Meet in love update Monday 19 September 2022


Meet in love 19 September 2022: Shanty asks Meet why does he hate her so much. Shanty says to Babita, I am your elder brothers son how did you believe that but you are not at fault because even Dad didn’t talk to me since then because he thinks I am creating differences between him and his sister. Babita says my bhaiji is facing so many issues, please talk to him Shanty, and get him here I want to apologise, and only then I will be at peace, Shanty says he won’t come you please come too. Babita says let’s go. Raj says Babita wait lets think once. Babita says not today, let’s go Shanty, Meet says please trust me I am not lying and Meet Ahlawat you trust me right, he leaves.

Raj says to Meet, if you have trust that you are right, don’t step back go to Meet Ahlawat do something that he doesn’t loose trust in you.Meet Ahlawat sits in his car and thinks Meet has changed.Meet goes to his car and asks him to open door, Meet Ahlawat leaving, Meet seats in car forcefully. Meet Ahlawat says put seat belt, Meet says I won’t first talk, Meet Ahlawat keeps increasing volume so he doesn’t listen to her, Meet about to bang her head. Meet Ahlawat stops car and saves her. Meet says to him, you think I am lying. Meet Ahlawat says you can’t do it but, Meet says when you say you trust me then why this but. Meet gets call so she walks out. Meet Ahlawat leaves.

Meet reaches home in an auto and sees Meet Ahlawat’s car and sees Shanty’s car too.Meet Ahlawat walks in greet Abhay. Babita says pandit gave the date of marriage after 7days. Abhay says it’s to early we won’t get time to make arrengements. Meet Ahlawat says to him we shouldn’t delay it even Shnaty and Isha will also get time to know eachother and I apologise to your for everything happen and we promise this won’t happen again. Abhay says what are you saying we are family, it’s okay. Meet Ahlawat walks to Meet says I need to talk to you and take her outside.

Meet says what are you there still some left stop this relation from happening, do you think I’m lying and falsely accusing him. Meet Ahlawat says yes I believed you when I car but when you were talking on your wireless then you got a call from unknown number and you know who it was, it was Deep and I know you meet him, but still you didn’t told me now you stop hiding things for me, I know you wanted Isha to get married to Deep that’s why you are accusing him and everyone was in shock, they are waiting inside if you want to fulfill your duty for family please do or don’t make any new mess in any ritual please and walks inside.

Babita doing pooja of Shanty. Meet walks to them and says it’s my right to do pooja of him, if nobody have any problem so can I do. Raj says okay you can do it and Babita to give him thali. She give and walk away. Meet says to Shanty I have to do tilak so for that please come forward and says whispers to him forget that thought of taking Isha to your home in next 7 days I’ll bring out the truth about you. Shanty says time will tell, let me tell you one thing I’m Scorpio and it will be dangerous for you so stay away from this Scorpio. Meet Ahlawat walks to them. Babita ask what are you talking. Meet says nothing. Shanty says finally she has accepted me and was saying she is so happy and congratulating me. Abhay says to Babita don’t worry they were just getting along and threaten Meet.

Meet says I understood very well everything. Babita says to Abhay let’s discuss for tomorrow function. Meet Ahlawat thinks I know that smile she is thinking of something, I’m worried about that.Meet Ahlawat ash her will you tell me what is going on in your mind. Meet says what do you mean. Meet Ahlawat says I know that cunning smile so tell me what are you planning against Shanty. Meet says sush and don’t say anything just look at me with love and start playing with Meet Ahlawat, she takes money from his wallet. Meet Ahlawat says this much love and less of money why so. Meet says if next time you leave me somewhere so I should have money now listen remember one thing this should not repeat again.

Meet Ahlawat says tell me one thing are you going to create a problem in tomorrow’s function. Meet says problem don’t know if it’s been created by Mr or Mrs. Meet Ahlawat and you are forgetting one thing I solve problem and run away. Meet Ahlawat says she confused me now.Masum says what do you mean you allowed Meet to do pooja of Shanty but why. Ragini says Meet changed her mind. Babita says yes she did everything nobody forced her. Masum says you forget everything how Meet disrespected Shanty how are you gusy so dumb. Ragini says if she had any problem with relation then why she wouyhave done Pooja. Raj says I think she realised her mistake and want to tell everyone she is sorry and I think we should give her chance.

Masum says okay fine if you think then, I just hope she don’t make any new drama.Meet walks in. Babita talking about the decoration and each and every details of program. Masum says your idea is good but I think we should do something different remember how my friends husband proposed her, he put ring in her drink and then he proposed. Ragini says what if Isha gulp the ring with drink no I cannot take risk. Sunaina says after all Isha like fruit juice. Ram says let’s do it normally. Raj says this idea is risky I think we should do something that everyone remember. Masum says yes this should be memorable and bring out the attention of everyone just like our Meet who takes all the attention.

Meet says this is right, I have an idea for that I need a thread. Ragini ask Sunaia to brind. Meet take the thread and ask Meet Ahlawat to bring your hand forward and take one rupee coin too she tie to it and other end of thread she throws it on first floor and go there. Masum says now you will pull bhai up. Meet says no I’ll send my trust down and send the ring through the thread and it goes pits perfectly in his finger.

