Love or Poison Update Friday 28 May 2021

Love or Poison 28 May 2021: Vrinda fails in understanding how Sitara is saved every time. Only one thing is to be done now as we cannot win from her in this birth. She requests Mahamata to guide them. We have lost! Mahamata appears there. You have lost in every decision that you have made till date. We will have to try for the last time today only. It is an auspicious day today. They ask her what they should do. Mahamata asks them to sacrifice their lives right away.

Yamini comes to Nethra’s room to call her for puja but finds her packing her bags. Nethra tells her now Sitara will do puja with Viraj. Yamini is confused. What is the matter? Why are you crying? Nethra shares that Viraj has proposed Sitara for wedding. He wants to marry her and not me! He loves Sitara and not me! Nethra cries. Yamini turns her around. Viraj
will only marry the girl we want him to marry. Don’t worry. Just relax and watch the drama. I wont lose so easily and wont let you give up! It will happen just the way we have planned. There will be a blast in the Mahapuja today for sure.
Mahapuja starts. Viraj tells his parents he wants to tell them something important. Ratan asks him to go ahead. Sitara tries to tell Viraj against it but Viraj insists it is an auspicious day today. Let me do it. Pundit ji interrupts their convo and asks them to sit down for the puja. Sitara tells Viraj she also has to sit in the puja. Viraj decides to tell his parents after the puja. Vrinda says yes to Mahamata’s demand. We couldn’t take revenge for our sister’s death. What is the reason of our existence then? We will sacrifice our lives right away. She gets her dagger. She slits the wrists of her sisters one by one and then slits her own wrist as Mahamata looks on. Vrinda and her sisters are in tears.

Sitara pays her respects to Kali Ma. Viraj’s eyes are pinned on her. Sitara recalls Vrinda’s words about her being a Vishkanya’s daughter. I love Viraj just as much as he loves me but I cannot accept his love. Our first love will be incomplete. I will have to break his heart and mine! She looks at Viraj. You have taken a very big test today. I am sure you will get me out of this problem now that you have put me in it. I am going to take a very big step today. Please help me. She dances to please Devi Ma. Thunder strikes. Albeli falls down on the floor followed by Surili and Chabeeli. Vrinda looks at her sisters sadly.
Sitara continues her dance. Everyone claps as it ends. Vrinda apologizes to Kalindi for not being able to seek revenge on her behalf. I couldn’t fulfil the promise I had made to you. I couldn’t fulfil my duty. She says Jai Mahamata just before she passes out on the floor. Mahamata looks at them.
Viraj helps Sitara stand. Are you alright? She nods. He asks her to come so they can tell everyone about them. She takes him aside to tell him something. Viraj asks Sitara why they are wasting time. Let’s tell everyone about our decision. She tells him she cannot love him. I cannot marry you. He asks her what she is saying. I know you love me. You cannot hide this from me. I don’t understand why you don’t wish to marry me. Tell me what the problem is.

I will handle everything. She tells him that she is a Vishkanya. Viraj looks at her in shock. Please be reasonable. You think in will believe whatever you will tell me. I will tell everyone we are about to marry. She stops him and offers to prove it to him. She produces a snake using her powers. The snake bites her tongue but she isn’t harmed.The snake disappears. Did you see that nothing happened to me? I am more poisonous than this snake! He is still in disbelief. You cannot be a Vishkanya! She comes in her Vishkanya avatar. This is my truth. There is poison in every vein inside me. I cannot live a normal life. I may try as much as I want to but I can never change my truth! I am your protector. I can never be your partner. She returns to her normal avatar. Viraj looks at her stunned. Sitara tells him this is their destiny. It will be better if you forget me and marry Nethra instead. We can never be together. She walks away teary eyed.

Sitara asks Ma why she made her feel love when she wasn’t destined to be with him. Why did you have to break my heart? Pundit ji tells her to have faith in Ma. She will only do what’s best for you. Sitara wipes her tears. Kuldeep gives her Prasad. I am going to our Kuldevta temple for a few days. She asks him why he is going suddenly. He shows faith on her. You will manage everything in my absence. I am going to pray for this family’s well being only. Sitara asks him who will handle her. Ratan offers to take care of her. He tells Kuldeep to take care. My VIP guest is coming from abroad but you are going away. Kuldeep assures him he will explain everything to guards. Sitara notices Viraj looking at her in shock Nethra stops Sitara. You think you are too smart? You think you will be able to take my Viraj from me by your tantrums? You are wrong! Let me tell you clearly that he is mine. He will marry me only. I wont let any of your magic work on him. My name is Nethra! You are acting this low key only for money right? You want to be the DIL of a rich house right? Go ahead. There are so many rich guys in the world. Go and trap them but not Viraj or I will destroy you! Sitara warns her to stop.

