Love or Poison Update Monday 31 May 2021

Love or Poison 31 May 2021: Vrinda telling Sitara she must be curious to know how all this happened. I am as eager to answer you. Would you like to hear me out? Sitara thinks she might be up to something again. I will have to listen to her though to find out about her plan. That night we realised that it would be impossible for us to win against you. We accepted our defeat and went to Mahamata. Flashback shows Mahamata asking the Vishkanya’s if they only want to seek revenge for Kalindi’s death. They nod in unison. Sitara is the obstacle in our path. Vrinda requests her to help them seek their revenge. We cannot win from Sitara. Please help us in our mission. Mahamata agrees but keeps a condition – you all have to die for that.

I will then bring you back to life. Surili asks her why they have to die. Vrinda says
humans know that a Vishakanya dies only when she wishes to and can never returns. Once we are dead, Rajvanshi’s will forget everything about our existence. Mahamata adds that then they can enter in the palace with a new identity. Vrinda thanks her for solving their problem. We will sacrifice our lives willingly in front of you right away. Flashback ends. Vrinda tells Sitara she always felt bad that you grew up but I never played any game with you. I think the time is past but we can still do what we want. Why don’t we play a game? She makes Sitara sit next to her. Mahashivratri is due in 3 days. If you understand our mission in the next 3 days then I swear upon you that we will leave from here quietly. We wont trouble anyone. If you fail then I promise you we wont spare a single member of the royal family you chose over us! You have 3 days. Do whatever you have to. Find out our plan if you can and save your royal family! Surili tells Sitara she wont get this chance again. Albeli tells her to say yes.

You might regret it otherwise. Sitara accepts the challenge. I will find out your plan in 3 days. Devi Ma is with me. She wont let me lose ever. She turns to go when Albeli tells her sister she is putting too much burden on a little girl. We must give her some clue. She might not accept us as her Massi’s but we consider her our daughter. She gives a clue to Sitara – a coin. Chabeeli calls it a small gift from their end. Sitara leaves. Vrinda says it will be fun to play this game now. Sitara wonders what secret this coin holds. She drops it while looking closely to it. It rolls over and falls near Viraj’s feet. They bend down to pick it but Viraj proves out to be quicker than her. He thanks the coin for bringing Sitara closer. She wasn’t even looking at her. She says it is nothing. He asks her about the coin. She lies that Baba gave it for Mahashivratri’s puja. He forgot to tell me how to use it and I forgot to ask him. Even Rajguru isn’t here. I don’t know how to use it. Will you help me? He readily agrees. He looks at it through magnifying glass but does not find anything. She asks him if he remembers the word Vishkanya. He nods.

I remember that they were a part of our lives and were very close to us. I also know a secret. You are a Vishkanya. She is taken aback. You remember it? He laughs. I am sorry I was just teasing you. I am a Sheshnaag if you are a Vishkanya! What age are you living in? Let’s go back in those avatars and act like Sheshnaag and Vishkanya. Ratan comes there just then and asks Sitara to make arrangements for a party to welcome their guests. She agrees. Ratan excuses himself. Sitara thinks it to be a good chance to around her mother and Massi’s. I might find out something more. Yamini tells her husband (Arjun) she feels he isn’t focusing on her these days. I think my skin has become dull. Albeli says women age quicker than men. Arjun ji looks so hot and dashing. He does not look like the father of a grown up boy. Yamini holds her husband’s hand and takes leave from Albeli. Everyone has gathered for the party. Viraj ends his call as Ratan introduces his guests to everyone. Vrinda thinks to start this party in their style. They dance on Aksar Is Duniya Mein. All the ladies walk next to the male members of the royal family during the dance. Sitara sings a few words and walks around Viraj in between. Chabeeli dances with Aryan. Albeli pairs up with Samrat. Surili dances with Arjun and Vrinda dances with Ratan. Someone hits Sitara during the dance. The coin falls down and rolls till outside. Viraj wonders where she is off to.

It is lunar eclipse. She cannot find the coin anywhere as it turns dark suddenly. By the time the sky is clear again, there is a spark / light in the coin. Sitara notices it. She picks the coin and looks up. It has changed. What kind of a sign is it? Viraj joins her just then. Why is there a sun etched on the coin? Sitara smiles realising what it means. He is still confused as to how it will help in puja. Arjun asks Viraj to come inside for the party. Viraj tries to avert him but Arjun takes him inside. Sitara thinks what if Vishkanya’s want to increase their power with the help of Surya Dev and attack on the royal family. Why would Surya Dev help them though? Vrinda claps for her. You are too smart. You found out your answer from the clue so soon!
Sitara asks her mother what sun has to do with her riddle. Vrinda says it wont be fun if you tell it now. This is the first alphabet of our riddle. Find out the rest and complete your quest. Think of the English word for Surya. Join them and do something asap to save your Viraj and royal family. You lack time. Sitara asks her why she should believe her. Vrinda replies that they are Vishkanya’s and not humans. We never break our promises. Just complete my challenge and we will leave quietly.

