin. Surili is about to step on the stair when pundit ji points out that it is to be done bare foot. Vrinda wonders how to stop it from happening. Vrinda and Chabeeli were worried what if Surili’s feet are burnt in the temple. Vrinda was clueless how she has been able to compete the ritual without any burning in her feet. Rani Sa takes her to the wedding. The bride and groom were asked to stand for wedding rounds. Vrinda speaks to Chabeeli that they are close to their destination. Chabeeli wonders how Viraj can establish any relations with Surili after he has seen her.

Vrinda asks her to trust her, she says they will turn the lights of their rooms off. Once they have established the relation, Viraj would be dead and they will get a new generation. Once a man marries a Vishkanya, he cannot be saved.
Viraj whispers to the bride demanding to see the face, but she denies removing her veil.After the wedding rounds, Viraj had to fill the hairline.Vrinda comes to protect the veil and tells Viraj he can only see the face of his bride on wedding night. Viraj complains it’s a test of his patience. Rani Sa tells Viraj he must abide by Sitara’s mother and their rituals. Afterwards, Vrinda and Chabeeli congratulate each other.

After Grahapravesh, everyone ask Rani Sa to remove Sitara’s veil now, in their family its done by a mother in law. Rani Sa was about to remove the veil for Munh Dikhai. Vrinda objects and asks her to look at Viraj’s face, it might feel unjust with him that she lifts the veil herself. Everyone agrees to Vrinda. Viraj whispers to Sitara what’s the problem with her mother. She doesn’t let anyone remove her veil.

In the room, Vrinda asks Chabeeli if she has instructed Surili well. Surili says she told her to turn the lights off before Viraj lifts her veil.Viraj comes to the room and finds his bride still waiting in the veil.
Vrinda and Chabeeli decide to go to Sitara with the good news that her first love is now her aunt’s husband.

In the room, Viraj tries to life the veil but the bride runs around the room. Viraj playfully chases her and was able to catch her. He was shocked to see as the bride pulls a dagger placing it right over his chest. Viraj thinks he will surely lift the veil anyway. The bride ran the other side once again. Viraj carefully pulls the dagger off her hand.
Vrinda and Chabeeli find Albeli unconscious. Albeli tells Vrinda how Sitara protected herself and left. Vrinda says Viraj has surely met Surili, else Surili must have come to them. But where is Sitara then.
Viraj removes the veil off Sitara’s face.

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