Love or Poison Update Thursday 27 May 2021

Love or Poision 27 May 2021: Vrinda requests Mahamata to let her kill Sitara. Mahamata asks her if she understands what she is asking for. Vrinda nods. I have to kill her in order to achieve what I want. Mahamata shares that a Vishkanya can only kill herself when she wishes to. As an only exception, it is only her mother who can kill her but she can do that only once in her lifetime. I grant you this one chance. She gives a dagger to Vrinda. Vrinda remarks that this will happen for the first time in history. A mother will kill her own daughter today! It will happen for the first time that the one who gave birth becomes the reason of death! I will be the reason of your death today! Be ready to die!

Sitara is walking teary eyed recalling Viraj’s proposal. I also love you very much but I cannot say yes for this relation. Please
forgive me if possible. Kuldeep notices her thus and asks her if she is fine. She cries hugging him. Viraj wants to marry me but I am a Vishkanya! We cannot be together! Kuldeep says this is what I was worried about. I knew this day would come. I can clearly see it in Viraj’s eyes how much he loves you. I also know that you love him too. I understand whatever you feel. It isn’t right or possible. Your duty is above your love but you have to fulfil it with a smile.

She nods. I will say no to Viraj. It will be right for him and for the royal family! She leaves. Viraj comes to his room. It is dim lit. He notices a reflection there and thinks it to be Sitara. Why are you not saying anything? I know it was very shocking for you but trust me, I mean every word that I said just not. I love you very much and I know you love me too. I wonder why you are not saying anything. I don’t understand why you are silent. If you are quiet because of Nethra then let me tell you that I got into that relation only for the sake of my parents. I have never loved her. I only love you. He kneels down and holds out the ring towards her. Will you marry me? Lights come on and he notices Nethra standing there instead of Sitara. You? Nethra says you love Sitara right. You never loved me?

She shouts at him and pulls him by his collar. How dare you do this to me? We are engaged and about to marry soon and you are proposing Sitara? What did I lack that you liked that servant? What is so special about that low class servant? He raises his hand warning her to stop. Mind your language. I love Sitara and I wont hear another word against her! I know it is wrong but this is the truth. I agreed for this relation only because of Mom and Dad but I cannot drag this lie any further. I am sorry. He removes his engagement ring and returns it to her. She looks at him in shock as he utters it’s over and walks out of the room.

Sitara is walking sadly in the corridor. It will be very difficult to say no to Viraj. It will break him but I have no other option. She turns and hears the sound of someone laughing. It sounds like Ma and Massi. She heads in the direction from where the voice is coming. She calls out to Vrinda. I know you all are around. There is no point hiding. Come out! Chabeeli comes there holding a torch. Sitara asks her why they are here now. Chabeeli asks her if they need her permission to go anywhere. Sitara tells her not to be adamant. You cannot harm anyone till I am here. Chabeeli tells her to stop being proud. You are alone. Till when you will save them from us? Sitara replies that she will do it till her last breath. You know that I am enough for all 4 of you! Vrinda comes from behind with Surili and Albeli. Vrinda thinks it is worst for a mother to kill her own daughter but you dint leave any option with me. She stabs Sitara in her back shocking Sitara. Sitara falls down.

Ma? Vrinda says I am simply a Vishkanya today. A Vishkanya never forgets her revenge. She does not care about any relation when it comes to seeking revenge. Albeli and Surili say we told you not to go against us but you dint pay heed to us. You are paying with your life for strangers. Vrinda says you wouldn’t have met this fate if you had listened to me. You lost your life for those strangers! You cheated your mother for them! You only got death in return.

Rajvanshi’s have snatched everything from me till date but now I will seek revenge for every single agony that they have given made us go through. I will kill them one by one now! Vrinda and her sisters walk away. Sitara writhes in pain. Vrinda and her sisters enter in Ratan’s room. He is startled to see them and picks his sword. Chabeeli tells him they have removed his shield out of their way. How will you save yourself now? He demands to know what they did to Sitara. Vrinda shares that she has killed her daughter. Ratan is stunned. Vrinda says it wasn’t my daughter but your protector you was standing in my way to you. I am ready to forget every relation in order to take my revenge from you! Get ready to die!
Sitara crawls / drags herself to the house temple. I wont let those Vishkanya’s succeed. I have to get inside the palace and save the royal family.

I am their protector. I wont let anything happen to them. Please help me Ma. She winces in pain. Ratan tells the Vishkanya’s he can still fight with them. Vrinda makes him drop his sword and lifts him high in air using her powers. Where is your will to fight? How will you fight with us? You have lost! You cannot do anything. No one will come to save you today. Your game is over! She throws him down angrily.

Sitara asks Devi Ma to help her. She passes out.Sitara asks Devi Ma to help her. She passes out.Kuldeep comes outside and notices blood on the floor.Vrinda and her sisters tie Ratan in chains and drag him with them.Kuldeep follows the blood trail and is stunned to see Sitara unconscious. What happened to you? He cries realizing that Vrinda tried killing his daughter. He asks Devi Ma how she could witness it quietly. Sitara has called you her mother since beginning. How could you let Vrinda do this to your daughter? It cannot be! You have to fix this! Strong wind blows and the bells start ringing. Ma’s chunri falls on Sitara.

