The Cost Of Love Update Friday 28 May 2021

The Cost of Love 28 May 2021: Pankti recalling JD’s words and washing her face. She cries thinking of his bad touch. Anita calls her out. She says Poorva is missing. Pankti talks to Poorva on call. Poorva says I got a job, don’t worry, its respectable job. She works in the restaurant as waitress. Vikram gets shocked seeing her. He orders beer. Pankti says Poorva has gone on job, she is working as waitress in a restaurant. Anita asks but why, did she had a fight with Monty. Pankti says Mr. Sahay had told her something at Monty’s office. Anita says I understood. Ahaan calls Pankti and sings Pal do pal….. He sees her pics and smiles.

Pankti asks what happened. He says I m checking if you remember this song, you forgot yesterday too.
Pankti says I remember it. He says then tell me when did you
come to my room at night. She gets tensed. Vikram asks Poorva to take money from him and not work as waitress. He asks her to serve drinks to him in private. He holds her. She says you proved you are JD’s son. He says you will become my relative, I don’t want you to work here, Pankti will be marrying Ahaan soon. She scolds him and goes to fulfill orders. Sahay meets JD. JD asks how dare you come here. Sahay says I have an imp news. JD gives him money and says tell me. Sahay says Monty has gone to London for concert, but he has sent an event director Sanaya Seth to sign Ahaan and Pankti. JD asks him to get out. JD says Pankti will just sing for me, as I will make her mistress again, then we will stay happily ever after.
Poorva comes home. Anita asks her what clothes are you wearing, you are my daughter. Poorva says its better than the work in which you pushed me. Anita scolds her. They argue. Anita says I will see that Monty, he said his everything is yours and didn’t help you. Poorva stops her and says you are bargaining for me, Monty doesn’t know, I don’t want to tell him, you don’t need to do anything, I understood how to live a normal life. She goes. Vikram comes home drunk. He sees Richa and smiles. He imagines Poorva. She asks why did you get so late. He hugs her and says you run away from me. She says I run away when you act like stupids, why did you come drunk. He says true feelings come out when person is drunk, I will show you my feelings. Richa goes and says I will see you in morning. He says Richa, where did Poorva go.
Its morning, Pankti turns and sees Ahaan beside her. Ahaan smiles and says why do you get scared seeing me, you feel I m horrible. He asks don’t you get such feeling when I m around.

She smiles and holds his face. She says you got mad. He says say the three magical words, which every GF forgets after becoming wife. She says I heard every BF forgets it after becoming husband. He says I will never forget. She asks him to say it. He says fine, you are playing games, don’t say, I will feel it on your lips. He holds her close. Tere liye….. She says I love you. Poorva comes and says sorry. Pankti says I have to talk to you. Ahaan goes.
Kaira asks Aparna to show pics. Aparna says we got lahenga designs for Pankti, see this. Kaira likes it. JD makes Sheetal wear the ghunghat. He says no, its not for you, this is for my Babu. He makes a dummy don the ghunghat. He talks to dummy. He says you won’t become bahu, your groom won’t come. He does makeup to dummy. Sheetal looks on and gets angry. JD makes her ready. He says you will become my mistress again, I will do something soon that just I can see you. He asks Sheetal how is her Sautan looking. He says Babu you will be becoming my mistress and laughs.Vikram talking to Sheetal. He says Ahaan and Pankti are getting marriage, I will handle everything. JD asks him not to worry. Vikram asks who will worry then, you aren’t doing anything. Aparna gives her jewelry so that they can manage expenses. Kaira says I don’t want jewelry, I can make more jewelry after I get a job. Manav says I m alive, I will manage everything, you find a job and also a husband for yourself, your marriage will be next. Ahaan comes and asks why is everyone emotional. Kaira jokes. JD says marriage won’t happen, don’t worry, I won’t let Sheetal’s health deteriorate. Ahaan gets a call from someone. The girl says I m your fate, I have come on Monty’s saying, I m your concert director, your and Pankti’s fate can change by that concert, so technically
I m your fate, some to royal auditorium along with Pankti. She ends call and smiles. Ahaan thinks where did I hear this voice before.
He tells about the concert to Manav and Aparna. Poorva asks Pankti not to worry, as the job is decent. Pankti gets Ahaan’s call. Ahaan says you will be becoming global super star now. He tells everything. Pankti asks did Monty did this for us. He says I m coming to pick you, we have to meet the event director. Manav comes to JD. He says I respect our relation, so I always respected you, I came to ask something, finally Ahaan is getting all his happiness, his career came back on track, he is marrying the girl whom he loves, so I want you to stop creating troubles for him. JD says he created problems for himself, he eyed my thing and went against me, then he blamed me, he started this. Manav says you will end this. JD says don’t explain me what I should do, you should get going now. Manav takes Sheetal’s blessings and goes.
Uday shows the auditorium. He asks Ahaan and Pankti to perform well so that it reaches Sanaya’s heart. Ahaan says I heard this name before. Lights get off and on. They get shocked seeing Ahaan caged. Pankti calls out Ahaan. Sanaya comes and says you left me, see how I trap you now. Sanaya and Ahaan tell their friendship lines, and laugh. She says I forgot the keys. He says bro open the door. She says bro would be your dad, understood. She opens the lock. He comes out of the age and hugs her. They talk in a carefree manner. Pankti looks on. Sanaya says you didn’t find me. He says you aren’t any helpless woman, goons were scared of you.
She says I know you are Romeo 2018, I keep all info about my friends. Ahaan introduces Pankti Sharma, the lead singer of their show, she is soon to be Pankti Dhanrajgir. Sanaya asks really, when did you grow up, I will come to send your doli, congrats. Uday says we have to prepare for concert. She says everything is fine. Ahaan and Pankti prepare for the concert. Uday and Poorva stay with them. Kaira feeds Ahaan and helps. Anita and Poorva get glad seeing Pankti. Aparna asks pandit to match the kundlis, but she doesn’t have the girl’s kundli. She says Anita doesn’t believe in all this. Pandit asks her to say girl’s date of birth and place. She tells him. Pandit makes the kundli and says this girl will become part of your family in two weeks, prepare to welcome her. Manav and Aparna smile.
Anita says I did what JD said, JD should show me some money now. She gets a call from Aparna. Aparna says pandit gave us the marriage date, its after two weeks. Anita says JD will do his work in two weeks. Aparna asks what. Anita says I mean JD should change, you understand right. Aparna says yes, no problem should come on children now, they should succeed, congrats for the concert. Anita ends call and says I know what mean thing JD did that day, he will do that again, he won’t let this marriage happen, sorry Pankti I can’t stop JD, don’t know what plan he thought for the concert.



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