Twist of fate update Monday 19 September 2022

Twist of fate 19 September 2022:  Prachi getting ready in her room for the party. Rhea comes there. Prachi asks if caterer problem is solved or did you get rid of responsibility. Rhea says I have raised question on your identity, this house, and your relation with Ranbir.

Prachi says it seems that kitchen smoke went in your mind. Rhea taunts her for having relation with Siddharth. Prachi asks him to mind her tongue. Rhea says I will limit you with my hands and tells that she don’t want to tell her, but thought to tell her, and says you have warned, no challenged me that you will throw me out in 3 days, and then I remember that I challenged you to throw you out before that and thought to tell the date and time to you.

Prachi says when your time is bad, give some time to yours, so that God show some good time to you. Rhea says I am not going to be good to you. Prachi says you have been never good to me, your mask has moved. Rhea asks her not to come to the party and says Ranbir will not look at you, as Mummy will introduce me as his real wife. She says when Ranbir holds my hand and introduce me to the guests, will not you feel odd and says kabab me haddi. Prachi says I will stand where my place is there, and says everyone will look at you.

Rhea asks her to sing the song. Prachi says your pain is visible behind your laugh. Rhea says she can see her defeat and says when Ranbir haven’t accepted you, the family members will not accept you. She says if Ranbir introduce me as his wife, then where will you go, and says you will not get any place to hide. She says today Ranbir will enjoy with his real wife and says it is Renu’s birthday party, but actually it is Ranbir and my reception party. She says Mummy will introduce me, and we will be party’s star couple. She says nobody saw that Ranbir cared for you in the washroom, but now everyone see Ranbir taking care of me.

She says I am his life and you are his biggest mistake. She says I am his pride and you are his biggest guilt. She says I am telling for the last time, don’t come to this party and if you want to come, then it is upto you. She says it is for family and friends, and asks if she wants to come and get insulted then come, there was many waiters, one more is ok. She says we will think that we have celebrated your farewell party too. Prachi says I will come surely, not to enjoy the party, but to see how it feels when the dreams breaks. Rhea says it will be known whose dreams will break.

She asks her to get to the corner and watch the best part, when Ranbir will be mine. She says to make Ranbir mine, infront of everyone, will be more enjoyable than wedding night with him. She says it is sad for you and says now she is having sympathy on her. She asks her to tell if she is coming and says she will prepare. Prachi thinks this party is to lower me, and thinks this is reception party and not birthday party.

Vikram and Pallavi welcome the guests. Aaliya comes there and greets them. Rhea tells Aaliya that she warned and told so much to Prachi, and now she might have an idea about what is going in the party. She says she wanted her to get visuals of Ranbir and her, so that she signs the divorce papers. She says I will get her signs. Dida asks Vikram if it was not over, Pallavi’s friendship with Aaliya. Vikram says Pallavi has forgiven Aaliya, and she is not Abhi’s sister now, but Rhea’s bua. He says Pallavi is forgiving many people now. Dida says except Prachi. Renu and her husband coming there. Pallavi says today is their anniversary. Ranbir comes there. Pallavi asks him to get ready, as she wants to introduce Rhea and him as couple.

Ranbir goes to get ready. Prachi feels pain in her stomach and keeps her hand on it. Ranbir comes there and thinks why is she angry on herself. He picks her jhumka from the floor and thinks she is angry, as it had fallen. He asks her if she was angry, due to this jhumka. Prachi looks at herself as the pain goes. Ranbir asks her to get angry less, and says we couldn’t fulfill the relations, but can live the life well. He goes.

She thinks how did I get better suddenly, there was so much pain and suddenly it went away when Ranbir came near me. She says I felt good actually and thinks she shall not feel good, but shall get angry. She asks if your Papa came near you, did you feel good? She then tell that even you shall not feel good, as your Papa is not good, don’t see any dreams about him. She says he will leave you one day, like leaving me.