Clock is ticking now. You must think fast. She walks away. Sitara thinks to complete the riddle asap.Viraj is in the corridor when he notices someone hiding. He calls out if there is someone. Surili steps out as he pulls her hand. She falls in his arms. He makes her stand. She apologizes to him. He asks her why she was hiding with the plate of food. Surili says I dint eat in the party and felt hungry suddenly. It is embarrassing. I dint want anyone to see but that only happened. She offers to clean it but he tells her a servant will do it. He takes her to kitchen with him. She relishes the food and thanks him. He pours water for her. She offers him a bite but he politely declines. She thinks to trap Viraj to make her plan successful. She thanks him for the gesture.

Sitara asks the servant if she has seen Viraj. She is told that he is in kitchen with the new guest. Sitara hopes they don’t trouble him.Surili tells a fake story to Viraj and cries. Viraj gives her a tissue. She holds her hand and cries resting her head on his chest. Sitara comes just then and finds Viraj consoling Surili. Surili and Sitara look at each other. Sitara asks Surili what she is doing here. How can you behave like this with a stranger? Surili apologizes and excuses herself. Viraj tells Sitara she was only worried. Sitara reminds him he is a prince. No one can come this close to you! She walks out in a huff which puzzles Viraj.
Next morning, everyone is gathered in the house temple for the morning aarti. Vrinda joins them just then. Rani Sa looks in her direction. Vrinda hypnotises her because of which Rani Sa utters the wrong Shloka.

Vrinda says it correctly thereby catching everyone’s attention. Rani Sa wonders how she forgot the mantra suddenly. Ratan compliments Vrinda on not forgetting her roots even after being raised in abroad. He invites her for the aarti but Vrinda politely declines. Rani Sa also asks her to join them. I seem little lost. Please do the puja and give Prasad to everyone. She takes Vrinda with her. Sitara thinks her mother’s truth will come out in open the moment she will step in the temple. Chabeeli stops Vrinda just then. Didi cannot go in temple. It is due to monthly issues. Rani Sa lets go of them. She joins Ratan again for the puja and tells Ratan that Vrinda wont come here as she is unwell. Ratan says puja is already done. Let’s head for breakfast.

Vrinda is trying archery. Ratan and everyone clap for her as she hits bull’s eye. Yamini’s husband compliments Vrinda. Albeli tells him that all 4 of them are very sharp shooters. Yamini stands between them. Ratan asks Vrinda from where she has learnt such good archery. Albeli shares that she keeps fruits over people’s heads and then shoots. She has a perfect score. Let’s do it here, Didi? Ratan is curious to see it live. Vrinda tells him not to fall for Albeli’s words. She exaggerates. Viraj also wants to see it. Surili also asks her sister to show her talent. Ratan asks Vrinda again. She tells him she will do it for his sake. Ratan decides to be her prey today. He picks an apple and stands in front of her. I will keep it over my head and you will have to hit the apple. Do you accept? Rani Sa and Samrat tell him against it but Vrinda accepts the challenge. Chabeeli tells Sameer her sister is the best just like him. I saw you exercising in the morning. My sister’s shot is as perfect as your body.

Samrat falls for it. Viraj tells his Dad it is risky but Ratan stays put. Vrinda looks at Sitara. She mentally tells Sitara to see that her Rajasahab has chosen to become my prey on his own. Save him if you can. Rani Sa is worried but Yamini tells her he would have thought about it. Vrinda picks a bow and arrow. I was waiting for this chance since years. I wont let go of this chance now! Sitara worries for Ratan’s safety as Vrinda aims her arrow at Ratan. Vrinda thinks her revenge will be complete today. She shoots the arrow. Sitara holds it just before it is about to hit Ratan. Everyone looks on in shock. Ratan asks her what she did. Sitara asks her why only Vrinda is getting this chance. I am Minister’s daughter. I have learnt this since my childhood. It is very easy to aim when someone is standing. The real talent will be when you will walk and she will aim! I will ward off every arrow that will be coming towards you. It will prove her talent and my worthiness too! Ratan accepts her condition and so does Vrinda.

Yamini’s husband shoots a bullet to start the challenge. Ratan starts walking. Vrinda starts shooting arrows at Ratan but Sitara holds them off using her bare hands just before they are about to hit Ratan. She wards off all the arrows. Vrinda thinks Sitara is acting stubborn again. She comes to save them every single time! Rani Sa praises Sitara. Vrinda launches the last arrow on the ground thereby accepting her defeat. You are indeed talented and a real protector of Ratan ji! Very proud of you! Sitara asks her if she wont give her any prize. Vrinda says I have given that already. It is your turn to find it. Don’t shift your focus. Focus on the arrow. You will reach your destination on your own! Sitara looks at the arrows.

In her room, Sitara paces wondering what Vrinda meant. Her game is turning difficult. She called me Arjun telling me to focus on the eye of the fish so I hit bull’s eye. Was there any hint in her arrows? She runs outside to look for a clue and finds the Hindi alphabet “Ta” reflected on the grass. She connects Sun and Ta (saint). Vrinda looks on. You found the second clue so soon. I regret the fact that you are my daughter yet you are standing against me but I am equally happy that you are smart and a brave warrior. I would have hugged you if you weren’t standing in my path today!



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