Love by chance update Sunday 18 September 2022

Love by chance 18 September 2022: Everyone is having dinner. Goli says Khushi will get fat if she eats a lot. Sunanda asks her to let Khushi eat well, she will be going tomorrow. Khushi thinks to take her phone from Goli. She says I won’t be here from tomorrow, I want to take a selfie here. Everyone talks to Bade Papa.

Sunanda jokes on Chandru’s singing. Everyone laughs. Bade papa asks Chandru to talk to Sargam calmly. He says you all don’t know the importance of money. Goli says we know this story, leave it today. The lady asks Anu about his US job. Anu says I refused for it, I want to stay with family, one who doesn’t have time for family is not successful, one who balances work and family is successful. Divya says Anu can get job any job here. Sunanda says yes, why would be go abroad.

Bade Papa says we have to have him here. Bade Papa and Sunanda start arguing on her low qualification. Goli asks Sunanda to stop it. Golu says Bhaiya is wrong. Sunanda says I didn’t get education, but values, I will not sit here. Anu stops Sunanda and asks her to sit back to have food. He asks Bade Papa why is he upset that he refused for US job offer, would he like his leaving. Bade Papa says no. Sunanda taunts him. Anu asks her to have a paneer on this thing. They all laugh. Khushi cries. Sunanda asks why are you crying, did you feel sad. Khushi says yes, I feel bad in going away. Everyone pacifies her. Gungun gets a cake for Bua. She says call Akriti, we will cut the cake. Bua says she won’t answer. Gungun asks her to try.

Bua tells about her life. She says Akriti didn’t answer. Gungun hears her past story and gets sad. Bua says we all were a happy family, after the problems ended, then… Gungun asks what happened, I have a right to know your life’s complications, why doesn’t Akriti answer your calls. Bua tells the complications and says Akriti stays with her dad. Gungun asks why didn’t you fight for her. Bua says I can’t fight her. Bua says she never answers my call even on her birthdays, I can’t even wish her. Gungun says I m with you. Bua says yes, I love you, you will get married one day and go. Gungun says I will not go anywhere, I know everything, I m living with you since I was 9 years old. She cheers up Bua and they cut the cake together.

Khushi gets her fiance’s call. He says you didn’t come to meet me, so I have come home, decorations are good, I m going to ring the bell. She says don’t ring. Sunanda wakes up and asks what happened. Khushi says I was going to have water. Sunanda says its here, have it. Khushi drinks water. She says I will just go to washroom and come. She sees everyone sleeping. Golu wakes up. Khushi says I m going to see if the main gate is open. He says fine, go. Goli comes and asks where are you going. Khushi asks are you still awake. Goli says yes, go and sleep now. Khushi sends Goli and runs. Gungun’s dad is at the hospital.

She goes and meets Ankit. He says you look lovely today. He asks her to come for a drive. She says no, I just came to meet, I have to go home. He says just 10 mins. They leave. He says I lied to dad and came here. She says he must be worried. Ankit’s dad worries and says Ankit didn’t come till now, what shall I do now. He calls Golu and says I m Shekhar, Ankit’s dad. Golu asks is everything fine. Shekhar says Ankit didn’t come home, he said his car broke down. Golu says don’t worry. Shekhar says ask Khushi if she knows anything. Golu says she must be sleeping. Shekhar says ask her once. Golu says its okay, we will ask her. Gungun’s dad is on the way. He asks driver to drive slow. Anu goes to see Khushi. Everyone wakes up. They look for Khushi. Ankit says everyone would be sleeping, we will go and have coffee.

Khushi says no, we will go tomorrow after bidaai, Goli will get angry. He says you didn’t do anything wrong, we are getting married tomorrow. She asks him not to laugh. She says I have lied to my family for the first time. He compliments her. She says take me home. He jokes on her family. He asks why are you so worried, you are with your fiance. She says just drop me home. He agrees. He takes a uturn. They meet with an accident.

Bua calling Riddhesh. She gets emotional talking about Gungun. He says you should complain about her. She says she is the best. He sees Ankit’s car. Ankit asks Khushi to open her eyes. Riddhesh asks the driver to stop the car. Ankit and a guy argue about the accident. Riddhesh asks them to focus on the girl, she is unconscious. He says I m a doctor, let me check, she fainted, follow me to the clinic nearby. He asks the guy to take Ankit’s card and talk to him later.