She says I will keep you away from him and thinks to be strong, so that her child is strong. She asks the baby not to be scared and says I am enough for you, I will love you so much, that you will not miss anyone. She says the one who will give you birth, will give her name too.

Pallavi takes the mic and says today there is double celebrations, one is Renu and her husband wedding anniversary and my son Ranbir and daughter in law Rhea’s wedding reception. Ranbir is shocked. Rhea smiles. Aaliya says lets call the couple. Pallavi calls both the couples. Ranbir says I have to make an important call and asks them to carry on. He goes. Rhea calls Ranbir. Ranbir thinks I don’t want to attend it. Prachi comes out of the room and asks what are you doing here? Ranbir says this is not your room. He says I thought it is club party. Prachi says but it is reception party, Rhea told me. He says I don’t know. Prachi says if it was cancelled then it would be better. He says it is Renu and Rahul’s party also. Prachi asks do you think that this party is for them also. She says you will know soon, when it shouldn’t have been kept. She goes and recalls Rhea’s words. Ranbir thinks she got so much attitude and scolds me.

Rhea asks Niti to serve the guests well. Prachi comes there. Pallavi asks what are you doing here? Prachi says what everyone is doing, party. Pallavi says this party is for close friends and relatives and not for outsiders. Prachi asks did you ask security to stop the outsiders. Pallavi says I am talking about you. Prachi says just my name shall be written on the ration card. Pallavi says if you spoil my party. Prachi says I promise, that I will not spoil your wonderful party. Pallavi says my party spoils due to your presence. Prachi says I can’t hide my face as the ones shut their mouth, who does wrong and says who can understand better than you.

Prachi telling Pallavi that who can understand better than you, and says the wrong people shall close their mouth. Pallavi says now your tongue is running like scissor. Prachi says time can do anything, I used to regard you as my mother, and used to think that you will forgive me, but you proved me wrong and is just sasumaa, who wants her happiness, more than her son’s happiness.

Pallavi warns her saying if she does any drama in the party. Prachi says I will not do anything wrong, but will not let anything wrong happens. Pallavi says you came to tell everyone that you are Ranbir’s wife. Prachi says you are calling my war for my rights as drama, and says whatever is happening is either your happiness or helplessless. She says I don’t accept any of them either. She says

now I understood that you will not accept me, and that’s why I have taken a decision not to insult myself to get respect, and will get back my rights. She says I know how to respect elders, but whenever something wrong happens with me, I will raise my hands, even if it happens infront 4 people or 40 people of society.

Dida smiles and looks at Prachi. Prachi says I was talking about juice. Dida says I am talking about you. Aaliya and Rhea talk to each other. Suddenly a guest starts coughing and holds her neck. Rhea says I will bring water for her. Vikram says she is stroking and says I will call the doctor. Dida says do something. Prachi hits on the woman’s back. Pallavi says her breath will be stuck. Suddenly paneer piece comes out of the lady’s mouth. Everyone is shocked. Prachi rotates her pallu to give her some air and asks the lady to drink some water. The lady thanks Prachi for saving her life and says there was darkness infront of my eyes. She asks her name? Prachi tells her name. Other lady praises her. Prachi asks the lady to enjoy the party. Pallavi thanks Prachi. Dida says what was this starter and scolds her.

Shahana comes to the party. Prachi looks at her. Shahana is on call with Ranbir, and he asks her to come to his room. Shahana goes to his room and asks what do you want to tell me, tell the truth. Ranbir says one second and asks her to get inside. Prachi comes behind her, but her pallu gets stuck. Shahana asks Ranbir what happened to them suddenly, and says they were good and happy before. She asks why did you marry Rhea, and says Prachi is roaming wearing mangalsutra and sindoor of your name. He asks her to hear and then decide. He tells everything about seeing Sid and Prachi on the bed, and then accusing him. Shahana says I don’t know that you are so stupid, and says I hate you.