Meet walks upstairs she take the thread and slide the ring in it which perfectly fits into Meet Ahlawats finger. She get down and remove thread from his finger. Everyone claps. Meet says did you love the idea. Meet Ahlawat says I like the idea and this is how Isha will make him wear ring, this is a unique idea and he start removing ring. Meet says what are you doing you are removing the ring, I was out for 9 months training and you changed, he put ring back and says if you all allow I’ll keep this ring and will get another for Shnaty. Meet whisper no need to bring after all they will not get engaged. Meet Ahlawat ask her what did you said. Meet says keep this with you know you have to give me ring because we are hald way to engagement. Meet Ahlawat says so I have to buy two rings. Meet says decoration will be there so why jot we also get engaged because we need commitment in our life and she gets call.
Meet walks away to talk.


Her informer says I got a news about Shanty tomorrow he will be going Rajpura and it’s true he like girls.Shanty with his Dad says my problem is not that Meet doesn’t want me to get married to Isha my problem is why are you so desperate and I don’t like that girl. Abhay says marrige is not been done on the basis of boy and girl like eachother there are many different reasons to get married. Shanty are you not thinking of taking away my freedom if it’s the reason then I’ll personally break this reason. Abhay says there is no small reason to get you married in Ahlawat’s family there is a big reason, Isha will act as shield for this family, we will use it when SI Meet will get to know the truth which we are hiding from her. Shanty ask what truth.

Abhay says I’m the real killer of her father Ashok Hooda. Shnaty in shock says what are you saying. Abhay says I was the one who planned to kill Tej he was roaming because of me from last 4 years, if Meet get to know the truth then whole Ahlawat’s will go against us, that time Isha will help us. Shanty says I understood but till when I hav eto act like nuce sweet boy. He says till the time you don’t get married after that you can do whatever you want but till that time stay low and they both drink.

Ragini brings breakfast for Isha and says you were not downstairs so I brought it here, you know what everyone is saying about Shnaty that he is smart intelligent and will keep Isha happy, come have breakfast because I have lot of work to do. Isha thanks Ragini for bringing breakfast says I was feeling hungry a lot. Ragini says I felt good you are feeling hungry. Isha says you know I promised Meet that I won’t take any wrong step because I was about to ask you to mix some poision in my food. Meet hear everything says you cheated Isha you promised me to not to do anything bad but what about your mom, who would love to listen these thoughts from her kid, see how is she feeling with your thoughts. Isha apologies to Ragini. Ragini hugs her. Isha says I take my words back and I promise won’t repeat this again. Meet says stop it or else I have to go to my mom to wipe my tears sho it’s enough.

Ragini hugs them both. Meet ask Ragini to leave and do her work. Meet give her food to eat. Isha says I don’t understand one time you say I support you and on other side you supporting that relation doing pooja of Shanty. Meet says don’t worry I won’t let him get marry to you, I know where he is going today and did all the arrangements and prove myself.

Shanty gets call from Meet Ahlawat. He ask him are you free for sometime because I need to buy ring for function and if you would be us then there won’t be any issues for size and liking. Shanty says you would have asked me this before because I have scheduled my whole day, dad ask me to do a meeting because he is busy. Meet Ahlawat says okay I understood and come on time. Shanty says ofcourse I’ll be on time now I’m excited too.

Babita ask Meet Ahlawat where are you going. He says I’m going to buy ring for Shanty, I asked him too but he is busy so I said I’ll go and take a look and I need to buy ring for Meet too, he looks at her face and says your face is telling me that you want to say something but don’t know should I say or not. Raj praises Meet Ahlawat for his observation. Babita says you should be mind reader and says it’s about Meet I don’t uf she has accepted Shanty or will make new drama because if she do something wrong again then my relationship with my brother will be finished forever. Meet Ahlawat says don’t worry no need to take any tension if you feel something then I’ll talk to her. Raj says no need she is responsible and smart, she won’t do anything to creat scene and don’t worry about your mom she is fine.

He leaves to buy ring. Babita says to Raj I don’t want to talk about your daughter in law. Raj says I was about to talk something else okay forgot it I’m also in dipression. Babita ask what happen why are you upset. Raj when he accidentally said about your mood he pampered him and what about me I’m doing this from many years, you say not infront of everyone. Babita says you getting jealous from your son. He says not I’m trying to make you remember that how much I loved you for many years for that a small kiss is worth it. She walk away.

Meet out a property says Balveer gave me address of this property he said he will be partying here but it seems like a godown did he gave me wrong information, she get out to check inside the property, she says what he will be doing here but Balveer is never wrong.Shanty partying inside with his boys and girls.Meet walks in and find a girls perfume inside and thinks something is fishy. Meet walks inside and find more female products, she open the door and see Shanty enjoying with girls, she records everything.

Ram Lakhan in room. Sunaina walks to them says today Isha is getting engaged so wear this for function. Tej standing at door seeing everything. Sunaina apologies to them and says I brought pastries for you go and have it in hall. They thanks her and leave. Sunaina start making room. Tej walks to her and apologies to her. Sunaina says forgot it and I realised you were right that time, we can bring these kids in our life when we are ready to adopt kids then why not Ram Lakhan. Tej get’s excited says I remember my old Sunaina today and they bot lie down on bed. Sunaina push him back and says help me to clean room and become responsible. Tej start helping her he looks inside Ram’s bag and find pack of cigarettes in it. Sunaina his the oack of cigarettes in bag so that Tej finds it and thinks I’ll creat so much bad image of these kids that you will throw them out by your own, I won’t let anyone come in between of us.

Meet at party fire her gun and says nobody will move, she walks to Shanty says you saved my 6 days to prove you wrong, come everyone is waiting for you, now I’ll show them real Shanty.



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