Vrinda brings Ratan outside. I have been waiting for this moment since years! This is how you dragged our sister right? This is how you kept us for the past 20 years! I will kill you today! Since then, I have always dreamt of killing you. My dream is finally going to come true as I will kill you with my own hands today! She raises her hand in air but Sitara casts a shield around Ratan just then shocking the Vishkanya’s. Ratan looks at the shield in surprise. Vrinda drops the dagger in shock. Vrinda and her sisters try breaking the shield created by Sitara but in vain. They lose out to Sitara. Sitara tells them that today’s date will be etched in history. Today a daughter will kill her mother. She has escaped from her mother’s attack! Vrinda and her sisters disappear before Sitara can attack them. Kuldeep stops her in time. Sitara passes out. Kuldeep gets concerned for Sitara. Ratan calls out to the guards. Call doctor. Kuldeep takes Sitara inside.
Doc gives injection to Sitara. Kuldeep requests her to save Sitara. I don’t have anyone else. Doc assures him she is trying her best. Viraj comes running there. He is in shock seeing Sitara’s condition.

Dad told me that Sitara risked her life to save Dad. How did it happen? Kuldeep lies that he cannot understand anything. He excuses himself. Viraj asks doc if Sitara is fine.Doc assures him she is trying her best but Sitara has lost a lot of blood. It is very difficult to save her. Viraj tells her to give medicines or injections to save her. Doc replies that she cannot give him a false hope. I am trying my best. She leaves. Viraj sits down next to Sitara. Are you this angry that you will leave me now? You wont go anywhere. I have a lot to say. We have to make lot many memories together. I am nothing without you. Who will scold me if you are not there? Who will laugh at my PJ’s and bear my tantrums and mood swings? Who will protect me? Please get up. He cries. Yamini is worried about the preps for puja. Samrat assures her everything will be fine. This puja has been kept for the betterment of the family only.

Yamini tells him that they need to follow all that Rani Sa has said. He nods. Kuldeep comes there. He is about to look at the idol when a servant tells him against it. The idol has not been placed yet. Kuldeep unveils the idol. Is this how you will repay me and my daughter? I thought you will protect her but you are trying to take her life. Why is my daughter in this condition today? He lifts the drum. The servant tells him Ma is sleeping right now. Don’t play the drum. Kuldeep refuses to abide by it. She has to save my daughter. Doc has given up already. It is her turn.Viraj tells Sitara she cannot give him this pain by leaving him. Please don’t do this. He kisses her hand emotionally. Please open your eyes. I know I have never given you anything in return. You have done so much for me and my family. I cannot do anything when it is my turn today. I am sorry. Please give me one chance to take care of you, to fight for you. You have to get up Sitara. Nethra cries looking at them from the door. Viraj requests Sitara to get up for him. You have my swear. Nethra covers her ears in pain.
Kuldeep plays the drum.

Viraj requests Sitara to wake up. I really love you. He kisses her on her forehead and cries. Downstairs, Kuldeep keeps playing the drum to invoke Kali Ma. Kali Ma blesses Sitara with life. Sitara wakes up. Viraj hugs her. Nethra walks away sadly. Sajna Re plays. Guard informs Kuldeep that Sitara has gained conscious. Kuldeep kneels down emotionally. Forgive me Ma. Thank you very much for keeping my daughter and my hope alive. He runs to meet Sitara.Viraj tells Sitara he would have died with her if anything had happened to her. She keeps her hand on his mouth. Please don’t say such things. He asks her how she is feeling now. She is having trouble sitting. He tells her to rest. Don’t get up. Kuldeep comes there just then. How are you? Sitara nods that she is fine. Viraj says you need to rest. You are in pain. He goes to bring turmeric milk for her. Kuldeep looks at his daughter emotionally.

Kuldeep manages the last minute preps. Entire royal family comes down for the puja. Rani Sa asks Yamini if everything is ready. Yamini nods. Samrat’s father asks his SIL why she kept the puja today. We could have taken time and prepared everything nicely. Rani Sa shares that today is a very auspicious day. Doing Kali Ma’s puja today cancels out all the negative energies. You know what we have been through lately. It is very important. Yamini seconds her.

Kuldeep tells Ratan they have to be very careful now. The Vishkanya’s are becoming stronger. Ratan agrees with him. We will think over this after the puja.
Coincidentally, Viraj and Sitara touch Devi Ma’s feet at the same time. They share an eye lock as their hands touch. Viraj shares that Ma told him that today is a very auspicious day. Such a day comes very rarely. Sitara nods. Viraj says I will make it luckier by telling everyone that I love you and not Nethra. I will tell everyone after puja. She tells him against it. So much has been going on recently. You can tell this later. He refuses to wait any further. She tells him to understand but he does not want to let go of this chance. You don’t have to do anything. I will tell everyone. Sitara thinks to stop him anyhow. I will have to tell him my truth.

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