Riddhesh takes Ankit to the clinic. The family worries for Khushi. Khushi gets conscious. She sees Ankit. She ask what happened, where am I. He says we met with an accident, we are in hospital, relax. Riddhesh comes. She says I want to go home. Riddhesh checks her and says you are lucky to get saved. Ankit says he is Dr. Riddhesh, he helped us. She worries for her family. He asks why did you go with your BF at night. Ankit says no, we are getting married tomorrow. Khushi says he wanted to go on long drive, is this good now. She cries and says I didn’t lie to family till now, its a big thing for me, I went on long drive without telling them.

Dr. Riddhesh says you troubled the family, call them. Ankit says your phone would be in the car. Anu calls Khushi. He says she isn’t answering. Sunanda says maybe she is with Ankit. Goli asks was Ankit calling her. Chavi says I don’t know. Bade Papa and Shekhar talk on call about Ankit and Khushi’s outing. Shekhar asks does this look good, maybe Ankit called, but Khushi should have not gone. Bade papa says maybe he forced her and she couldn’t refuse, our Khushi isn’t such, we are sorry.

Shekhar says no, please, don’t apologize, we always put the values expectations on the girl, its Ankit’s mistake, I will call if I talk to Ankit, you tell me if Khushi comes back. Sargam says Khushi got us ashamed. Chandru says maybe they went for adventure. Sargam asks will she run away.

Anu says its fine, she went out with her would be husband. Goli gets angry and asks why did Khushi lie to us. Dr. Riddhesh says Khushi is like my daughter, a daughter does a mistake and cries, people see the mistake, not the tears, I will talk to her family. Ankit asks why will they listen to you. Riddhesh says they will understand, I m also a girl’s dad. He asks Ankit to go home, he will drop Khushi. Riddhesh comes to meet Khushi’s family. Anu asks who are you. Riddhesh sees the big family and guests in the house. He says I m Dr. Riddhesh Bhatnagar, I got Khushi home. He calls Khushi inside. Anu says you don’t know about our worry, you just went. She cries.

Anu and everyone get angry on her. Bade Papa asks did you forget what impression it will make on your inlaws. Riddhesh says I understand your worry and anger, but try to understand her situation once, Ankit wanted to meet her once before marriage. Bade papa asks why, we had made them meet, why was this imp. Riddhesh says children go so fast that they live their values behind, she isn’t such, she went out with Ankit on his saying. Goli asks why didn’t she refuse. Riddhesh says she would have refused, she didn’t do any big mistake, you know the children, children want to roam outside and meet. Chandru says this is called dating.

Bade papa says whatever, I m not angry that she went to meet Ankit, but because she lied. He gets angry on her. Riddhesh smiles. Bade papa says we gave values to kids to say the truth before doing anything. Riddhesh says you are right, Ankit took her for a drive, they met with an accident. Everyone worries for Khushi. Goli asks who has done this. Riddhesh says nothing much happened, she is okay now, but she is scared of the family more than the accident, I asked her to understand, family’s worry is much bigger than the anger, so I came to drop her.

Chandru says thanks, tell me if you want a train booking, I will confirm it for you. Riddhesh says I will go now. Goli gets angry on Khushi. He says please don’t scold her now. Sargam asks what shall we do, she didn’t do anything good, anything could have happened. He says nothing happened, they are feeling sorry, you also remove this anger from heart, I met a family after a long time, these days, we find people staying in the same house, but not family, you all stay together in today’s time, I m glad to meet you all, ask Khushi to have medicines, you can come to Riddhima nursing home.

Bade papa says Dr. Riddhesh, we know about big hospital, you are a big surgeon. Riddhesh says don’t scold her. Bade papa thanks him. Riddhesh says I understand your emotions, I m also a girl’s dad. Bade papa asks him to have tea. Riddhesh says sorry, some other day, my sister is waiting. Bade papa says come tomorrow to bless Khushi in her wedding. Everyone requests Riddhesh to come. Bade Papa says we want to see your family, come with family. Riddhesh says sure, we will meet tomorrow. Anu goes to drop Riddhesh. Golu introduces Anubhav, a scientist. Riddhesh says amazing. Golu praises Anu. Anu says thanks for all the help, I can understand, you would be busy, but come in the wedding. Riddhesh says I will try my best.

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