Love by chance update Monday 19 September 2022

Love by chance 19 September 2022:  Riddhesh comes home. He tells Gungun and Bua about Khushi’s family. He tells them everything. He says we got an invite for the wedding, we will go there. Gungun refuses. She goes to sleep. Riddhesh says Garima, I liked the joint family, like we used to have in our times, with elders.

He tells about Anu. He says if Gungun gets married to him and goes to that family. She laughs and says she never saw a joint family. He says her parents weren’t together, we don’t know her loneliness which it ends with family, if she finds a guy by her choice, then she can’t keep that relation, we have to find a Sasural for her, I wish that family becomes her Sasural. Goli scolds Khushi for lying. Sunanda says forget it.

The family discusses about Ankit and Khushi. Goli says if anything happened then… Divya says yes, you should have called Ankit inside the home. Sunanda asks Khushi not to think much, Shekhar is a nice man, he said its Ankit’s mistake, its a big thing if a groom’s family accepts mistake. She pacifies Khushi. She cries and asks Goli not to scold Khushi, she is going tomorrow. Goli goes. Golu and Anu come to Riddhesh’s house to give the wedding card.

Guard says he isn’t at home, I will give it. Golu says I will personally give the card. He does a drama. He asks Anu why is he so serious. Gungun is doing aerobics. Golu asks Anu to come with him, the door is already open. He looks inside. Anu says close the door. Gungun sees him and asks who are you. She goes to beat them. She asks who are you. She argues with them.

Anu says we came to meet Ridddhesh and give him the card. She says he isn’t at home, leave, give the card to the guard, get lost. She asks who are you. Anu says we are not thieves. Golu says we just came to give the card. Anu taunts her anger. He asks is there anyone sensible in the house. She asks him to get lost. He says we know the way. They leave.

Garima comes and sees them. She asks who are they. Anu says we came to invite you for Khushi’s marriage, Riddhesh dropped her home yesterday. Garima says okay. Anu says Gungun treated us well, we will go now. She asks Garima not to give judgmental looks. Garima says okay, don’t feel bad of her words, please come, is the wedding today. Golu says Khushi is my niece. Anu says she is my sister.

Garima says oh, so you are Anubhav, scientist. He says yes. Garima asks her to have tea. Anu says thanks, we are in hurry. Golu says yes, we will come later, we were busy but Bhaiya asked us to go and invite personally, we will come next time and have tea with samosa. He asks Gungun to come. Gungun says I don’t know you all. Anu says its your wish, we invited you. Garima says we all will come. Anu and Golu leave. Gungun tells Garima about Anu and Golu. Garima gets upset. She says you have to come with me in the wedding. Gungun says I have no other option.

Khushi getting ready for the marriage. Everyone compliments her. She asks for Anu. Anu comes and asks what is the matter, he is busy. She says its my last day in this house, I want one gift from you. He asks what does she want. She says I wanted this since a long time. He says okay. Chandru sings. Bade Papa stops him. He says baraatis will come, the women aren’t here. Sunanda argues. Sargam comes and finds them arguing. She says baraat is coming, you have to fight or welcome the baraat, come. Goli comes and asks Chandru to do his responsibility. Chandru says Khushi has a family like you all, responsible, what remains for me to do. She asks him to go and attend guests. Chandru says I have a right to sing in bidaai.

Goli asks will you cry on bidaai, cry twice, there is no difference in your singing and crying, people will think you sang twice. Golu says I have cooked special dishes today. Bade papa says I knew it. Chandru says I m an artist, I don’t get into these small things. Golu says cooking is also an art. Sargam asks him to get ready. Garima asks Gungun to come soon. Gungun says 2mins. Riddhesh says come soon, we will get late. She says Anubhav and his uncle came to personally invite us. He says they are good people. She says Gungun met them before. He asks what happened. She says it went wrong. He asks what. She says Gungun argued with them.

She says she almost attacked them, but don’t worry, I had come on them. Gungun comes and says I m ready. They see her wearing a western dress. They ask her to change. Gungun jokes. He asks do you have soberness. Gungun says no. Garima says she has it. Gungun asks why does just girls keep their traditions. Riddhesh says this dress won’t look good in a marriage. He explains her. He says clothes define us and our culture. Gungun says you are lecturing on clothes also. She refuses to change. They insist her. Anu asks how is this sherwani looking. Golu teases him about Gungun. Anu says stop it, its better if she doesn’t come.

Golu says you had no GF till now, you were studious, it doesn’t mean you have no feelings, I want you to have a good love story, I will make it. Anu says ask me first, if I want it or not. Golu says I will ask, but fate won’t ask you. Ankit gets the baraat. Divya asks Sargam will she scold Ankit for the mistake. Sargam says he is sweet, I can’t scold him, but Goli will not leave him. Ankit asks Anu not to talk about last night. Golu asks how will you stop the family from talking. Sunanda welcomes Ankit. She feeds him sweets. He thinks Sargam won’t forgive me. Sargam also welcomes him. They all laugh. Goli jokes. He says sorry. Ankit stops Chandru from washing his feet and says you are elder, you won’t touch my feet. Chandru says its a ritual. Ankit asks them to update the rituals. He touches Chandru’s feet and takes blessings. Bade papa welcomes Ankit’s parents. He asks Shekhar to forget the old matters and think of present. Gungun asks why are you insisting me to come in the marriage. Riddhesh says its a good family, you should meet them. Garima says stop the drama, you will come with us.

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