Lost in love update Wednesday 17 January 2024

Lost in love 17 January 2024: Kiran tells his mother not to worry about Savi’s expenses as he will call Bhavani and seek Savi’s expenses from her after informing her about Savi clearing her college admission interview. Harini requests him not to do that.

Kiran asks if Savi will give them money then? Savi says yes. Kiran asks how much money she has now. Savi says 5000 rs. Harini asks her to keep it with her for her expenses. Savi says she needs 1000 rs for her traveling. Kiran’s greedy mother snatches all the money from Savi. Savi thinks already she doesn’t have money for admission, how will she manage now.

Prateek takes Ishan to a psychotherapist’s clinic. Ishan asks Prateek what is all this. Prateek says when his heart is filled with sorrows, he should seek someone’s help to clear it out. Receptionist informs Ishan that Dr Kamath is waiting for him. Dr Kamath counsels Ishan and says he had failure in love and is hiding his emotions within, so he has to question Riva and get all his frustration out.

Ishan asks how will he do that. Dr Kamath asks him to lie down and imagine talking to Riva. Ishan imagines Riva and asks her if she didn’t feel bad. Riva says she did and hence was crying. Ishan says he saw her smiling with her parents at the airport. Riva says she decided to move on as they were in love only for a month and her career is more important to her than love.

Ishan asks why did she promise him to be with him always, he is frustrated because of her and has changed. Riva says she is sorry, she didn’t have to tell anything then and even now. Ishan continues to question her. Riva asks him to leave her as she needs to go and walks away pushing him in the lake. Ishan wakes up and walks out of Dr Kamath’s clinic. Prateek asks Dr Kamath what happened to Ishan. Dr Kamath says Ishan is in severe pain after a heartbreak and will be in a big trouble if he is not treated as soon as possible. Prateek returns to car and asks Ishan how is he feeling. Ishan asks him to drop him home.

Savi breaks down thinking how will she arrange admission fees and how will she get her transfer certificate by tomorrow morning, though Isha promised to send it to her before time. Harini walks to her and asks her why she is crying. Savi says her transfer certificate. Harini asks her not to worry as Isha madam took it’s responsibility. Savi says she is worried about her fees as its 50000 rs. Harini asks why did she give 5000 rs to Kiran then. She gives her bangles and asks her to sell them and pay her fees.

Savi refuses to accept bangles. Harini says Bhavani told once that jewelry is not just for decoration but also to use during difficult times. Savi says her in-laws will get angry. Harini says when she doesn’t consider them as her dear ones, she will not bother about their taunts; Savi should pay her fees and fulfill her dreams.

Ishan returns home and walks to his room ignoring his family. Surekha asks Prateek what happened to Ishan. Prateek says they should leave Ishan alone for some time. Yashwant thinks Ishan rarely ignores him. He calls Swanand and shouts at him that his daughter left Ishan and broke his heart, he has contact even in London and will make sure that Riva is kicked out of London college. Swanand asks him to relax. Yashwant disconnects call. Kiran gets romantic with Harini. Harini tries to avoid him. He threatens to call Bhavani and informs about Savi’s stay in their house if Harini doesn’t fulfill his desires. Harini helplessly agrees.

Next morning, Harini walks to kitchen and notices Savi already prepared breakfast and ready to leave for college. She wishes her best of luck and asks her not to forget bangles. Savi says she will never forget her favor and will get her whatever she wants after becoming an IAS officer. Harini asks if she will remind her sister’s favors and asks her to go soon. Savi leaves. Shukla calls her and informs that he convinced clerk to wait for sometime until she brings admission fees and asks her to hurry. Savi says she will be there in some time. She visits a jewelry shop to sell bangles. Jeweler demands her and her sister’s address and landline number. Shukla calls her and says she is getting late.

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