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Radha Mohan 17 January 2024: Gungun asks the judge to question her father, no matter how much he fights with her or is even angry with her, he still loves them both a lot. Mohan accepts he really loves Gungun and even Radha, hearing which she is tensed.

Mohan stares at Radha, Tulsi and Gungun both start smiling however Damini is furious. Shekar explains this has been proven that both Radha and Mohan really love Gungun, and she would stay happy with them both. The prosecutor explains they can accept both of them are really good actors and can make up stores but the courts demand evidence, the judge explains she accepts the family is really weird so she would want to question Damini, as she has to know what Damini feels about their relation. Damini hesitantly walks up to the witness box, which worries everyone.

The judge asks Damini what is the truth, Radha thinks she will never desire that Gungun stay with them so what if her statement ruins everything. Damini hesitantly explains both Radha and Mohan really love each other, the entire family gets worried. Damini explains even Gungun loves them both a lot, in fact there cannot be better parents for Gungun other then Radha and Mohan. Damini thinks this is why he married Radha, because she cannot say the truth.

Nirmala stands up explaining she has filed the case for the custody of their Granddaughter so can they say anything, the judge asks them to come on the witness box. Gungun explains to her grandmother that she really loves Radha, and knows that she also loves Radha a lot, Gungun requests her to allow her to stay with them both. Nirmala walks to the witness box, she informs the judge that Trivedi family is lying, everyone is shocked when Damini thinks now the game will begin because until she is alive then Mohan will never get the custody of Gungun.

Nirmala blames them all for being selfish, she says they cannot take care of a child. Nirmala explains but Bhagwan saved them by sending Radha to their house, Nirmala informs Radha is that person who brought light to their house, she has seen them both and Radha really loves Gungun, so there cannot be a better parent for Gungun then Radha. Damini and Kaveri both are confused. Nirmala mentions she accepts she has filed the case but until Radha is here then Gungun would stay happy and protected. Nirmala stares at Radha, informing she sees her daughter in Radha and a good mother for Gungun. Mohan is shocked along with the rest of the Trivedi family, Tulsi is glad explaining she knew Radha would change her mind.

Kaveri whispers to Damini what is she saying, as she has turned on her desires.

Nirmala walks back to the bench, the judge gives the verdict after hearing all of the witnesses, gives the custody of Gungun to her parents, Mohan and Radha Trivedi, hearing this they all rejoice and even Mohan smiles, he hugs Kadambari in joy. Damini and Kaveri also act as if they are happy. Shekar takes the blessing of Kadambari while hugging Mohan and the rest of the family. Mohan hugs Gungun, Radha is smiling but Mohan whispers it is time to pack her bags. The entire family is shocked, Damini smiles hearing it, thinking now they would surely get rid of Radha, because Mohan got the custody of Gungun so Radha will be thrown out of the house.

The judge mentions she has not given the entire verdict, the judge explains they cannot let go of the conditions in which Radha and Mohan were married, but the truth is that she will review this petition after six months and both Radha and Mohan would have to prove they are good parents for Gungun, but if anything, wrong happens then the custody would be granted to Nirmala. They are socked hearing it, Mohan turns to Radha, she thanks Bihari jee as these six months are the best opportunity for her.

Radha after reaching the house, walks to the Tulsi plant where she calls Tulsi jee requesting her to show a sign otherwise how would she find out about her presence, Tulsi cases the petals to fall on Radha, who congratulates Tulsi as they got the custody of Gungun. Radha explains there is a very difficult task in front of her as she has to reveal the truth about Damini in front of the family and even end the hatred for her in the entire family, Tulsi says she is forgetting something that is to attain her love. Radha replies only Bihari jee knows if there is any love for her in the heart of Mohan, Tulsi explains that Radha has to finish her love story with Mohan. Radha mentions she forgot to ask her who is the murderer if she did not kill herself, Radha vows to even reveal the truth in these six months. Radha leaves when Gungun calls her.

Someone wearing a black drape walks around the Trivedi mansion.

Kaveri is glad they got the custody of Gungun, Kadambari stops her after seeing the guests in their house, she asks how they came when the neighbors inform that she did not tell them about the wedding however they both came to wish them on attaining the custody of Gungun and the marriage of Mohan. Kadambari apologizes explaining that everything happened in such a hurry that they did not get the chance to invite anyone, the neighbors are eager to meet their daughter in law. Kadambari wonders what she is going to tell them when they all knew Damini was about to marry Mohan.

Damini enters the house, the neighbors are shocked seeing her questioning what this behavior is as she should have the Sindoor and Mangal Sutur, as there is no need to end the traditions even if Damini has been staying in this house. Kaveri questions why they are instigating them, Damini is about to argue with them but Kadambari explains that the rituals would surely happen but they have just returned from the court so the function will happen after two hours.

Damini angrily exclaims this was left to happen, she blames they all got what they desired as Mohan got the custody of Gungun while Radha got a husband but her fiance returned without marrying her. Mohan enters the house asking Damini what has happened, she explains that the neighbors came today to perform the functions. Mohan rushes to Kadambari explaining it is wrong, as he would have thrown Radha out today but they have to bear her for another six months, he says but this doesn’t mean she is the daughter in law of this house. Radha is shocked seeing Mohan who is furious.

