Sacred Relationship Update Friday 4 2021


Sacred Relationship 4 June 2021: Abir asking why did mum come, I don’t think Laxman came to make video call. Parul says Rajshri told she kept the candle,Meenakshi didn’t do anything. He says everything is thinking what did Meenakshi do, I just said it. He gets angry. She says enough, Meenakshi just wanted to see the sangeet, think of Mishti, you left in anger. He says yes, I didn’t pay attention to her. Meenakshi and Nidhi hear them. Parul says everything is fine if you are fine. He thanks her. Nidhi says Parul isn’t your shadow, she didn’t ask Abir to talk to you, she is asking Abir to talk to Mishti, she is a bad shadow.Mishti recalls Meenakshi’s words. She thinks Meenakshi didn’t do this, but can I really believe her, I will call Abir. She gets the court notice in her bag. Abir plays guitar. Kunal comes to him and looks on. Kuhu hugs Kunal. Kunal imagines her. Abir sees Kunal and asks what happened, are you thinking of business deals. Kunal says I was waiting for your music to end, are you fine. Abir says I m better, I went against everyone to make a relation with Mishti, I won’t do this again, love Guru said love happens once and marriage also happens once, I want the marriage to be special for everyone, I wan to make everyone feel special who helped me reach here.

Kunal says you supported a lot in my marriage, I can’t let this marriage break. Kuhu takes the notice and scolds Mishti. Mishti gets Abir’s message. Abir asks her to meet. Kuhu gets Kunal’s message. He asks is Mishti and everyone fine. She deletes the message. Kunal thinks why do I want to save my marriage, did I start liking Kuhu. He asks Jugnu did he never fall in love. Jugnu asks are you fine. Kunal asks how do we know if love happened. Jugnu says you loved and did love marriage, you should ask a bachelor about it. He goes. Kunal says court date is close, I don’t understand, I wish Kunal doesn’t leave me. Kunal messages Kuhu. He says I do believe in second changes, I want to talk to you. Nanu and Ketki come and take his phone. They ask him to help. Nanu says I want to do something special. Ketki asks Kunal to think. Kunal says we used to go to Abir for ideas, no problem.

Kuhu does arrangements. She waits for Kunal’s call. Varsha comes to talk to Kuhu. Kuhu says business is imp for me, I will call the mandap guy. She gets Kunal’s message, I need you. She rushes.Abir serves tea to Mishti. She says you got late, I went in a function and got late, I didn’t had food, I m hungry. They joke. He says whatever happened today, sorry. She says it looks incomplete without the drama, you won’t say sorry, it was not your mom’s mistake, Meenakshi is dangerous, but I don’t need to give mehendi. Abir says my intentions are something else. He holds her close. They have an eyelock. Kuhu comes to Kunal. He says we want to make up for today and plan a surprise for Mishti, please will you help us. Kuhu thinks doesn’t he want to talk about us and our divorce. She says I don’t want to plan. Nanu says I asked Kunal to call you, everyone is worried because of Meenakshi, sorry. Kuhu says no need to say sorry, I will do it. Kunal asks about earlier message. Kuhu says I have come here to help Kunal. Abir and Mishti spend time.

Meenakshi recalls Abir’s words and thinks I can’t lose, I won’t let Abir go too far. Mishti comes home and enters her room from balcony. Vishwamber calls her out. She removes the shoes and jackets. He comes inside the room and asks are you worried about the chandelier fall. He says I don’t want to do wrong with you, I came to apologize. Mishti says don’t say this. Nanu says you did much wrong, you have to believe that you did wrong. Meenakshi says sorry, I won’t come to take help from you. Nanu says you are my daughter, I will help you. She asks did you plan a surprise for Abir and Mishti, didn’t you tell anyone. He says no, I m trusting my upbringing, don’t let this break.

She says thanks, this trust won’t break now. Mishti says you are the best Bade Papa, I m a good girl and my dad is also the best. Vishwamber laughs and says I m always with you, even if its about your dragon Saas. She laughs and hugs him. Its morning, Mishti goes to help Jasmeet. Jasmeet says I will manage. Kuhu asks can’t you understand she is ignoring you. Mishti says I can understand. Kuhu calls her clever. She says you broke Nanchak’s heart and gave a makeover to old love story, Jasmeet would be willing to go to Nanchak and hug him, but she is here with you. Mishti says you are right, I can’t imagine her pain, you got Abir again and again in the functions. Kuhu says I did that once. Mishti says fact is a fact, you can’t give reasons. She goes. Kuhu says I have to plan a surprise for her.