Ranbir says you can’t called me stupid. Shahana says you wouldn’t have heard her, and shows trust on her. She asks don’t you trust Prachi. He asks what you would have done if you was on my place? Shahana says I might have done the same, but she would have talked to her. She tells Ranbir that as he sowed, he will reap. She comes out and hugs Prachi. Prachi asks what happened? Shahana says you have bear so much. Ranbir comes out and sees them hugging. Prachi says lets go from here. Shahana says lets go, they go.

Dida asks Pallavi to let this party be of Rahul and Renu and says if this party is of the reception party then Prachi won’t feel good. Pallavi says Prachi will not bear, and will leave away from here. Dida thinks I have become mischievous, and says Pallavi will not stop, and hopes Prachi and Ranbir get back together, says my daughter has returned as the tigress. Rhea comes to Shahana and asks what is going on? Shahana says party. She asks Prachi if she wants to get appreciation wherever she wants. Shahana says Prachi is boon to win everyone’s hearts and says she became best and made you second best. Prachi says I have given her all liberty and she can show you your place.

Rhea says you made me remember something, by telling this. She goes to Aaliya and asks shall we begin. Aaliya says surely. Prachi tells Shahana that Rhea will tell everyone that she is his wife. Shahana says you are her wife. Ranbir comes to Shahana and says you shall not judge me without hearing me fully. He says I tried to talk to Prachi, but she didn’t listen. She says you didn’t talk to me. Ranbir says you didn’t remember my try and just remember my mistakes.

Prachi says I remember the promises and vows taken with you. He says you would have stayed back for that and would have seen in my eyes. prachi says you would have got another reason, who thought me wrong. Galiyan song plays….They look at each other. Dida smiles seeing them together. Aaliya takes the mic and says I want to tell you something.

She says I want to talk something on Rhea’s reception. She says I don’t want her to marry as I was possessive about her, but when I came to know to know that she loves Pallavi’s son then all my fears went. Pallavi says I want to make Rhea as my bahu when she was a small girl. She says I was thrilled when Rhea married ranbir. Vikram says Pallavi was not happy much, when we got married, but she was very happy when Rhea married Ranbir. Prachi asks Ranbir if he will not tell that they were married and you changed your heart. Ranbir says I know that we were married, but I will not say, when you accept that you haven’t given me your number, as you don’t want me to talk to you. Rhea looks at them. She comes to Ranbir and asks him to come with her. Shahana asks Prachi, why you didn’t tell me that you haven’t given me the number. Prachi goes.

Pallavi asks what is happening here? She says I will tell everyone as she is so excited. She calls Niti who brings a bowl with the chits. She tells that they will blind fold all the husbands and they shall identify their wives. She says whoever identifies his wife, will be the best couple. She says if husband couldn’t identify his wife, then shall pick the chit from the bowl and do whatever is written with the lady. The lady says husband will get double punishment.

Pallavi briefing about the game and says we will blind fold all the husbands shall identify their wives, and says if he identifies his wife wrong then have to do with the lady, whatever is written in the chit. Rhea recalls Aaliya making a plan to make Rhea wear gajra before the game begins, so that he can identify her with the mogra smell, and then making Ranbir kiss her while picking the red chit. Rhea tells Ranbir that he shall identify her, smelling the gajra smell. Aaliya says we shall start the game with Vikram. Vikram identifies Pallavi. Pallavi gets happy. The guy asks Vikram to give him a tip to identify the wife. Vikram says I could identify right being scared. Aaliya picks yellow chit and asks Vikram to say poetry praising Pallavi. Vikram tells the poetry. Everyone

claps. Aaliya asks Rahul to come next. Pallavi blind folds him. A lady asks Prachi to stand with all the ladies. Shahana takes Prachi to stand in the ladies’ line. Rahul couldn’t identify Renu. Rhea says it is okay, he is holding your hand all life. Aaliya takes out a chit and asks Rahul to lift the girl and take a round of the house, swearing that he will not do this mistake again. He apologizes to Renu.

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