Not another word! Things are not the way you think they are. Understand one thing clearly. Viraj is only yours. I promise you that your Viraj will be with you. You will marry Viraj only. She holds Nethra’s hand and gives her this promise.Rani Sa is doing puja when the thaali falls from her hands. She panics. Yamini also points out that this is inauspicious. Rani Sa apologizes to her. I don’t know how it fell down. Ratan and Yamini dismiss it. Yamini asks Ratan to break the coconut and offer to Mata Rani. He breaks the coconut but it is rotten from inside. Rani Sa wonders what Devi Ma wants to tell them. Servant informs them the guests are here. Ratan diverts his attention towards it. He sends Sitara to come downstairs. Sitara nods.
Sitara goes to call Viraj but he pins her to a wall and keeps his finger over her lips.

She asks him what he is doing. He caresses her hair. She is uncomfortable and worried. Someone might see us. He isn’t bothered. It is good. I don’t have to tell anyone anything then. They would understand how much I love you! Her eyes widen in shock. You are still saying this after knowing my truth? You know it cannot be! He laughs. What did you tell me? Why can’t it be? She says I told you during puja. He is confused. What did you tell me? She asks him if he cannot remember anything. I told you that I am! They hear some commotion and decide to see who they are. They look out from the window. A car comes in. Sitara asks Viraj who these people are. Viraj shares that they are Ratan’s friend’s sisters. They have come from USA. Vrinda and her sisters step down from the car shocking Sitara. Ladies shower flower petals on Vrinda and her sisters as they enter. Ratan and his family step outside to welcome their guests too. they welcome the ladies with folded hands. Sitara wonders why these Vishkanya’s are being welcomed like this. Viraj asks her what she is saying. I told you they are Dad’s friend’s sisters. Sitara notices dagger in Vrinda’s hand and runs outside.

Viraj shouts after her to stop. I will also come. Sitara finds everything normal as soon as she steps outside. Vrinda takes her hand down. Sitara wonders why Ratan is welcoming the Vishkanya’s. She trips and falls down. She hits her head on a huge vase. She next notices Surili holding a dagger. She passes out before she can do anything. Sitara wakes up and finds herself in a room. What happened to me? How did I reach here? She sits up recalling what she had witnessed before passing out. I have to stop Ma and Massi before they harm anyone. Don’t know how everyone will be. She runs to Viraj’s room but does not find him there. She doesn’t even find Ratan in his room. Where is everyone? Her saree’s pallu catches fire as she runs from one room to another. She comes to a room and finds Viraj and Ratan stabbed with daggers. Vrinda and her sisters enter just then. Vrinda tells Sitara she succeeded in seeking her revenge even though you tried stopping me.

You separated me from you for these people only. I sent them far away from this world today. You couldn’t do anything! Ratan comes right then. Sitara looks back in confusion but there is nothing on the floor. Ratan notices his saree on fire. What are you thinking? He orders guards to bring water. Albeli hands him a jug. Vrinda says we have been telling her the same. Ratan douses the fire. Albeli tells Sitara to be careful. You could have gotten hurt. Ratan asks Sitara if she is fine.

Did you meet the guests? He introduces her to his guests. Sitara asks him how they can be the sisters of his friend. Servant interrupts her convo and informs Ratan that Rani Sa is unwell. Ratan excuses himself.Sitara asks Vrinda what this new sham is about. Why are you back in the palace? Vrinda acts innocent. Do you know me? Are you talking to me? Sitara tells her not to ace in front of her. Vrinda compliments her sisters. She recognized us. I thought she would have forgotten us and our faces just like she forgot us! You were really scared seeing Viraj and Ratan’s dead bodies right? Have you started dreaming of being Viraj’s bride while being his bodyguard? You know you both can never be together right? You are a Vishkanya while he is an ordinary human being! Sitara is fuming. Vrinda says who else will tell you the truth. Don’t be angry. Sitara says you wouldn’t have come here to blabber all this. Tell me what your plan is. Vrinda says we have no plan. You told me to end the decade old war. I haven’t come here with any hidden agenda. Sitara says I know you are up to something big after showing the game of those dead bodies. I will never believe you! Vrinda suggests her to wait and watch how the events will take turn now. Sitara knows she is playing a big game because of which no one is able to recognize them. Vrinda tells her she is enjoying this game now. She taunts her on being a Vishkanya. You must be curious to know how all this happened right? I am as eager to answer you. Would you like to hear me out? Sitara thinks she might be up to something again. I will have to listen to her though to find out about her plan.

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