Nanu and Parul inviting Vishwamber’s family. Nanu says we had a celebration yesterday and a bad memory was linked to it. Mishti comes and greets him. Vishwamber says we will come. They discuss. Abir messages Mishti. She goes to meet him. He says no way, we won’t go there. Kunal gets Kuhu’s message and says she is busy. Kaushal comes to ask about work. Kunal says deadline is close, its all over. Kaushal says no, we will take more time, we will say there is a marriage tomorrow. Kunal replies… you are busy even for your husband. Kuhu replies, what husband. Mishti says you didn’t become my husband yet, I had to agree to Nanu. Abir says you have to come with me, else I will run away with some girl. She says just I m mad about you. Kunal cancels meetings. He says Kuhu isn’t talking to me, like she already took divorce. He messages Kedia that he needs time. He comes to talk to Meenakshi.

She hides some papers. She asks him to focus on marriage and be with Abir, she will manage all work. He goes on hearing Kuhu. She sees the will. Kuhu says I was planning a surprise for you, you wanted this for Mishti. He says I wanted to talk to you, if you are smart, then you can guess about it. Kuhu thinks why is he showing me sports car. Maheshwaris come. Nidhi says Ketki has run away, read this. Mishti reads the letter, that Kuhu has all the answers. They see Ketki in the bus model. She says I met Ketki here for the first time. Ketki says you met Abir here right. Abir says yes, but Mishti didn’t see me, just I saw her. Ketki says I have seen Kunal in red sports car. Kuhu smiles. Kunal says I still have it. Abir says then this earring came in our life. He gives the earring to Mishti. He shows their lovely pics. Yeh rishte….plays…. Kunal and Kuhu see their marriage pic.

Abir says Mishti, thanks for coming in our lives. Mishti smiles and says I had no one before and today I have two big families. Parul says I have something for you. Mishti says I don’t want anything, thanks. She hugs Parul. Kaushal gets his mum’s necklace. Nidhi asks why didn’t you give this to me. Nanu says you are one in a million, this is for Mishti, our most special bahu. Abir sees Kuhu and asks don’t you like it. Kuhu says no, Mishti will get the necklace if they want. Abir says I will take pic. Ketki says Kuhu will click pic. Kuhu thinks its no imp that I get in family pic. She gets sad. She clicks the pics and turns away. Nanu signs Meenakshi. Meenakshi thanks Lord and goes. Mishti sees them and thinks I feel Meenakshi has given me this necklace. Parul asks Rajshri to give prasad to everyone. Mishti asks Nanu will he lie to her. He asks why are you asking. She says I just saw Meenakshi, did she give this necklace to me. He says its Meenakshi’s gift for you, you can’t forgive her, but I can’t hate her. She says I know she is your daughter and you love her a lot.

Kunal asks did you see Kuhu anywhere. Ketki says no. Jasmeet says Kuhu had first right on the necklace, once Mishti becomes bahu, Kuhu will suffer. Kunal comes. Shaurya sends Jasmeet. Kunal asks for Kuhu and goes. Varsha says I will talk to Jasmeet. Shaurya says it will be bad if someone from our family tries to break Mishti and Kuhu’s bond. Mishti comes to Meenakshi and thinks of her words. She says I m not sure, what will I tell her. Meenakshi stops her.

Jasmeet says I will go to Nannu. Varsha stops her and pacifies. She says I have seen Kunal, he attends our family functions for Kuhu’s sake, I think they have come closer, a husband and wife’s relation bounds everyone, Abir fought for Mishti, so Rajvansh accepted her, if Kunal is with Kuhu, then none can do anything. Meenakshi apologizes to Mishti. She says I wanted to do my family’s betterment, and it turned into my madness, it would have cost Abir’s life, I will not play any game now, I will go away tomorrow and not see Abir’s marriage, you remember your words said at the temple. Mishti says I didn’t wish it. Meenakshi says I m responsible for this.

Abir asks for Mishti. Rajshri says I have hidden her. Abir says she will get jealous seeing us. They joke and say we will come to take Abir. Rajshri asks him to go and meet Mishti. Nidhi asks is Abir becoming ghar jamai. Jugnu says yes, they are asking dowry also. Nidhi says we will pack your jewellery. Rajshri says there is nothing such, just love Mishti and Kuhu. Nidhi says yes, I do. Kuhu packs her bags. Kunal asks what are you doing. Kuhu says you don’t care, Mishti had Abir and now she had you, Devar of the year, you are asking me why am I upset when the marriage is ending, you never cared for her, I didn’t get any necklace. He says I will give you many necklaces, we got many summons from the court, stop it now. She says I will end this today. She crosses the date and says I m freeing you one day before. He asks are you really taking divorce. She asks what else do you have. Abir comes and asks where are you going, I will get the bag, you can go and help them for the marriage. Kuhu goes. Abir asks Kunal to look at him. Kunal says no. Abir says I have heard everything, you both are actually taking divorce.

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