Mohan comes to Kadambari explaining it is wrong, since he was about to throw Radha out today but now they have to bear her for another six months but this does not mean she is his wife or her daughter in law, Mohan angrily exclaims he will surely throw her out of this house after six months. Damini smiles thinking her desires would surely come true. Kadambari angrily says he can do whatever he desires but what about till that time, she asks if he would hide Radha till then because these women did not know the truth however by tomorrow the truth would be printed in the newspaper. Mohan angrily exclaims he does not care about anyone, Kadambari replies but she cares as they have a reputation to protect, she informs they have seen everything in his wedding along with the NGO, and law enforcement agencies, so if Radha is the daughter in law of Trivedi family, then all her rituals would be fulfilled.

Kadambari explains that the judge suspects of his marriage, but she does not want to give anyone the chance to say anything, she even warns Damini to remain quiet and explains Radha will have to fulfill the rights of a daughter in law for the next six months without any lie. Kadambari orders Radha to go and get ready for the ceremony, Damini angrily walks away.

Damini enters the room along with Kaveri, she is really tensed when Kaveri exclaims that Kadambari changed her sides, Damini says Kadambari was never on their side, because she sees Tulsi in Radha and once asked her to forget Mohan saying that Bhagwan has joined the relation of Radha and Mohan. Damini exclaims Kadambari is taking revenge from them, Kaveri exclaims but her dream was snatched from her since Radha is going to attend the function today. Damini angrily vows that she is not going to let this happen and will surely snatch everything from Radha. Kaveri exclaims but for this she would have to make a call and do something, Damini smiles after calling someone.

Kadambari gives Radha a necklace asking her to wear it, Radha hesitantly appreciates her for taking her side today, Kadambari asks why Radha thought she would support her when Radha brought police to her house along with the people of NGO, she even blacked the face of Damini while also marrying her son Mohan. Kadambari asks if she even thinks she would get her support, Tulsi standing behind Radha explains that she doesn’t have any fault in this, because it was her plan. Kadambari explains that family tends to gather respect in decades, but Radha ruined everything in a moment, Kadambari explains even her Bihari jee would not support her.

Kadambari informs that she forcefully became the daughter in law of this family but now would have to fulfill all the rituals of a daughter in law and remain in her limits but if she tries to do anything wrong then she will show her what she is capable off. Radha assures she would surely try to fulfill all her responsibilities but being her daughter in law can she ask for a right, Kadambari smiles saying she doesn’t have any right but agrees to allow her, Radha asks for the right to call her Maa, explaining she has always thought o her as her mother so requests Kadambari to give her the right.

Kadambari slowly lifts the veil of Radha covering her face, Kadambari explains the neighbors are waiting for the ritual, she instructs Radha to come down after getting ready, Kadambari thinks that Radha has proved to be the best mother for Gungun but in the next six months she ahs to decide if Radha is suitable to be the daughter in law of Trivedi family.

The neighbors ask Ketki if it is taking a long time for the bride to get ready, the argue that she was really humiliated and they have to let her take some time, the neighbors are shocked to see Damini walking in the house without covering her face, they mention it is their humiliation and so decide to leave. Kadambari stops them all informing that the bride is here, she takes Radha to the hall when the neighbors explain Mohan was about to get married with Damini but who is this lady. Kadambari hesitantly explains she is the daughter in law of this family and the wife of Mohan. Damini exclaims that Kadambari is eager to perform her ritual but should wait to see wat happens to her, the women enter the house wearing black saree.

Damini whispers to Kaveri that Radha desires to create a drama after calling women so now she would see what happens, Kadambari is shocked to see the Rudalia, Ketki asks Ajeet who are these women, Ajeet informs they only come when there is a death in the house to cry. Ketki exclaims this wedding is nothing less then death. The Rudalia take out a photo which shocks everyone, they then go to place the photo on the couch. Kadambari along with the rest of the family are shocked to see it is of Radha. The neighbors are also shocked as the Rudalia place the Mala over her photo.

The Rudalia sit down on the floor, Gungun coming wonders why have the placed the Mala over the photo of Radha, the Rudalia start mourning for the death of Radha exclaiming how she has been wronged and she died at such a young age so what would happen to her family. Damini thinks Radha made a drama of her life so she is going to do the same for her death.

Tulsi requests Maa to stop them as they are making a mistake, Tulsi notices Damini smiling so exclaims that she will never succeed in her desires, the Rudalia ask for the name of the girl and Kaveri explains her name is Radha.

The Rudalia once again start crying when Kadambari is about to stop them, but Radha explains she should let them do it since everyone should find out the truth about Damini. Radha explains they should take the correct name which is Radha Mohan Trivedi. The neighbors exclaims Radha was the daughter of Pandit jee from Barsana and when did she become a Trivedi. Kaveri also starts acting as if she is crying, she whispers to Damini that she would eat sweets on the death of Radha.

Kadambari scolds Radha saying she will not decide who is wrong, she should not try to prove she is right over a single mistake which Damini made. Radha replies she is just waiting for Mohan jee to come as she knows he would not bear what is happening to her, Mohan enters asking what is going on in this house, Tulsi requests him to ask these women to leave. Radha smiles thinking she knew he would not be able to bear the drama of her death, Kadambari hesitantly points towards the photo. Mohan is shocked seeing the Mala over the photo of Radha.

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